What are the benefits of almond milk we had no idea about?

Almond milk is the most delicious way to consume such nuts. In addition, it can be considered as a storehouse of vitamins, which in early spring certainly isn’t superfluous to your body. It will be a great benefit for weight loss and funs of bodybuilding.

Useful almond

What is it?

It’s easy to prepare almond milk at home, but the things are different with the whole cow's milk, especially if you don’t live in the country house and do not keep a cow in the barn.

Almond milk is very simple to be cooked: at night to pour 1/2 cup of almonds with cold water, in the morning you are to pour the water out, and mix nuts using a blender with some pure water with a ratio - 1:4. The resulting mixture should be passed through a cheesecloth or a sieve - and portion of milk is ready! And by the way, not wanting to mess around with it every morning, you can prepare a drink in advance: it can be easily kept in the fridge for a couple of days, although it is much more useful to drink freshly prepared beverage.

By the way, brought to a powder almonds are suitable for being added to the flour for baking or protein shakes.

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What are the benefits?

enjoy the taste

A source of vitamins

  • In contrast to the rice and soya – its counterparts, almond milk is rich in vitamins: it contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, phosphorus and selenium. And they are all perfectly assimilated, because nuts are pre-soaked and powdered.
  •  Lots of health food stores offer us to buy almond milk of industrial production, but still it is recommended to do it yourself. So you just get a useful natural product with no preservatives, and at the same time you acquire a new culinary skill.

Ideal product for weight loss

  • Bear in mind: 1 cup of almond milk has only 40-60 calories compared to 146 calories of cow's milk. The output is a nearly perfect diet drink that helps to lose weight or keep your current weight, if the numbers on the scale don’t satisfy you.

Beneficial for heart

  • It is useful for the heart, as there is no cholesterol in the almond milk. In addition, low sodium content with a great concentration of omega fatty acids are pacifying high blood pressure and aims at preventing heart diseases.

Contains a lot of calcium

  • It strengthens your bones and teeth. Calcium, contained in one glass of almond milk, can provide you with up to 30% of the recommended daily norm of calcium. In addition, a beverage is rich in vitamin D (25%). This means that it reduces the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis, and is able to strengthen the immune system. Together, these two nutrients are ideal for healthy bones and teeth.

Your skin will be grateful to you

So useful

  • It gives the skin a radiant, healthy look. Almond milk contains 50% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin E - an antioxidant, especially useful for the skin, which protects it from harmful sun rays.

Doesn’t has effect on blood sugar level

  • Almond milk is a low-carbohydrate, therefore, does not affect appreciably the level of blood sugar. This is a product with a low glycemic index (GI), reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

 Strengthens the muscles

  • Though almond milk has only 1 g of protein per one portion, but it is rich in riboflavin and iron needed for the growth and healthy functioning of the muscle tissue.

 Digestion helper

  • About 1 g of fiber per portion is an important point for healthy digestion.

Does not contain lactose

  • An impressive part of the world's population suffers from the lactose intolerance. For example, U.S. number of such people is 25%. They have trouble digesting the sugars contained in cow's milk. But almond milk contains no lactose, so you can safely drink it without fear of digestive disorders.

For eye health

  • Moderate level of vitamin A, found in the drink, can strengthen your vision and affect the eyes ability to adapt to different lighting.

How to use it?

Almond milk is the ideal basis for refreshing or nutritious drinks, cereals and desserts. What’s more, it is an ideal ingredient for smoothies with almond milk. It can be an ideal analogue of cow milk. Almond milk has its own unique flavor, it is light and fresh and much tasty than cow’s milk. It can be used in many recipes, wherein one of the ingredients given is cow's milk. You can easily take it to work or hiking without worrying about maintaining the freshness and nutrition. Sounds great!

Almonds are not only nuts, from which you can make a drink. Cooks, promoting healthy eating, use the same technology for preparing milk from cashew nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, poppy seeds, sesame seeds. Except for nuts your recipe can contain cinnamon, vanilla, maple syrup and nutmeg. You can also add to your almond milk agave, honey, dates and favorite spices. Try it, you won’t regret!

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