What does apple do in the body? – 15 top health benefits for Nigerians

Did you know apples can help your skin to look young or cure bad breath? Read on to discover many surprising apple benefits.

Apples are tasty fruits, but there are many other reasons to eat them, because they have multiple health benefits to offer. Most foods can be used as remedies and “medicine”. Let’s get to it and find out 15 top things the apples can do in the body.

health benefits of apples

  1. Get more fiber

    Apples are rich with fiber. The good thing about it is that our bodies do not process fiber. This means you can eat as much as want of it and not consume a calorie! The best thing is that fiber can keep your stomach healthy and prevent colon cancer. Those two already make great reasons to eat apples.
  2. Whiten your teeth
    apples whiten your teeth
    Apples are pretty hard, when you bite them, you train your gums and you clean your teeth. Plus, the acid in them helps to make more saliva and wash away all the pathogenic bacteria. Apples produce health benefits even not having the time to get down your stomach!
  3. Prevent Alzheimer

    What else does apple do in the body? The elements contained in them keep the brain young and healthy. They stimulate the production of new cells and prevent Alzheimer.
  4. Lower the risk of diabetes

    The fiber in apples does not get processed by our bodies, but it is soluble. It gets in the blood and keeps sugar levels down. Thus, people who regularly consume apples bring down their risks of developing Diabetes II by almost 30 percent.
  5. Boost your heart health

    If you eat apples, they reduce the level of bad cholesterol in blood and prevent it from forming clogs in the blood vessels. They sort of clean the vessels and keep your heart healthy and not overstrained.
  6. Overcome stomach problems  

    Constipation or diarrhea – you name it, apples can deal away with it. They provide all the nutrients and vitamins for healthy digestion. They help the body to get rid of wastes more efficiently. They kill bacteria and keep you healthy. Baked apples are good, when you have diarrhea.
  7. Shed pounds
    apples promote weight loss
    For one, this fruit does not contain any fat and it is low in calories (up to 80 per apple). And, the fiber cleans the colon and helps removing waists. Plus, they stimulate the growth of good bacteria in your stomach, the ones that help you shed pounds more easily.
  8. Detox your liver

    You may eat apples or drink the virgin juice to get it done. It helps to rid the liver of waists and excessive fat. You may start your day with a glassful of apple juice.
  9. Improve your immune system

    If you wish to see a significant result, eat up to 5 apples daily. They are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants and help your body to restore quicker.
  10. Bring down bad cholesterol levels

    Pectin in apples gets in your blood and reduces the bad cholesterol levels in it. This way your vessels stay clean and your heart does not have to “go an extra mile” to function.
  11. Get more vitamin C
    vitamin C in apples
    Vitamin C is needed in large quantities, when coping with infections and viruses. Apples are extremely rich in it. Eat them daily to boost your immune power.
  12. Get rid of kidney stones

    Apple juice works as a flush for your kidneys. It is acidic and can dissolve the stones and get them out safely and less painfully. It’s a great remedy.
  13. Get hydrated

    Apple have much moist in them. They get you well hydrated.  And the water in apples is enriched with minerals and nutrients, so it works really well for your body.
  14. Forget about skin diseases
    apple health benefits 2
    Apples nourish your body well and its biggest organ – the skin. You may eat them and use topically to keep your skin young and remove all the blemishes or even acne.
  15. Control your insulin levels

    Soluble fiber binds sugar in the blood and keeps its levels down. This helps your body to keep it under control and produce more insulin to stay healthy.

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As you may see, apples do have many benefits for the health. Plus, they are affordable and can be gotten year around. Eat well and stay well.


Everybody knows the proverb, that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. It helps as to our body in a whole to be healthy and to keep fit, and as a good and helpful medicine for lots and lots of diseases. It is recommended to eat an apple with the peel and even with its seeds, as 6-8 seeds rich our organizm with a needed in a day quantity of iodine. Espessially useful to eat this fruit at least one, before you are doing to sleep. It is also very useful for the health of our teeth, so when you don't have a toothbrush next to you, you may eat an apple to make your teeth to be clean.

Answered 2 years ago.

Very good article. Many of the beneficial properties of apples I did not even know. of course Apple is very useful. It contains vitamins that contribute to good strengthening of the body. Apples also help maintain healthy teeth, make them stronger and even whiten enamel. Apple helps to rid the body of toxins, and purify the skin. For those who have pimples, it is particularly useful. You need to constantly try to eat Apple, because it will bring only benefits for the body and even get rid of extra pounds.

Answered 2 years ago.

I didn't expect this fruit to be that magic. It need to eat at least 5 apples daily but is there any specific number of how many apples need to eat during week/month or so, to equip our immune system with enough of strength until next year? I might not be able to have it as my daily ration but i'd calculate in my mind how much of apples i could eat within all four seaons. I'm bothered by this question, it got me curious. So it provides our body with so many vitamins and the main is C. I'm speechless. It's awesome!

Answered 2 years ago.
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