Is banana a sex drive superfood?

Why eat banana a day? To boost your performance in bed, your libido and your erection!

This yellow fruit is a common type of food in Africa, but it has some amazing properties. Bananas rightfully can be considered a sex superfood. Find out what they do in your body.

banana for sex drive

How bananas boost sex drive in men?

This fruit contains many useful nutrients for one’s health. Good health guarantees you great performance in bed! It is rich in vitamins, especially those of B group. And it also has tons of bromelain. All of these take part in creating right hormones to administrate the proper work of male organs and of the erection.

Plus, bananas contain tryptophan. This nutrient helps your body to produce more of serotonin (the happiness hormone). If you get worried over a date or a night with the lady, it can kill your libido. Eating bananas help you stay happy and relaxed. Thus, you avoid the top danger that threatens your enjoyment – the anxiety. Most men fail to perform being worried over things. Bananas help you keep the dating nerve under control.

banana for sex

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How to use bananas to boost sex drive?

banana for libido

Well, just eat a few right before you date. And eat them daily (at least one banana a day). You can also make a quick and delicious desert for you and your lady for the date. Peel and cut bananas, add some ground chocolate and a bit of ice cream. It takes just 5 minutes to cook, but it would boost your sexual energies and help you both last longer in bed!

As you see, bananas are the real sex super food fruits for Nigerians. Do not miss out an opportunity to boost your sex life and libido.


Of course I always knew about the beneficial properties of this fruit. Also I know that bananas are quite allergic to fruit. But the fact that bananas are able to increase the potency and improve erections - not even guessed. In fact, you want to be your partner was an avid lover - feed him bananas. It is somewhat ridiculous. But as they say - until you try - you will not understand. Chtobv was not so obvious that you feed your beloved for the sake of experiment - arrange romantic, cook several dishes setim fruit. This will show that you're a skillful hostess. Do not forget to share your impressions - bananas can really replace an existing Viagra?

Answered 1 year ago.

As sex is inseparable from health, and together they are inseparable from power. Because of its phallic shape, the banana has always been the “hero” of many jokes. Bananas are rich in potassium and natural sugars. Ayurvedic calls a banana a good food for men among other stimulants. One of the recipes of the exciting dishes from bananas: sandwiching their curry with butter and walnuts. Eaten for Breakfast, this dish will excite your sexual appetite for the whole day. Bananas and peanuts give an extra amount of vitamin B6 , and carrot and fruit juices — vitamins-antioxidants.

Answered 1 year ago.
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