Nigerian snacks: How to make Puff Puff?

What are the most delicious Nigerian snacks? How to cook them? What is Puff Puff? Read and learn how to get the best taste.

Nigerian food is unique and amazing. There are plenty of interesting and delicious dishes, which everyone wishes to taste. Puff Puff recipe is one of the most popular in this country. It is easy to cook and it tastes just magnificent. Many Nigerians like to buy it on the streets. However, it is also possible to prepare it at home.

how to make puff puff nigerian snack

Popular Nigerian snacks

There are so many dishes adored by people of Nigeria that it is hard to choose the best one. Let’s consider the list of the most famous ones:

1. Akara. They are bean cakes, which are quite appropriate for breakfast. Many people prefer it as a snack as well. Beans, onion and spices are fried in oil creating a perfect taste.
puff puff recipe
2. Suya. It is skewers with the cuts of meat. They are grilled with spices and onion. This is Hausa dish.
3. Jollof rice. Along with rice, there are tomatoes, pepper and onion. Nigerians claim it tastes like God’s love.
4. Zobo. It is a refreshing beverage made of hibiscus flowers. It is sweet and delicious. You can add any fruit to it as well. It is extremely popular in hot days.
nigerian food recipes puff puff
5. Edikangikong. It is so-called dry soup. There are vegetables mixed with ugwu and gbure here. For those, who cannot live without meat, it is possible to add it into the dish.
6. Apon. This soup is prepared on African mango seeds. There exists great number of variations of it. You can cook it with vegetables or alone, with meat, fish, melon seeds, etc. Besides, it is very quick to prepare.
7. Moin moin. This one is just for vegetarians. There are beans, onion, pepper, oil and spices. Mix everything, wrap into banana leaf and steam. If you are not a vegan, add anything you like. But traditional variant is like this.
nigerian snacks: how to make puff puff
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8. Bean and plantain pottage. Nigerians make it with yams. The taste is very rich thanks to palm oil.
9. Dodo. They are fried plantains (a kind of banana). They are first cut in cubes or other small pieces and dried. The key reason of its fame is not only taste but impossibility to make it bad.
10. Garri. Your day cannot be complete until you eat it. It is something, which you add to various types of soups. It is also good as snack. Garri is made of cassava tubers, which are fried and pounded.

All those dishes are wonderful, but many people still want to know how to make Puff Puff Nigerian snack.

Nigerian snacks: how to make Puff puff?

In Ghana, this dish is often called Bofrot. Among all the Nigerian food recipes Puff Puff is considered the most well-known and relevant. It consists of the simplest ingredients, which are:

  • sugar (1 cup),
  • flour (about 370 grams),
  • yeast (about 2,5 teaspoons),
  • lukewarm water (1,5 cups),
  • oil,
  • nutmeg (additionally).

It is adored by both children and grown-ups. It is possible to add any spices and even chocolate into it. Some people do not know how to make Puff Puff and are sure it is a difficult task. To cook it, follow the steps:

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Add water while mixing (until your batter is smooth).how to make puff puff
  3. Cover with a cloth and wait for 20 minutes.
  4. Take a pot; pour oil into it and heat it.
  5. Make balled dough out of your batter and fry them in a pot until they are golden-brown.

There are some tips, which will make the result absolutely successful. Consider the following:

  • Make sure you have quick rise yeast. Otherwise, you will need to wait several hours and can spoil the dough with waiting.
  • Do not wait for too long. If you have fast yeast, you have not more than 45 minutes. In a warm place, 25 minutes are enough.
  • Have a good mood while cooking, as it is a great part of success!

Try this easy and magnificent recipe. Be sure, Puff puff’ll give you unforgettable emotions and the sweetest taste.

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