What food contains calcium?

Cheese, yogurt, sour cream, milk – all these products are deservedly considered to be the main sources of calcium. Do you know other food that contains calcium? Continue reading our article to get more knowledge on this important health issue.


For the normal life our body needs calcium that strengthens blood vessels and provides great metabolic stabilization. Calcium has a positive effect on the steady growth of bone tissue, including our bones and teeth, as well as normalizes the nervous system.

Calcium salts have anti-inflammatory capabilities

Calcium salts have anti-inflammatory capabilities. In addition, they are able to adjust the general condition of the body at the time when weather changes. If your body has enough calcium, in this case, you are protected from various epidemics, infections, and sudden changes in weather conditions.

For better absorption of calcium a body needs vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus. These elements can be easily found in beef liver, eggs, fish, beans, cacao and corn bread.

Vitamin D, magnesium and phosphorus

Biological role of calcium in the human body

An adult human body depending on the weight should contain about 1300 mg of calcium (with a body weight of 65 kg). The greatest amount of calcium is accumulated in the skeleton. Despite the fact that outwardly bone appears unchanged, it is a dynamic structure. There is a daily calcium exchange between it and the extracellular fluid.

The biological role of calcium in the human body is very diverse. Thus, calcium:

Biological role of calcium in the human body

  • Performs structural function;
  • Regulates intracellular processes – reduction of cardiac and skeletal muscle;
  • Affects the acid-alkaline balance in the body;
  • Participates in blood clotting process;
  • Participates in the nervous system activity.

Which factors indicate lack of calcium?

Poor state of nails may indicate a lack of calcium in your body. It is very hard to notice you’re your body lacks calcium, but the consequences of this deficiency are manifested through a long period of time. If dairy products are rarely seen in your diet, you often drink coffee, smoke and prone to stress, it is time to think whether your body receives enough calcium.

There are certain symptoms which indicate the lack of calcium in the body. They are:

  • Increased fatigue and irritability;
  • The condition of skin, hair and nails is getting worse. The skin becomes dry, and you have dull hair and brittle nails;

The lack of calcium in the body

  • Frequent seizures and limbs trembling;
  • The fragility of the bones, frequent fractured arms and legs.
  • Children started having scoliosis and flatfoot.

Spine problems

Foods rich in calcium

Dairy. The largest group of food that contains calcium in the human diet is dairy products. Milk, sour cream and cottage cheese are not among the leaders of calcium products, but they can be consumed without any restrictions. A glass of milk contains only 250 mg of calcium while 100 g of cheese contain 1000 mg. Therefore, to provide the body with this necessary amount of calcium you need to drink 0.5 liters of milk a day and eat 50 grams of cheese.

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Foods rich in calcium

Green vegetables. Spinach and all kinds of cabbage: white cabbage, Chinese green, broccoli and cauliflower are rich in calcium. The cabbage contains about 200 mg of calcium. Its amount varies depending on the type of cabbage. Spinach will enrich you with 120 mg of calcium.

Green vegetables

Nuts. Calcium is found in many types of nuts, and it is digested perfectly owing to the high fat content of the nut. Almonds (260 mg) and Brazil nut (160 mg) are especially rich in calcium.


Wheat. The whole grain wheat flour contains a sufficiently large quantity of calcium. Wheat bran contains much calcium. It is about 900 mg per 100 gram. Please note that he highest grade flour contains no calcium at all. Consequently, it is better to eat whole grain bread with bran.

The whole grain wheat flour

Soybeans and soy products contain generous amounts of calcium. For example, tofu will give you about 105 mg of calcium. For those people who often control their weight, soy cheese is particularly important, because it is very low in calories.

Soybeans and soy products

Herbs. Parsley, dill, basil, mustard and dandelion leaves – all these plants also contain calcium. Please also keep in mind that parsley leaves contain even more calcium than milk – 250 mg.

Parsley, dill, basil, mustard


Calcium plays a very important role in the human body. Although calcium is sufficient both in water and in food, it is often hard for our body to absorb it. Consequently, it affects our health, causing serious illness. So, while using food that contains calcium the main thing to remember is that this element has to be absorbed by our body. This contributes to vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, and ascorbic acid. 

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