Igbo cuisine: How to cook yam porridge with bitter leaves?

The best Igbo Cuisine recipe! How to cook the most delicious dish very fast? What ingredients should you use? Easy step-by-step is in this article right now! Do not miss it!

yam porridge

Do you like traditional Igbo recipes? If you once try cooking yam porridge with bitter leaves, you will never forget this taste! It is one of the most popular traditional ways to cook yam in Igboland.

You can mix it up with Bitterleaf Soup as it is generally the same dish as Yam Porridge is. This is because major part of the ingredients, which are used in this recipe are also used in popular Nigerian Bitterleaf Soup.

Yam Porridge With Bitter Leaves Ingredients:

igbo yam porridge

•             one handful of dry fish crumbs 

•             about 1.8kg of white puna yam

•             one handful of ukpaka (means shredded oil bean)

•             one tablespoon of ground crayfish

•             one big stock of cube

•             some salt & pepper (according to your taste)

•             one handful of well-washed bitterleaves

•             some water

•             ½ teaspoon of Ogiri Igbo (means castor seed paste)

•             a little amount of palm oil (enough to color the dish)

Before cooking Yam Porridge

cooking Yam Porridge

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Peel and then cut your yam tuber into not small and not large cubes. Rinse them and place in a medium pot. Blend the pepper, and then grind the crayfish. Put all of these aside. Take out the bones from that fish crumbs and then rinse it. You should use washed and also squeezed bitter leaves without any trace of bitterness so you must make sure it is ready.

Rinsing bitter leaves for popular Bitterleaf Soup, you often set aside some small pieces that settle at the bottom. It works also in the traditional Yam Porridge. But if you have only some long strands, you must cut them into small pieces before using them in Yam Porridge recipe.

Your Cooking Directions

recipe Yam Porridge

  1. Put the pot with your yam cubes on a stove. Add all the dry fish crumbs to these yam cubes.
  2. Add ready ukpaka, stock cube (totally crushed), crayfish, some pepper and then your bitter leaves. Try and stir them on the yam cubes when you add them to the dish.
  3. Pour some water under the level of your yam cubes, then start cooking dish on high heat.
  4. When the ingredients of the pot boil very well, add your Ogiri Igbo and some palm oil to make the Yam Porridge look nice and get appetitive color.
  5. Cover the pot and go on cooking till the yam is already well done and all the surrounding liquid is getting thick.
  6. Add some salt if it is necessary and then stir everything very well.
  7. Cover it again and cook for 2 more minutes and look! It's done.

It is very-very easy traditional recipe! Everyone can try it at home! Follow our guide and you will get a tasty dish on your table today!

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