What are quick and simple chicken recipes for busy moms?

If you are a busy mom, and you want your children to eat healthy food, consider these easy chicken recipes as the best meal you can make them. Check out our recipes in the article below.

healthy chicken recipes

It is commonly believed that chicken is the healthiest meat your children can have. If you are a busy mom, consider cooking chicken for your children. And do not believe that chicken is on the most time-consuming meals. At least, we do not believe so. And here is a list of easy recipes that are healthy and beneficial not only for you children but to the rest of your family as well. On top of that, they require minimum effort and promise to be the most delicious chicken you have ever cooked.

So let us get started with a short reminder that it all begins with choosing the best chicken you can find. Remember that it is your family your care about, so make sure to pick the ones that were risen on a farm and fed with organic food. It is better to have someone you trust to buy such products from, so make sure to pick the best meat before you start cooking. And just as a reminder, these healthy chicken recipes are helpful in your effort to lose weight, so it is not only useful for your children but also for you.

healthy chicken breast recipes to lose weight

The first healthy chicken recipe came to us from Japanese cuisine. It is called Yakisoba and can be done in less than half an hour. All you need for this recipe is chili paste, canola and sesame oil, garlic, your favorite noodles, chicken breasts, and vegetables for a stir-fry.

Start with adding the oils and the chili paste into a pot and heating it up. Before you put your meat into the pot, add some garlic and let it stay there for at least half of a minute. Then put meat into this pot and pour some soy sauce. Leave it there to cook. In a separate pot boil noodles until done. Take the meat out of the pot when it is done and put the vegetable for a stir-fry in it. As soon as they smell like ready mix all the components together and call your family. Your healthy chicken is ready to be served for a family dinner.

healthy chicken recipes for dinner

The next recipe is with chicken breasts, and you can find this recipe even when you are trying to lose weight, as it is low in calories but rich in nutrients. This recipe is easy to make, so you can even involve your children in the process. This recipe is for chicken roll-ups. You need to get chicken breasts, a few kinds of cheese (Swiss and parmesan), ham, garlic, paprika, tarragon, basil, butter, and bread crumbs. Start with rolling the chicken breasts wrapped up in ham and cheese (this is a part your children can help you with). Then mix all the other ingredients, except for butter, in a bowl and dip your roll-ups in it.  Then add some butter to it and cover roll-ups with bread crumbs. And finally, put them in a microwave to cook at high temperature for less than six minutes. There you go – a fast and a healthy chicken recipe for dinner!

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healthy chicken leg recipes

One more recipe busy moms will enjoy comes from the Japanese cuisine as well. It is called Katsu chicken, and it is as easy to be cooked as the previous two recipes we showed you. The ingredients for this recipe are salt, pepper, flour, egg, crumbs, and olive oil. You should also think of what to serve it with (my recommendation is serving it with mixed greens salad). Add salt and pepper to the chicken breasts, and then put some flour on top of it, then dip it in egg and crumbs. The last thing is to pour oil on the frying pan and heat it up. Then put chicken breasts on it and cook until done on both sides. Serve while still hot with salad. To make it more authentic, you can try eating it with chopsticks! So much fun!

healthy chicken recipes for weight loss

Take a look at our next healthy chicken recipe for weight loss as well as an option for a healthy family dinner. You will feel sated with no extra calories being consumed. So to make this kind of chicken, you will need peanuts, garlic, curry, pepper, lime juice, and chicken breasts. Start with mixing garlic, curry spice, peanut butter, pepper, and juice in one recipient. Then pour ½ of this mixture onto chicken breasts cut into slices and put it on grill for about nine minutes. Then take the rest of the mix, pour it on top of the chicken and let it grill until it is done. This chicken recipe is not only helpful for weight loss but also is extremely beneficial to your health, as its ingredients can help you fight off infections in the season as well as prevent heart diseases.

healthy chicken recipes for children

Finally, this is my personal favorite recipe. This chicken recipe came to us from Thailand. It is spicy and full of amazing flavor. To make this chicken you will need to buy chicken breasts, basil, oyster sauce, garlic, chili peppers, mushrooms, onion, sugar, salt, and regular pepper spice. Start with frying garlic and chili peppers in a frying pan until the moment they get brown. Then add the rest of the ingredients (all the spices, sauce, garlic and pepper). Cook this mixture until it is all done and ready to be served. This meal can be served without side dishes. However, warn your kids that this meal can be spicy and offer them sour cream in case they want to make it less hot. This healthy chicken recipe can be done both with chicken breasts and legs. It is full of vitamins and is delicious beyond words.

So save this list of healthy recipes that can be helpful for busy moms. Use them whenever you need to come up with a fast, tasty dinner or when you are planning a healthy diet plan for a week in case you want to lose weight. Enjoy these recipes, and share your favorite ones with us in the comments. Bon appetite!

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