What are banana health benefits?

Do you like to eat a banana every day? No? Then you need to start now! Learn all the benefits of eating bananas here right now! The most full article about pros of bananas! Do not miss it!

Vitamins in bananas 

In our country bananas are no longer considered as exotic fruit: because you can buy them all year long, and they are reasonably priced. It is good that these wonderful, fabulous fruit can be bought by any citizen of Nigeria, regardless of income level and place of residence, because banana isvery useful and has a lot of benefits.

Among all the fruits grown in other countries, only bananas can safely be given to children of the first year of life. Adults like to buy bananas when there is no time for a full meal, and want to eat something good, without fear of overload the stomach.

Bananas are also convenient to be eaten in any conditions, even if there is no place to wash your hands: one has only gently to release the fruit from a convenient ‘packaging’, created by nature, and, holding the tip of it, eat with appetite. This food not only nourishes, but also helps the body to get energy and many nutrients, as well as uplifting.

The composition of bananas. Vitamins in bananas 

 composition of bananas

What is so useful in banana fruit? Of course, above all, the fact that they have a lot of vitamins we need. The most important vitamin - C, which exists in bananas in huge amount, has a strong antioxidant effect, and thus prolongs our youth and beauty. In addition, this vitamin helps us to defend against infections that can haunt a person not only in winter, but all year round.

B vitamin, which bananas contain, is very necessary for women, particularly because most of this vitamin is lost during periods. But B vitamin is also our calm and poise, deep and healthy sleep, clear skin and strong hair. Also carotene is found in bananas, and it also helps us to stay young longer, simultaneously protecting your heart from different diseases and blood vessels.

a lot of bananas

We can say that all bananas are the pantry of beauty and health: they contain more vitamin E, which provides our cells long life, and the skin – making it smooth and elastic; as well as other vitamins - PP, K, choline; macronutrients - calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, trace elements - selenium, manganese, zinc, iron and fluoride.

Psychologists call bananas safest and delicious antidepressant, because their sweet pulp contains vitamin B6, which helps our body to produce serotonin, a hormone called ‘happiness’, and it plays an important role in the nervous system.

a few bananas

If you eat bananas every day, then you can forget about irritability, anxiety and depression, but it does not mean that you can overeat: it is enough to eat 1-2 bananas a day. This number allows you to replenish the body's lack of potassium, and as a result we treat our eyes, muscle pain, tension and weakness, relieve fatigue, there appear activity, and intelligence, appetite comes back to normal, swelling disappears and the skin ceases to be shelled and becomes smooth.

Scandinavian scientists, exploring the relationship between the consumption of bananas and high blood pressure, have come to the conclusion that the everyday use of these fruits eliminates hypertensive patients from need to take medication. Potassium strengthens the heart muscle, so bananas are beneficial for heart and all related diseases: edema, hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, liver and gastrointestinal tract.

sweet banana

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Use bananas to treat your stomach due to their fibrous structure, so gastroenterologists recommend the patients with chronic gastritis to use bananas and other fruits to exclude from the diet. Older people, as well as children, can eat bananas more often than others, and athletes can recover after stress quickly with their help, and become ‘charged’ before workouts.

Banana calories

Banana calories

There are quite a lot of calories in bananas, but they are not ‘empty’, as in baked goods made with white flour, cakes and sweets. Therefore, people with extra weight and who want to get rid of it, you should eat less of bananas, but you should still eat them. This is especially good for ladies: 1-2 bananas, eaten in time, can help to alleviate such unpleasant condition as premenstrual syndrome, or even avoid it.

How to choose a banana?

choose a banana

How to choose good quality bananas, when they are both tasty and healthy? The easiest way - to be guided by the color of the rind: in good banana peel is painted in a smooth golden yellow color with a few special dark dots. Such bananas you can buy and eat immediately there – their concentration of nutrients is maximized. Bananas with gray skin will do little good, even though the harm from them will not be the same. Peel turns gray from hypothermia, for example, during storage or transport, but useful properties are lost.

If banana fruit is too ribbed, it means that it had not rip, and was removed early. Ripe banana should be fairly smooth, and his ribbing - not too pronounced.

Buying bananas for the future, in a few days, make sure that their skins are yellow or yellow-green, but with no dark spots. These bananas can be stored for some time at home, but not in the refrigerator, and simply in a cool dark place. Bananas, bought as the whole bunch are better preserved, so you should not separate them while purchasing.

12 nutritional banana benefits

nutritional banana benefits

If you think about what kind of fruit to include in your diet to bring maximum benefits to the body, among other things, we encourage you to pay attention to the bananas. The use of this fruit for hair health, cardiovascular system is invaluable, not to mention the benefits of banana for skin. So if you already like and regularly eat bananas, you can rejoice it and be sure that organism will tell you thank you.

Banana is one of the oldest cultivated plants. It is an integral part of the diet of modern man in many countries: it looks good, has a creamy, thick and soft texture, has a pleasant taste. Externally, there are several varieties: yellow, green, red. According to the application - vegetable and fruit.

Regardless of its types, the product has a lot of positive and important indicators:

Banana is an energy supplier

one banana

Necessary nutrients provide energy for the body, producing an immediate effect. For this reason, many athletes eat bananas during the lunch break.

Dietetic food product

Banana is a source of free sodium, fat and cholesterol, which have no effect on your weight. However, do not overeat it: even banana improves digestion, it is high-calorie (89 cal.)

It helps maintain normal blood pressure

three bananas

Potassium is involved in the blood pressure maintenance and banana contains a large amount of it. The normal pressure needs protein and a small amount of sodium.

It prevents cardiovascular disease

In the fight against irregular heart rate you can use bananas with its potassium, which reduces the chance of stroke and hypertension. It is proved that potassium also improves brain function of children.

Food of happiness

Regular consumption of bananas helps the body to reduce the stress load, reduce irritability reaction. Due to the availability of serotonin, dopamine and other chemicals 5-HT receptors, which are produced by your brain, your good mood is maintained throughout the day.

It prevents insomnia

banana pros

Eating one banana a few hours before bedtime, you get strong and healthy sleep due to the content of tryptophan, which promotes the production of melatonin (sleep regulator in your brain).

Effective anti-age treatment

The content of antioxidant lutein helps in slowing down the skin aging process.

Improves hair growth on scalp

The content of chromium in banana, fluorine, manganese, zinc and a significant amount of copper protect you from process called ‘gray skin’ and skin hyperpigmentation. Daily banana eating makes your hair silky and shiny and not brittle.

Treatment of Infectious Diseases

banana treatment

Banana is rich in vitamin C, which protects the body from various viral infections, but also contains a complex of B vitamins, which helps to treat anemia and reduce the level of homocysteine in the body.

Assistant in the treatment of diarrhea

During diarrhea the vital electrolytes leave body. Eating bananas helps our body to restore the level of potassium - the main representative of electrolytes. It should be noted that the nutritional value of bananas maintains the fluid balance of our body.

Banana mask

Banana mask

Today, the use of banana has even reached cosmetics! There are different ways to make cosmetic facial masks.

The fruit of the banana is a good product for the cosmetology. Mask, on the basis of its pulp, nourishes the skin and slows the aging process of cells. The advantage of these masks is that they, unlike other products do not cause allergy. Regular use of banana facial leaves makes the skin smooth and supple. Such masks are suitable for sensitive, dry and normal skin and even for skin care after 50.

Assists muscles

Those who are cramping leg muscles, especially at night, have lack of potassium. Bananas are record holders of its content! In addition, eating a couple of pieces of fruit on a daily basis, can increase your muscle mass.

Hangover friend

If feel too bad, make a milk shake with banana and honey. Banana soothes the stomach and honey raises reduced sugar blood levels, while the milk soothes body.

Banana diet

banana diet

Probably, a lot of women who want to lose weight, have heard or know that there is a special banana diet. Of course it exists, and it is suitable especially for those who are not okay with the intestine, stomach, as well as those who meet difficulties getting rid of the swelling. Bananas are useful in gastritis and obesity, high blood pressure and problems with blood circulation, liver, biliary tract and kidneys, diabetes, and even dysentery.

love to bananas

As we have said, there are quite a lot of calories in bananas, but their pulp also contains a lot of fiber: natural sugar, vitamins and minerals. But there is very little fat in bananas, so eating them helps to reduce the body's cholesterol levels. Thanks to all these properties during the banana diet the saturation occurs very quickly, the brain gets enough glucose, so the depression, which is so common in other mono-diet, during the banana diet is simply impossible.

Most often, there are 2 types of banana diet. The first option is the use of no more than 3 bananas and 3 cups of milk (yogurt) per day. This option may seem harsh, but if you divide each banana for at least 2 parts, adding it into a small cup of yogurt, it will make such a diet quite painless. Also, instead of eating whole fruit yoghurt, you may cook it in a mixer with half of banana, yogurt or milk. After 3-4 days, a mono-diet usually helps you to get rid of 3 kg of excess weight.

banan lice

However, there is another option that many consider ‘softer’, but it takes more time - about a week. In this case, it allows up to 1.5 kg of bananas eat per day (banana weight is considered without skin) and you can drink a lot of green tea, but without any sugar and sweeteners. Throughout the week, you can eat only two eggs to make up the amount of protein - in fact there is very small of it in bananas. As a result of this diet you can lose weight about 6-7 kg.

Banana mono-diets have more pluses than minuses. Cons that after you only have them for a week, you may get bored so much, and you will just refuse to eat them in the future. And after the release of such a diet, you immediately begin to ‘reward’ yourself for your patience, eating favorite foods and treats, you can quickly get the lost weight back.

banana coctail

Pros is that the bananas well and gently cleanse the intestines, stimulate the kidneys, and it do not deprive the body of potassium - on the contrary, they make up for its reserves. Banana diet leads to normal metabolism, while improving skin condition, so many skin problems disappear - for example, acne.

However, any mono-diet, including banana one, is still desirable for the body, since the number of required substances coming from the food must be constant and balanced, and a sharp weight loss also does not lead to really good results.

If you have any serious disease or chronic problems, you should first consult a doctor before starting any diet. Especially, mono-diet!

tasty banana

Think about the beauty of your shape, as well as health, better constantly, not just when you urgently want to look good. Therefore always eat bananas, and be healthy, beautiful and in good mood!


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