What are papaya benefits?

Exotic fruit seeem to be beneficial for our health. Nevertheless they have recently come into our menu, their positive effect is evident.


Papaya is an exotic fruit which has appeared on our shelves, in our fridge, and our menu recently. Many people are still cautiously looking at this fruit. The thing is it resembles, in their opinion, either a small pumpkin or a pear shaped melon. In fact, papaya is a valuable, useful and almost healing product with powerful health benefits.

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 Papaya composition

Papaya for its beneficial qualities and chemical composition is similar to a melon. It contains significant amounts of vitamins (B1, B2, B5, C, D, E, β-carotene) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, sodium, zinc).


Papaya benefits

The most useful part of the fruit is an enzyme. It is originated from papain, which resembles in its composition gastric juice. Once in the stomach, papain begins to break down starches, proteins and fats actively. Therefore, regular consumption of papaya is prescribed to people, whose body does not cope with the protein breaking. The enzyme is concentrated in papaya. This beneficial element normalizes the number of heart contractions and has a positive effect on the health as a whole.

 This exotic fruit has almost no fat and carbohydrates. That helps papaya to be a perfect component of any diet.


100 g of papaya contains:

Of 88.5 g of water

0.5 g of proteins

0.1 g of fats

8 g of carbs

1.8 g of fiber (dietary fiber)

0.6 g ash

Papaya effects body

Due to a high concentration of plant fibers, papaya decreases the level of cholesterol, prevents blood clots. More than that,  it contains antioxidants prolonging youth. The systematic use of this useful fruit juice revitalizes and tones the intestines, stomach, destroys infection in the colon, cleansing it from slime and pus. Papaya has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces pain from arthritis and osteoporosis. Fresh papaya is excellent for getting rid of parasites. It destroys intestinal worms, Giardia, intestinal ameba, and others.


Papaya benefits for health

Papaya is recommended to include in the menu for those who is inclined of getting cold. It perfectly strengthens the immune system. One of the enzymes enhances the regeneration of the connective tissue of intervertebral discs. The fruit offset the adverse effects of excessive stomach acid, so it is useful for people with gastritis, heartburn, promotes the production of insulin for type I diabetes. A large number of salicylic acid allows using papaya as antipyretic. Fresh fruit has a perfect diuretic effect (it may neutralize the effect of toxins).


Papaya health benefits for women.

Papaya is recommended for everyday usage.  It contains the vitamins. Papaya benefits for skin were making it smooth and elastic. Papaya benefits for beauty and hear. It contains iron which eases the painful symptoms of the monthly syndrome. At least, one fruit a week will give strength, will add energy, will help to sleep less time, get rid of depression.

Low in calories – 38 calories per 100 grams, which allows using the product without any concerns about your weight and body specifications. However, papaya should not be the overdose. Excess of fruit is expressed by a yellowing of the skin (carotenemia). Along with the benefits, there are dangers of papaya.

Contraindications to the use of papaya

 Along with the benefits, there are contradictions of papaya. Papaya is not allowed for people who are hypersensitive and prone to allergies. Also, the juice of the unripe fruit contains poisonous substances. It contains the alkaloid campaign, dangerous in large doses. It causes poisoning and allergic reactions accompanied by disorders of the digestive system and cutting pain in the abdomen.

Ripe papaya fruit is yellow, smooth, supple and soft. Immature fruit is advisable to eat only cooked.

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