Nigerian pepper soup spices – 5 best for Nigerian cooks

Wish to make your husband happy? Master the best Nigerian recipes including the delicoius pepper soup. Learn the DIY spice mix recipe for it.

As a rule Nigerian soups are very thick, tasty and nourishing. There are many recipes of them but, one of the best is cow meat soup and there is an essential ingredient used in it – Nigerian pepper soup spices. It’s a mix of seasonings which add this soup its special rich flavor and color. Let’s get a recipe of this peppersoup and pick the best spice mix for it.
Nigerian pepper soup spices

History of Nigerian pepper soup:

This soup has been cooked for centuries by Nigerian women. It was cooked both at home or for large parties or social meetings and served to people. Unlike many other soups in Nigeria – thick and saucy, this one is thin and can be drunk out of a bowl. It is a sort of strong broth with no oil added.
History of Nigerian soup:

As other types of broth it is often times served to those with cold or other respiratory disease.

It is not for nothing, as the broth is rich in spices and peppers. They are great germ killers, so this soup can actually further the healing up process and promote it.

Goat meat is one of the most commonly used in Nigeria and some parts of the animal (such as internal organs or legs) have to be cooked for a rather long time to become eatable. Ibgo tribe folks cook this soup adding tomatoes and other veggies. In some tribes the add crayfish powder to enhance the taste.

Recipe for pepper soup – Ingredients:

You may use either cow or goat meat for this soup. Both meats are lean and very nutritious.  These meats are often times used in various Nigerian food recipes. In some places they even cook it using fish.

Or, you may cook a vegetable soup instead, if you are a vegan or you just wish to eat something light and not so loaded with proteins. You may use onions and other veggies.

Add salt and Nigerian pepper soup spices, which we will discuss later on.

Add enough water to make it thin, so the broth could be consumed out of a bowl.
pepper soup – Ingredients

How to prepare soup:

Start with meats. If you are using cow’s leg or some other ‘tough’ to cook meat, cut it or chop it and place into a cooking pan. Then add enough water (to cover it up) and set on the stove for at least half an hour. Then you add more gentle meat or cow’s heart and keep on boiling for 10 more minutes. Eventually, you add up liver and chopped onions. Cook for five more minutes.

Now it is time for Nigerian pepper soup seasoning. Add the mix and keep on preparing for five more minutes. Here you go, your delicious Nigerian dish is ready. Here is an awesome

Spices for Nigerian pepper soup:
Nigerian soup spices

You may buy the readymade mix of the spices. Or, you can make it yourself. The second option provides you with more choice, as you can pick the spices you want (your favorite) and use them in your soup. This is an excellent way to attain unique taste of the homemade food. Here we go.

All Nigerian recipe – spice mix:

Start with the Calabash nutmeg and grind it first. You can make half of a table spoon of the powder. Then add some alligator pepper, Negro pepper and chili pepper. Do not forget the thyme seeds.

Another addition could be Enge, which is much like the black cardamom.
Some of these seasonings are hot, while others add that peculiar and spicy taste to the soup. In any case, they allow you to experiment doing your own mix.

Another spice you can use is uziza or basil leaves. You may add up to two tablespoons of it. Plus, put in some dry fish powder or ground crayfish to boost the taste. Once you make your own spices for Nigerian pepper soup, you can get to cooking and let your family enjoy this tasty and healthy food recipe.

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5 top Nigerian soups to cook:
Nigerian soups 1

  1. Edikaikong soup
    This soup is very thick and nutritious. It is mostly cooked in the southern part of Nigeria. In the past it used to be a soup for rich people only, as they added much protein in there. However, today most folks can afford to cook it.
  2. Egusi soup
    This soup is cooked out of egusi seeds. These are produced by cucurbitaceous plants and contain high volumes of oil in them. Most commonly people use watermelon seeds, but seeds of other similar plants can also be added to that soup.
    Nigerian soups 2
  3. Banga soup
    This soup is traditionally cooked in the Delta region of Nigeria and is innate to Igbo tribe. It has many veggies in it and makes some great and healthy food.
  4. Ogbono soup
    This is another one of “hot” Nigerian soups, and cooks use seeds and leafs to create its unique flavor. This dish is also traditional for Igbo culture.
    Nigerian soups 3
  5. Afang soup
    This soup was first made by Efik folks. It is made from the fruit of the evergreen tree called Gnetum.

As you may see, there is a variety of soups and recipes available in Nigerian cuisine. They all are delicious and if you come from a different region of the country, you should try something new and experiment with the dishes of other tribes. This would make your diet more versatile and healthy.


main dish coming to us already familiar Yano, amale, Hebe or fade in the Nigerian kitchen is always sharp. Not just sharp, and terribly sharp, sharper than anything I've ever eaten, right here in India is not yet been. But, for example, even Ethiopian food is not so spicy. And in Ghana is much less acute. But in Nigeria, mistress hot pepper bags buy.

The main dish is called just – international by the word “soup” (soup), but, unlike the Russian meanings of the word, Nigerian soup, usually much thicker, like a gravy. So it is not brewed, but rather, extinguished. Although the concept of soup and stew (stew) still differ. As explained in the soup usually always has some leaves, herbs, and stew – no.

Varieties of soup very much, and there are many soups that are characteristic of a particular region and tribe. The soup can be made with various vegetables and types of fish and meat, including beef skin, which, of course, hard, but, as it turned out quite edible. A couple of soups you can see in the photo at the end of this article.

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Every country differs with their attitude towards the spices and, ofcourse, wiht their prefferances in particular kinds of them. In some countries people prefear more mild food without any spices or using only the pepper in their dishes. And people in other countries prefear much more spicy food, because of their cultural traditions which were set by their ancestors according to the natural resources and the climate of their position of the country. For example, in the countries with very hot climate lots of spices are used to prevent the food of being spoiled soon.

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