Nigerian food for toddlers – 5 super healthy ideas for Nigerian moms

Babies can be fussy about food. Get the best and tasty recipes to nurture your toddler and make them grow happy and healthy.

Every mother is extremely concerned about what her precious children eat. It is even more important when the issue refers to the babies. Not all the Nigerian food for toddlers is healthy enough. However, moms want their kids get all the necessary vitamins and minerals with the food they eat.
Nigerian food for toddlers

Nowadays there are plenty of ideas how to make Nigerian meals tastier and well-balanced.

Toddler balanced diet

In order to avoid various health problems and make your child’s immunity stronger, an appropriate diet is necessary.

 food for toddlersSuch diet must contain different products in various combinations. Thus, you can make sure your kid gets everything they need to grow and develop successfully. Besides, it will help developing healthy eating habits, which will be useful even in the mature age.

The first thing you should know is that you don’t have to nurture your kid with a certain type of food all the time. What any toddler first needs is proteins. But remember, not only meat (like poultry) contains them.  For example, beans and peanut butter are rich in them as well. So, all you have to do is using your fantasy to nurture a child with it.

Dairy products are also of great importance. They contain calcium, which is inevitable for bones and teeth. A small child may refuse to drink a glass of milk. Then, again, show your creative thinking. There are so many toddler food recipeson the Internet. It’s also possible to make something unique by yourself. However, don’t harm your little one.

Starchy food is completely obligatory for being healthy. The products containing lots of carbohydrates refer to this group. Grains and oats are very good for a baby. You can offer rice, potatoes, plantains, etc. It’s better if your baby likes anything like this.

 food for toddlers – 5 super healthy ideas The last (but not the least) important thing any toddler must have is vegetables and fruit. All of them contain plenty of minerals and vitamins for growing. Children often prefer fruit; however, you must make them eat vegetables as well (by means of cunning methods or interesting recipes).

These are the list of the most necessary things for a growing child. On the basis of them you may find Nigerian food recipes for kids on the Internet or even create them by your own.

Nigerian food recipes for toddlers

Now, when you know principal ingredients, it’s possible to look at the ideas of the Nigerian food for toddlers. We offer the following:

This food for toddlers in Nigeria is a wonderful partner to many other dishes, such as fried plantains or yam, puff puff, and so on. To cook it you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Nigerian food for toddlers – for Nigerian momsevaporated milk,
  • water,
  • sugar,
  • wet corn starch or flour.

The process of cooking is as follows:

Take the flour or starch (it’s better to have an original one for Akamu, otherwise special taste might be missing).

Put it into a large bowl (remember it’s going to rise during preparation).

Knead it with the spoon until it becomes smooth enough (without big pieces).

Add cold water, while mixing. The consistency must be without lumps.

Boil some water (it’s better to have larger amount than necessary).

Pour it slowly into the bowl. Don’t forget to mix.

You’ll see the mixture setting. Then slowly stop pouring and stirring.

Mix the final mass very well. If you feel it’s too thick – add more hot water.

Add some milk (for children it’s possible to use baby milk) and sugar (to your taste).

Mix everything.

It is one of the healthy snacks that any child will likeNigerian food for toddlers – 5 healthy ideas .


  • oats (1 tablespoon),
  • eggs (1),
  • bananas (1),
  • whole milk (0,25 of a glass),
  • flour (2 tablespoons),
  • carrots (0,5),
  • dense sausage (small amount to your taste),
  • unsalted butter.

Preparation process:

Grind the oats.

Add flour and mix (a dry mill might be applied for both steps).

Whip an egg in a bowl very well.

Add milk. food for toddlers – 5 ideas for Nigerian moms

Add oat with flour while mixing.

Add sausages, carrots, and bananas.

Mix everything gently.

Melt the butter on a frying pan and cook your oatcakes at a low heat from both sides.

  1. Vegetablepuree. You may start giving this healthy Nigerian food from the age of six months. It contains lots of vitamins and it’s quite delicious. Besides, it’s appropriate if your baby cannot eat fresh vegetables yet. To cook it, you’ll need:
  2. carrots (5),
  3. cucumbers (2),
  4. tomatoes (3),
  5. chicken breast (100 g),
  6. olive oil (4 tablespoons).
  7. salt (only if your child is at least one year old).


Take a pot and put the cut tomatoes and carrots into it. food - 5 super healthy ideas for Nigerian moms

Add chicken there.

Pour water into the pot (it should cover the contents).

Boil everything for 15 minutes (at a medium heat).

Add olive oil, cucumbers, and salt (if necessary).

Boil for five more minutes.

Cool the pot down.

Blend everything with a liquid blender.

You can give it to your toddler as it is or add it to cereals or porridges.


The original recipe’s not suitable for kids. However, if you are ready to spend some time you can adapt it and make it tasty. The following ingredients are necessary:

  1. carrot (1),
  2. green pepper (1),
  3. olive oil (3 tablespoons),Nigerian food – 5 super healthy ideas
  4. several pieces of chicken,
  5. pack of noodles.


Cut vegetables into small pieces.

Cook the chicken (by boiling).

Break up the noodles.

Put them into the pot with meat.

Add spices (from the noodles).

Pour water into the pot (it should cover the contents).Nigerian food for toddlers 4

Cover your pot. Boil at medium heat.

When it starts boiling,add vegetables.

Add olive oil.

Keep cooking until almost all the water goes away.

You may remove some of the ingredients if your kid doesn’t like them or you can add something else.

Okra Soup.

It a good start for giving an adult food. Besides, soups are very healthy for stomach. This dish is very rich in vitamins and tasty.


  • red palm oil,Nigerian food – deas for Nigerian moms
  • salt,
  • okra,
  • Mackerel fish,
  • ground crayfish,
  • pumpkin leaves or spinach.

Process of preparation:

Pour palm oil into a pot and heat it.

Cut okra and put it into the pot.

Fry at a medium heat.

Add some water (when it starts to draw). Cook for about 5 minutes. 5 super healthy ideas for Nigerian moms

Add ground crayfish.

Add vegetables and salt.

Finally add fish and stir everything.

Cover the pot.

Let it simmer for several minutes.

These are the most interesting and healthy Nigerian baby food recipes.You can expand this list with your favorite ones or even those, which have been created by you. It might be very interesting to change simple adult dishes in order to make our little ones like them. One of the most important things is the visual look. If your food is attractive, your toddler already half-like it. All the rest depends on the taste.

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All the mothers take care of their children and want them to grow healthy. That’s why they often think about what they eat. Nowadays there exist many interesting dishes, which are nice and delicious for the babies. It’s essential to give your little one enough minerals and vitamins, so don’t be lazy to make efforts and find wonderful recipes. Your child will be very grateful and eat everything. Remember, that with the help of fantasy and creative thinking you can make a toddler eat whatever s/he needs, (even if they’ve thought they don’t like it). Use the helpful advice on dieting and try some of the presented recipes for your precious babies.


My small daughters very choosy and disobedient! I cannot force to eat them, that I shall not prepare for all to them it is not pleasant. Also, I prepare them for fritters from porridge and bananas. Simply I mix in a bowl a banana and porridge and I fry on coconut oil. It turns out this only thing that my girls eat is tasty also. It is necessary to take and your recipes on arms. And still my daughters love the turkey and baked swet potato I try to feed them diversly, but it is more, than they do not eat 2-3 spoons.

Answered 2 years ago.

I have also a little daughter and l always try to prepaire some interesting, useful, healthy and good looking dishes for her. We eat every day different cereals with milk, different vegetable soups and a lot of fruits. But sometimes l like to cook something new and special for my child. Your recepies sound very tasty. I will definitely try them. My daughter except healthy food likes a chocolate very much. l prepair it by myself at home, which is rather easy - all you need is 50 grammes of melted butter, 2 spoons of milk, 100 gr of cocoa and 50 or more gr. sugar. Put it all into some pot and boil for 5-7 minutes. You may also put some nuts or something else if you want. Than put this chocolate into some molds and into a cold place. In 30-40 minutes your chocolate is ready - enjoy it with your children!

Answered 2 years ago.

Very interesting recipes for cooking baby. First of all the food for baby are healthy and tasty, and it means include all necessary minerals and vitamins.

Especially, I liked soup with okra, include lot of useful products, such as okra, spinach, pumpkin leaves, fish and other, and prepare it very easily and quickly. When you mom of small baby, then you have little time cook, so you need have time do everything in very short time.

Be sure try something from these recipes, this food look very appetizing!

Answered 2 years ago.

It's very interesting and useful article. Thank you for nice recipes!

Mother has to create a fairy tale or to beautify food. It's sometimes a little complicated for moms to persuade your baby to eat. Meal for children has to be delicious and well-balanced. I think, lots of children like fried plantains or porridge with jam for dessert. In my opinion, everybody likes chocolate, but this product is not very healthy. So, we can try to exchange it on dried fruits or different dishes with fruits and chocolate.

Answered 2 years ago.
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