Is plantain good for a pregnant woman?

If you are pregnant and want to eat some cooked plantain, you should take a look at this article. We’ll tell you if consuming this food can lead to any complications, what health benefits it has and how safe it is for pregnant women.

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Plantain is a tropical fruit, a relative of the banana, but larger in size, with thick peel and sweet-tart firm flesh. Depending on the type of cooking, the plantain can be used as a garnish in main dishes and dessert.

Don't confuse plantains with bananas! They are of a greater size compared to regular bananas; they are sharp on both sides of the ends, and the peel is harder to remove. The most delicious plantains are those that have the peel that is all yellow and has black spots. If bought green, then leave them at room temperature for a few days before full maturity. There are plantains with red skin; it's the same as with the yellow.

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Are plantains good during pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, when a woman gets sick just from a smell of some products, plantains can help because they're a saving remedy for nausea. Also, they almost don't have any smell. To some extent, plantains can save you from heartburn because their flesh is getting into the stomach and coats the mucosa, so the feeling becomes less severe. Plantains during pregnancy are a very food option. Like all vegetables, they are very nutritious and healthy. Vitamins contained in plantains are able to maintain the body of a pregnant woman and her baby healthy. For the future mother, the daily energy allowance should be 1500 kJ, but only one eaten plantain will bring the body as much as 1000 kJ!

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Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) is very important in the formation of blood vessels, gums, skin and bones and other tissues. Daily rate of vitamin C during pregnancy is 60 mg, half of which can also be obtained by consuming a plantain.

However, avoid certain forms of plantains which are nightshades, as they contain a neurotoxin that can affect your pregnancy in a bad way.

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