Is African cherry fruit beneficial for our health?

How does African cherry fruit look like? Does it differ from orange in its useful and toning properties? Read the information below to learn a lot of useful fact about this plant.

African cherry fruit

Looking at cherry fruit images it is difficult to assume that it differs in something from orange, because they are very similar. However, this surprising fruit has a set of other useful properties about which not so many people know. African cherry fruit or African cherry orange is a representative of root family, which is closely related with family of citruses. The plant represents the low-heighted cherry fruit tree growing only in the countries of Western and Central Africa, such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan and Uganda. In these areas, there are optimum conditions for cherry orange because this plant doesn't live in cold conditions. Fall of temperature to +1 ° involves death of orange.

Greenish color bark of cherry orange is covered with sharp prickled thorns. Fruits of this exotic tree have a bright orange peel, the ellipse or spherical form and have a diameter of 7 cm. The taste of fruit is very similar to taste of usual tangerine. The pulp of the African cherry orange differs in juiciness and attractive aroma. Cherry orange isn't cultivated in big scales as high productivity isn't plant’s best side. For this reason, fruit still remains a little-known food product. Besides, the African orange is on the verge of disappearance.

How to choose cherry fruit

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How to choose cherry fruit?

At choice of the African cherry fruit, it is necessary to be guided by color of a peel, which is painted in light orange color when maturing, and also fruit weight. The most qualitative are heavier fruits. At the same time, they have to exhale characteristic citrus aroma.

Storage of African orange

Optimum conditions for storage of African cherry orange is temperature of 2-5 degrees Celsius and level of humidity from 60 to 80%. In this case, fruit can be stored without loss of initial properties within several months.

Storage of African orange

How to eat the fruit?

Most often cherry African orange is eaten fresh. In cookery, these fruit owing to small prevalence are applied not too often. As a rule, African cherry orange is used at preparation of dessert dishes, confectionery and bakery products, and also soft drinks.

Benefits of cherry fruit

Residents of Uganda consider fruits of this plant as powerful aphrodisiac. However, it hasn't received scientific confirmation. But it was included into the list of one of the most useful food in Nigeria. Cherry fruit benefits are numerous.

How to eat the fruit

On the content of vitamins, it advances many other fruits. Of course, if to consider the maintenance of each component of a cherry fruit, for example, of vitamin C, then some other fruits advance cherry orange. But the sense is not in quantity, but in quality. Content of vitamins and mineral elements in orange is ideally balanced. Also about 7 grams of proteins contain in 100 grams of product that is rather uncharacteristic for many fruits.

Cherry orange is especially recommended to use in a winter season and in the spring when reserves of vitamins B in organism are settled. Especially cherry fruits are rich with vitamin C. It is enough one fruit to cover daily need of an organism for this vitamin. Thanks to high content of vitamin C, cherry orange strengthens immunity, protects cellular membranes from free radicals and promotes faster healing of wounds. This quality also serves as means against oncological diseases.

Benefits of cherry fruit

But the most important advantage of cherry orange is high content of folic acid in it. This substance is vital for pregnant women as it helps to prevent abortions and congenital diseases at children, and also to prevent development of psychological diseases both in mother's womb, and after the birth (as a consequence of shortage of folic acid during pregnancy).

Broth from cherry fruit dried peel helps even at poisonings with lead. The use of cherry orange juice promotes blood fluidifying, reducing risk of disease of atherosclerosis and other diseases of cardiovascular system. It possesses anti-microbic and anti-inflammatory action. The use of one cherry orange on an empty stomach every morning in 30-40 minutes prior to breakfast will relieve even of the strongest constipations. Cherry fruit extract well affects nervous system, even smell serves as antidepressant and increases mood. Fruits are rich with such mineral elements as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and selenium. The vitamins are contained in a large number: carotene, B1, B2, B6, B9 (folic acid), E.

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