What food combinations can help to lose weight?

What are the most popular and effective combinations for weight loss? Why protein and vegetables diet is so popular at celebrities? Read the article to learn the best ways, which will help you to lose weight without any problems.

How to lose weight – food combinations

How to lose weightfood combinations

  • Protein and vegetables. If you think about how to lose weight fast, you should give preference to protein and vegetables. Why such food combination is effective? First, vegetables are rich with cellulose, and it is a guarantee of correct work of digestive tract. Secondly, vegetables stabilize sugar level in blood, are rich with vitamins C and E, and also minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, etc. Greens are especially useful. Protein discharges us energy and starts metabolism. Besides it is digested very slowly. That’s why for energy maintenance our organism begins to digest the fat. Such food is a basis of the known diet, which enjoys popularity at celebrities. Victoria Beckham is a fan of this way of weight loss.
  • Carbohydrates and vegetables. Carbohydrates, which are contained in potatoes, oats rice, etc., are important for us as they provide us with energy and are rich with nutritious elements. However, they are recommended to be eaten not with protein food, but with vegetables. Carbohydrates and proteins is one of food combinations to avoid. Why? It is proved that proteins and carbohydrates lead to gain, but not loss of weight. Besides a lot of energy is required on digestion of such food, that creates feeling of sleepiness after meal. If you will combine carbohydrates and vegetables, your body will begin to turn food into energy immediately. Vegetables enrich intestines with the necessary substances improving its work and regulate sugar level in blood.

how to lose weight fast

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  • Fruits. The best way to eat fruits is to do it separately from other food. Fruit are digested quicker than other food, therefore it is recommended to eat them in 30 minutes prior to meal. Of course, you can combine fruits with other products. However, in this case it is impossible to say that you will lose weight. Only separate food can promote this process. The carbohydrates, which are contained in fruit, are digested very quickly, without being stocked in problem zones. If you add protein or fat to fruit, our organism will start to digest them anew that will lead to adjournment of carbohydrates from fruit in unnecessary places of your body.
  • Fat and protein. One more good food combination for weight loss is fat and protein. It stabilizes work of an organism and regulates sugar level in blood. Besides, you feel full. Nuts and yogurt are considered one of such successful combinations. Chicken-avocado salad is considered more essential meal. Such food holds sugar at the necessary level, fills body with energy and must-have nutrients.
  • Dried fruits and nuts. Dried fruits and nuts are fine option for having a snack. They are perfectly digested together (unlike fresh fruits). It is proved that if you give preference to dried fruits, you have no problems with digestion. If you combine fresh fruit with nuts, there can be problems with stomach.



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