Tomato farming: Nigerian farmers vs. destructive pests

Why the situation in Nigeria is called tomato Armageddon? Find out now.

In Nigeria people like to eat tomatoes and cook various sauces with them. So, tomato farming is a lucrative business in this country. However, this year is a struggle for such farm owners.

Tomato farming

Nigeria’s tomato Armageddon

In the past tomato farming brought high level of income for the farm owners. Some even said that tomatoes are the new oil for Nigeria. However, this year the country experiences something called “tomato Armageddon”.

In the north people say that such a bad situation has not taken place in Nigeria for over 35 years. There is much buzz about the fuel scarcity in the country, but it is time to talk of tomato scarcity! People have hard time buying their favorite veggies on the market and even restaurant owners have problem getting supplies for their kitchens!

: Nigerian farmers vs. destructive pests

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That is a real trouble, as in Nigeria most local cuisine dishes include this ingredient. Due to tomato scarcity the prices rapidly go up. In some regions tomatoes undergo processing with pesticides and people become afraid to eat them. They deem them being unsafe for their health.

Considering all this the tomato festival that involves fights and squishing them right on the streets seem to be such a waist of excellent food! 


There is nothing worse than to realize that this year was a bad harvest for certain products, and in this case - for tomatoes. Of course, prices are also increasing your really, but people do not buy can not, as the majority of local food is out of this product. With regard to concerns about the presence of pesticides in the plant - it is not in vain. That there was a good harvest - always use fertilizer. And good, bright and large fruit will cause suspicion. As is known, pestetsidy can provoke a variety of diseases.

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