Is Nigerian food healthy?

Do you know something about Nigerian food? Nigerian food with low calories. Nigerian food recipe for babies. And Nigerian food for diabetics. Everything is right here!

nigerian soup

If you ask the average European man whether he knows about African cuisine, he will scratch his head, he is likely to say about a banana, falling from a tree. In fact, African and Nigerian food in this case is rather rich and special.

The different local cuisine exists in Africa. In each country there are different people, so the receipts differ. Let’s check out the kitchen of Nigeria, representing West African cuisine. The food is common for Nigerian people, but extremely unusual for European ones.

Nigerian cuisine. Nigerian food ingredients.

nigerian meal

Nigerian daily meal consists of two main components – dish like porridge and main dish in the form of vegetables, meat or fish. If there is sauce, they like to add it.

The garnish is insipid. It is usually cooked of yams flour or puree of boiled meat. Yams is a tuber, like a huge elongated potato. It is very big and very elongated. It is also very similar to potatoes, and even a bit tastier. It is extremely nourishing. In general, it can be compared with mashed potatoes, but it is stickier, that's why some foreigners use the word ‘polenta’.

Nigerian also eat rice, there is a well-known local variety of rice – ofada. There is a social ofada stew for its preparation. Moreover, people eat rice less than yams and cassava, it’s because rice is more expensive.  However, it's totally worth it, rice is extremely good.

Jollof rice is extremely popular dish in Nigeria. Kids and adults love it. Sometimes families add something in the classic recipe to make this dish special.

Nigerian food recipes. Jollof rice.

jollof rice


  •   500 mls Tomato Stew
  •   3 cigar cups or 750g long grain parboiled rice
  •   Salt and pepper
  •   Chicken (no matter which part)
  •   2 not big onions
  •   2 teaspoons thyme
  •   3 Knorr cubes
  •   2 teaspoons of Nigerian curry powder 

Preparation for cooking Jollof Rice:

1. Get your tomato stew ready. You can search the web to find out how to do that. You should prepare your tomato stew beforehand, don’t forget to keep in the freezer.

2. If you are willing to use the whole chicken, you should wash it and cut into pieces. Cook it with the thyme, a few Knorr cubes and, of course, 2 chopped bulbs of onions. The cooking time depends on the type of the stove.

3. You should parboil the rice properly. Rinse it and then put it in a sieve for draining.


1. Pour the tomato stew and chicken stock into the pot and leave it to boil.

2. Add the curry powder, drained parboiled rice, pepper and salt to taste. The level of water should be exactly the same as the rice level. It’s important to ensure that all the water can dry up till the time the rice is ready.

3. Cover this pot and leave it cooking on low or medium heat. Thus the rice won’t burn before the water can dry up.

The rice is done by the time there is no water. Taste it. If it is not ready, you should add a bit more water and also reduce the heat for preventing rice burning. Keep cooking until it’s done.

Main dish

nigerian meat soup

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Well, here we gradually move to the main dish. It’s always very spicy. Always, very spicy. For not ready ‘eater’ it can become a real surprise. Some people say that, for example, even the Ethiopian food is not so spicy. And in Ghana, it’s less spicy. But in Nigeria, the hostesses buy hot pepper in bags. Because they love using a lot of it.

The main dish is called (an international word) ‘soup’, but, unlike the European meaning of the word, a Nigerian soup, is usually much thicker, like a sauce. So it not boiled, but rather is stewed. Although the concept of soup and stew still differ. The soup usually has some leaves, herbs, but stew - no.

There are a lot of soup types, typical for a particular region and tribe. The soup can be made from all sorts of vegetables and species of fish and meat, including beef skin, which, of course, is hard, but it turns out quite edible. Nigerians commonly use palm oil in the kitchen.

Even in Nigeria people eat snails. Snails can be bought fresh on the market. They are collected in the bush after the rain, or you can find them in the supermarket, where they are frozen and already purified, grown on a special farm. 

Nigerian food recipe for babies

nigerian baby food

All babies are different, have different tastes, allergies in disease. However, Nigerian cuisine has a lot of dishes for kids. For example, Baby's Little Pasta Soup, Pea Purée, Banana Purée, Brown Rice Cereal, Avocado Purée, Papaya Purée, Baby Beef Stew and much more! You should choose the ones the best to your child, not forgetting about the doctor’s advice.

Nigerian food rich in fibre and Nigerian food with low calories.

Such food helps losing weight. You can feel full much sooner and stay full longer. These products are: granola bar (snack), apples, pears, broccoli, carrots, spinach, beans and others.

There are lots of diet dishes in Nigerian cuisine, for example Okra Soup has only 105 calories. Ewedu Soup contains about 97 calories, 1 snail has 90 calories, Moi Moi - 256 calories. Fried Plantain - 68 calories, Roast Corn -123. Choose any dish you like and start losing weight! Nigerian cuisine gives you such a possibility!

Nigerian food for diabetics

nigerian receip

People can steal eat tasty dishes. They can eat: bread, corn flakes, agidi, guineacorn pap, unripe plantain, yam, water yam, Irish potatoes.


People usually eat with hands. They break off a piece of hominy, scoop up the soup, and put it in the mouth. Although in the present situation, of course, it is not forbidden to use the knife and fork eating the traditional Nigerian food.

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