What are the most delicious South African food recipes?

What is the most delicious South African food? Do you know the key features of the national South African food? Have you ever tasted Boerewors or Cape Dutch? Can you differ Waterblommetjie-bredie form Sambal? Ream the article to get acquainted with the most popular South African food recopies.

African food

African food is one of the most interesting and spicy one. African exotics can be most clearly seen in the traditional South African cuisine. It is a real paradise for gourmets. Many people mistakenly believe that South African food is extreme. Yes, some restaurants prepare dishes from insects (such as locusts) and their larvae. However, this is an exception to the rule for taste experiments devotees.

The main ingredients of traditional South African food recipes are corn, fruit, beef, vegetables, fish, seafood, rice, asparagus, and a variety of spices.

Vegetables for cooking

If you like exotic dishes, you can always order food from porcupine, crocodile, ostrich and hippo meat. Although people of South Africa see anything exotic in this, as these are common African animals.

crocodile meat

Features of the national South African food


One of the most exciting features of South African cuisine is a huge variety of meat dishes. The most popular dish, which you can always order, is the roasted meat on coals. Local cooks prepare both beef and lamb, and wild animals’ meat (buffalo, warthog, elephant, monkey, giraffe, zebra, antelope, crocodile, and porcupine). A regular home food for South Africans is the meat and sausages, roasted on coals or grill. They are called braaivleis.

meat and sausages

The tradition of roasting meat on coals was born at the beginning of the colonial era. At that time German immigrants cooked sausages and steaks on coals. The device for cooking is in every house. The African food recipes of these dishes were brought by colonists once, and now have become a tradition in the country.


South African food recipes are full of seafood, which is presented in Atlantic and Indian Oceans. There is no other country in the world that uses so many fish and seafood like South Africa. The most frequently used fish here is hake. Usually it is sold as fish and chips: deep-fried pieces of fish with potato fries.

South African food recipes

The most popular seafood is lobster, mussels, octopus, cod, shrimp, oysters, and crawfish. Marinated fish is also considered one of the most delicious the South African food.

Vegetables, herbs and fruits

The mild climate of South Africa contributes to the cultivation of a variety of vegetables and fruits. Sunflower, onions, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, cabbage, corn, peppers and green beans are grown all over the country and are widely used for cooking.

South African food - vegetables

Tropical fruits such as pineapples, bananas, mangoes, papayas, granadilla, litchi, apple, citrus fruit, and berries are used in South African national cuisine as a dessert.

The villagers collect such popular cooking herbs as blackjack, amaranth, quinoa and thistles and cook delicious shebu sauce.

 cooking herbs

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Corn and rice

Oriental motifs in South African cuisine are expressed in the wide use of legumes and rice. The traditional South African food is pap. It is corn porridge. Pap is usually accompanied by a variety of hot spices (red pepper and peanuts).

Corn and rice

The most delicious South African food recipes

Meat dishes

  • Boerewors. These are small beef or lamb sausages.
  • Cape Dutch. It is stewed meat with typical African spices.
  • Bobotie. It is a classic casserole of veal or lamb, with water lilies buds, brown sugar, yellow rice with raisins and dried apricots, roasted sweet potatoes, soaked in milk and curry.
  • Biltong. It is sliced ​​dried beef, venison, ostrich meat or fish with grains of pepper, coriander and salt. It is packed in bags and sold everywhere, like chips.
  • Smoorvis. This dish is cooked of rice, fish, and eggs in a mixed form.
  • Biriyani. It is fish, poultry or meat in pot with vegetables, rice and lentils. 



  • Koeksisters. These are sweet air donuts, fried in butter and soaked in sugary syrup.
  • Melktert. It is delicious dessert. The ingredients are: yoghurt, cream, flour, eggs, flavored with cinnamon.

Vegetable dishes


  • Pap. It is classic corn porridge.
  • Shebu. It is a liquid vegetable sauce.
  • Waterblommetjie-bredie – beef stew, cooked with water lilies buds.
  • Umngqusho. It is ragout with sweet beans, corn kernels, onion, butter, potatoes, red pepper and lemon.
  • Sambal. It is a very tasty meal of raw vegetables and fruits.

Pap is classic corn porridge

The most delicious South African food recipe: how to cook Bobotie?

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