What are banana leaf uses?

Have you ever thought that banana leaves can have a beneficial effect on your body and health? Read the article to see the best ways of the usage of banana peels.


Delicious exotic fruit once has been widely disseminated. Surprisingly, but fruits with fragrant powdery pulp are considered to be berries, as they ripe on the giant size grass. Depending on the type of banana, the bunch can weigh about 30-50kg. The plant was domesticated centuries ago, the edible varieties derived from the fruits growing in the south-east Asia. With the presence of certain diseases banana consumption can bring both benefits or harm.


Modern varieties were bred artificially. They are divided into sweet "dessert" and so-called "Platano" sort requiring heat treatment.

Fresh banana leaves are useful in getting rid of cracks on the heels, as well as burns, bruises, abscesses. It is enough to make a compress, placing the inner surface of the peel to the affected area. Long-term use of this method helps to cope with warts. Rubbing with vodka infusion made from banana peels remove the pain in muscles and joints. Frozen in the freezer aqueous extract of banana peel helps fight with freckles, dark spots, skin peeling.

It turns out that in the southern countries, were invented many ways of how to make the banana peel work at home, in the garden and for the good of our health.

Let us consider all the options. It would seem that there aren't any benefits of banana peel? The beneficial properties of banana pulp are undeniable, about the benefits of banana leaves we know almost nothing, and out of habit we put it to the trash bin.

In reality, the banana skin is a very useful object. Here are the top 15 tips on how to use the banana leaves.

1. Prepare the broth from banana leaves

Researchers have found out the fact that the banana peel contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients. It's time we take advantage of this for our health. Use the banana peel to improve the nutritional value of your juice or smoothie. To do this, boil the leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes, take it out and give to the broth some time to become cool. Add it  to your favorite juice or smoothies according to your taste.

So tasty

2. To whiten the teeth

Here are the real news. It turns out that with the help of banana peels you can successfully whiten your teeth at home. Each time after cleaning your teeth, use the soft side of a banana leaves surface to remove stains from the enamel and neutralize the potential harm from chemicals contained in the toothpaste. The effect is achieved due to the high concentration of beneficial minerals for the teeth in the skin.

3. To improve the condition of skin

Massage your skin with a piece of ripe banana skin, trying to rub it with the help of the contents of the soft side. This massage can be carried out once in every few days. Natural fruit acids and nutrients contained in the banana peel, will gently exfoliate the skin like peeling, nourish, moisturize and give it softness and radiance. Some say even a reduction of wrinkles after doing this regular ritual.

Will help your skin

4. Protects plants from aphids

To do this, you need to take a few small pieces of ripe banana peel and place directly under the surface of the soil around the garden plants, which are often affected by aphids. Tiny garden pests do not like the gas that is released during the decomposition of banana peels, so they go to look for a more suitable accommodation. Make sure that you are using for this only a few pieces of skin, since a great amount of it can attract wasps, rodents and other major pests in search of sweet snacks.

5. Add to the compost

Probably the most popular and the easiest way to use the banana skin is to place it to the compost heap. Peels bring to the compost potassium and phosphorus that will contribute to the development of the root system and improve the overall condition of the plant, so you need to fertilize it with compost soil. However, we must bear in mind that a good compost should consist of many ingredients, so you should add a dosed content of banana peel.

Banana peel

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6. Polishing your shoes

 Leather shoes began to look worn-out and shoe polish is not as effective as earlier? Use a banana peel! Contrary to logic, we need not its waxed outer surface, but soft inner side of a banana skin, which is rich in needed fruit acids.

 7. Using as a fertilizer for seedlings

Makes you taste it

Slice the bananas into several small pieces and bury 1-2 such "goodies" at the bottom of the pot, in which you are going to plant seedlings or seeds. Such an accumulation of minerals will give your young plants a complete set of nutrients that will help in the development of roots and increase resistance to diseases. Just make sure that your seeds and seedlings don't directly contact the skin, as it can burn and damage the roots of the sprouts.

8. Remove the warts

You got those pesky warts! How to remove them? Even if you've tried everything and all the grandmother's methods, do not despair, the ubiquitous banana skin will help you, which will gradually eliminate this cosmetic defect. Simply wipe the wart every night before going to bed - that's the secret!

9. Soothe the irritated skin

 Rub the disturbing part of the skin with the soft side of a banana peel and feel as fruit acids, vitamins and minerals contained in it help to relieve pain, itching and redness - your skin will enjoy a nourishing cocktail! This method is suitable for removing the mosquito bites irritation, bees, wasps and other insects, as well as in cases of irritation of the skin after shaving.

For health

10. Polishing the plant leaves

Wipe with a soft side of a banana peel houseplant leaves to clean their surface from dust, dirt and make them have a luxurious shine and luster. This trick can be successfully practiced for waxy leaves of plants such as croton, ficus, monstera, Calathea and Hoya.

11. Use as an additive food for animals

 Bananas prefer not only people, but also some of their pets, who will also be happy to eat bananas. Chickens, rabbits and pigs with pleasure will have a snack of dried banana peel added to their food.

12. Polishing Silver

With chocolate

The same fruit acids contained in the banana peel, which we have already used for light skin peeling, ideal for polishing silverware and jewelry. Wipe the inside of the piece of skin prepared silver, to restore its natural luster.

13. Make homemade vinegar

Use the banana peel to cook an amazing household vinegar! Cooked from the banana skin, this will have an interesting vinegar sour, slightly bitter flavor with sweet undertones, that literally absorbs all the benefits of banana peel. This vinegar can include both salads and can act as an ingredient in marinades.

14. Make meat more succulent

Put to the bottom of the pan, which you plan to use for cooking, to make the meat juicy, tender and do not burn it. This trick is often used in Asian cuisine. Of course, before you warm up a banana peel, it should have a good wash and remove the waxy coating, we do not need extra chemicals.


15. Chop banana peel and use it as a fertilizer

Another tip is to make a banana peel work for the glory of your garden. Chop the peel and turn it as a soil component. As a result, it will produce the same effect of the nutrient, the likelihood of burning plant is minimized. All the techniques can be successfully used for all plants in the garden.

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