Pls What Is The Recipe For White Soup?

hello all, please can u give me the recipe for preparing white soup, i have check previous post and can't find it, its taking too much time,thanks

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Afia Efere ( White soup)

This light Efik soup is traditionally cooked without oil using goatmeat or chicken in which case, they are called "afia efere ebot" or "afia efere unen" respectively. Fresh fish can also be used.

I kg / 2 lb fresh goatmeat

I medium smoked fish (washed)

250g / 8oz fresh okro (sliced)

100g/4oz ground crayfish

250g / 8oz pounded yam

25g / I oz chopped fresh chillies

I uyayakpod ( tetrapleura tetraptera)

1ltr/2 pint stock or water

salt to taste

Wash and cut the meat into even size pieces. Season with salt and boil for 30 minutes or until soft and tender. Add the stock, washed fish, chopped chillies, okro and ground crayfish. Break the uyayak pod into small pieces and add to the pot.

Cover and cook for 15 minutes. Mould the pounded yam into small rounds and drop into the soup to slightly thicken. Add seasoning and serve with pounded yam.


Thank you for the recipe i appreciate u all


@ igbi,

let me try and help here. This is in two stages, first will be the ingredients and the next will be the cooking process. So, here goes:


1. Ground Pepper

2. Cray Fish

3. Snail

4. Stockfish

5. Dried Fish

6. Uziza Leave (if required)

7. Utazi Leave (if required)

8. Nchanwu (very small quantity, if required)

9. Orisirisi (Saki, e.t.c.)

10. Bush Meat

11. Thickener (Here, you can use Achi ( popular with those from Imo State)or Offor (popular with those from Uzuakoli side) or Ukpotoro (for those from Abia State) or Ede (Cocoyam - popular with those from Anambra side). Or, you can boil yam, pound it and add along with the yam water to thicken the soup.

Alternatively, you could dispense with items 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10. In that case, like the Afikpo people do, you will just use Fresh Fish.


Step One: Put some quantity of water on fire to boil. Along with the water you add items 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 (Please note that Snail, Stockfish, Orisirisi and Bush meat must have been cooked before being placed in the boiling water).

Step Two: Allow to boil for about 5 minutes.

Step Three: Then, add your pepper, crayfish and thickener. If soup not thick enough add more thickener. Also, add maggi and salt to taste. Allow to boil for like 3 minutes

Step Four: Add the leaves - they must be very very light - maybe 2 - 3 leaves sliced in the soup.

Step Five: Allow all to boil for 1 minute. Then, bring down from the fire.

You can eat with akpu, pounded yam or semo. Maybe garri or even amala. Depending on your inclination. However, the soup is best with akpu or pounded yam.

Good luck.


You also need uziza and/or utazi be it the seed or leaf for that bitter sweet taste, white soup is not complete without it. Otherwise it is just like anyother meat stalk.

@fikzy, you try sha


Find below menu and procedure for cooking white soup.

Note that this is coming from a guy who just fell in love with the soup after his first visit to the south-south, so don't expect the detailed recipe you might get from a professional Chef

Beef/stock and or Goatmeat

Dried Fish


Fresh Fish

Prawns dried or fresh

Towel (sharky) cook till soft

For thickener you can use flour, pounded yam or achi

maggi, salt, pepper

Cook the meat with salt,onion & maggi till it is soft, then add harky, prawns, crayfish, pepper, cook for 10 minutes then add dried fish and thickener. Cook for another 10 minutes & turn off and eat FAT.

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