Solar grill: why is it the best solution for outdoor cooking?

Why solar grill is a great solution for outdoor cooking in Africa? Learn the news now.

solar grill

Grilled food is delicious and we all know that. However, it creates many environmental concerns. Grills cause air pollution and in some regions there is no enough wood for it. See, how solar grill takes your outdoor cooking experience to the next level.

How does solar grill work?

This particular technology is called Wilson Solar Grill. It was created back in 2012 by David Wilson. He is not the first man to invent such grills, but his version is the best. In the past, these devices had no ability to store the solar energy. Wilson’s Solar Grill can do it.

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So, even if the sun goes down, you can keep on cooking for 22 hours in a row. You can cook all night using the solar power in your grill! And you can heat it up to 230 C.

This cooker is a great alternative for regions with scare resources such as wood and coal. It can provide people with free energy for outdoor cooking in the hot African countries. And it also helps us to preserve clean environment for living. Cooking in such grills is healthy and cheap.

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