Military diet, how does it work?

People are wondering how to lose weight fast. Why don’t you try Military Diet? The plan for 3 days is already here.

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Man is constituted so that he needs food every day. Otherwise the energy reserves are quickly exhausted. But what should you do if you dream to become skinny? What should you eat? Military Diet may help you!

What is a diet?

The major suppliers of energy resources are carbohydrates and fats. Tiny portion of charge is supplied by proteins. All meals should be balanced because one nutrient cannot replace the other. If a huge portion of carbohydrates and fats is excluded, the reduction of calorie happens automatically. You will get a deficit of useful products.

Whether to eliminate any of the components completely, your body begins searching it actively. It’s trying to replenish the forces due to the consumed food. And this is a huge food trap that can lead you to an extremely fast weight gain, as then you get absorption of the remaining substances in a huge amount. So you cannot just abandon the usual product, which you’ve been eating during all your life. For example, cheese, sausages, flour, sweets etc. So as the result, the protective mechanism is triggered. Weight gain goes on, but the body begins starving. You shouldn’t let this happen.

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Quite often, the diet says ‘do not eat at night, that is, after six PM’. But plenty of people return home from work very late and they cannot eat in their office until that time. You can reduce your daily portions, it will be enough. For example, eat very less at lunch, then the evening meal (even at 8-9 o’clock), will not add you weight. Almost all diets are often based on these conditions: do not eat the food you want; you cannot eat when you desire; you cannot eat as much as you wish. And some diets take into account all these three bans at the same time.

Bans on different products often deprive the body of vital substances. So, very often consequence of diets with lack of protein or vitamins is the developing of immunodeficiency. Dieting leads to a slowing of metabolism and reduce fat consumption. It always turns out that any further stay on suh a diet will not help to lose weight.

Strict, unclever diets may cause a variety of diseases and problems in the body. Bad diets take into account only the prohibitions and restrictions of the certain products. It also creates a huge energy deficit. And in a while, the consumption is happening not due to body fat, but muscles. Due to this, you have weight loss. The strict diets make such changes for a long time.

Nigerian weight loss

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The attempts to follow the prescribed diet often lead to a huge decline in the quality of a person's life, failures, overeating and new weight gain. And as soon as the 95% of a desirable result is achieved, there is a fast failure or some ‘errors’ in the meals. Therefore, there are always more overweight people who always try different diets, but there isn't any effect of them.

How to choose a diet to get a fast and effective weight loss? Which diet is the best for you? What diet is worth trying, and what should be avoided? These questions are asked by every losing weight person. Don’t forget that any diet works best if you’ve consulted a doctor before.

Military Diet

Well-known Military Diet that is also called the 3 day diet, is considered to be one of the fastest ways to lose about 10 pounds per week. Check up the best Military Diet plan below. If you decided to continue losing your extra weight during your days off, then here’s a Military Diet menu, which can help you plan your happy 4 days off this Military diet. Military Diet calories: 1500.

military diet weght loss


Water is the best drink for you. So you can drink a lot! No artificial sweeteners at all. They are bad for any body, so avoid them. You should also drink caffeine free herbal tea.  But only don’t forget to add Stevia as a sweetener.

You can drink black coffee. It has about 5 calories in a cup, so if you want one – it’s fine. But you should not add any cream or sugar. Add sweetener, Stevia, if you like.

Check out the plan and also it can become your Military Diet Shopping List.



You need 1 toast slice and 1/2 grapefruit. Then have one cup coffee or tea (with caffeine). You can also add 2 Tablespoons of usual peanut butter.


Eat 1 toast slice, drink 1 cup of coffee or tea (with caffeine) and add 1/2 cup of tuna.


Eat 1 cup of tasty green beans, add 3 ounces of meat (any type), also eat 1 small apple, you can add 1 cup of ice cream (vanilla), 1/2 banana.


military diet transformation


Eat 1 toast slice, 1 tasty egg and 1/2 banana.


Enjoy 5 saltine crackers, eat 1 well-boiled egg and 1 cup of cheese (cottage).


Eat 1 cup of broccoli with 2 hot dogs (without bun). Also add 1/2 cup of carrots and 1/2 cup of ice cream (vanilla). Don’t forget 1/2 banana.



Eat 1 small apple and 1 slice of cheese (cheddar), add 5 saltine crackers.


One slice of toast and one well-boiled egg (you can cook however you like).

military diet plan


Eat 1/2 of delicious banana, add 1 cup of tuna. Don’t forget about 1 cup of ice cream (vanilla).

These photos were signed as ‘Military Diet results’, ‘Military Diet before and after’ and ‘3 day Military Diet results’. The pictures are impressive and inspiring. But if you want to find out whether it really works, try it!


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Answered 9 months ago.

Wow, that was quite a weight loss journey! Thanks for the encouragement. For my part, I did the military diet because I have to lose 10 pounds super fast. My cousins wedding is coming up and I have no choice but to try what everybody is talking about.

The first day was tough! I was irritable but quickly researched a bit that drinking tons of water may help. I drank around 3 liters a day and did very light walking. The meal plans were so easy to follow, too. Half of the food included are already in my pantry so that alone make this diet very reasonable.

I substituted quite a few items including tuna and hot dogs. Instead, I boiled some fish 1/2 cup to replace the tuna.

I lost around 7 pounds with this diet. I know I have to lose another 3 pounds so I just repeated the diet after 3days. This time I lost around 4 pounds, which was not bad!

Being the skeptic that I am, I did a couple of research on the diet, too. Hope it helps http://3daysmilitarydiet.com/results-reviews/does-the-military-diet-work.html

Answered 1 year ago.
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