What food contains zinc?

Dream to stay healthy? Are you sure you don’t have zinc deficiency? What can it cause? How to prevent it? What food is rich in zinc? Find out everything you wanted to know zinc here!

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Food that contains zinc must be certainly present in a healthy diet. Zinc can be considered a trace element of youth, as its effects on the body is carried out at the cellular level. It happens because this element is directly involved in the metabolism, as included in all the hormones, enzymes, and vitamins. The most zinc rich foods are seafood.

The presence of zinc in the body is vital, since the zinc deficiency can adversely affect the human reproductive function, its immune system, blood formation processes of the healing process. Therefore, it is important to eat foods containing zinc. For children, zinc deficiency can have a negative impact on the normal process of growth, sexual maturation, ensuring taste and smell. 5-10 mg - this is the daily need of the child's body in zinc.

Food contains zinc

Food contains zinc

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Products containing zinc element is primarily meat, poultry, and seafood (particularly shrimp and seaweed - kelp), cheese, soy. Vegetables, containing zinc, can be called beet, tomato, garlic, ginger, pumpkin seeds. Grain foods, which contain zinc, are beans, some cereals, sprouted wheat, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, and corn. Fruits and berries also contain zinc - a raspberry, blueberry, orange.

However, our body can absorb only a small part of the zinc contained in the food. Therefore, it should be remembered that the content of zinc in fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products is very small when choosing a vegetarian or dairy diet. This form of diet can lead to a deficiency of zinc in the body. Remember, eating foods containing zinc is necessary!

 foods containing zinc

However, an excess of zinc is not less injurious to the human body. Such toxic effect can give you a long-term storage and cooking in galvanized utensils (especially acidic).

The main signs of zinc deficiency in the body are brittle nails, white spots on the nails, long healing of wounds and abrasions, growth, memory and attention impairment, weakened immunity. And here only products containing zinc can help.

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To fill the deficit of zinc and other essential trace elements in the body you can take dietary supplements.  Products containing zinc should always be in your diet as a trace element that interacts with others and very important for our ability to live. Zinc is necessary for the assimilation of vitamins such as A and B6, so, of course, you should eat foods containing zinc. But to let zinc be digested by your body properly, it should be taken with fluoride and calcium.

Content of zinc in foods

zinc rich foods

The names of food products - The proportion of zinc (1 mg) per 100 g of edible products

Grilled veal liver 16.0Beef stew 9.5
Cooked chicken hearts 7.3Fried liver, sheep 5.9
Boiled beef tongue beef 4.8Grilled lamb kidneys 3.6
Oysters 60.0Boiled eels 12.0
Oily anchovies 3.5Canned salmon 0.9
Pine nut 6.5Pecan 5.3
Brazilian nuts 4.0Peanut 2.8
Walnut 2.7Almond2.2
Nuts1.9Pistachio nuts1.4
Dried apricots0.75Prunes0.45
Boiled carrots0.3Bran wheat16.0
Poppy seed8.1Sesame seed7.8
Pumpkin seeds7.5Sunflower seeds5.6
Flax seed 5.5Soy flour4.9
Soybeans, dry beans4.2Dry lentils3.8
Popcorn3.4Dry peas3.3
Flour, whet (coarse grind)3.1Dried white beans2.6
Boiled beans1.4Pasta 0.55
Corn0.5Boiled white rice0.45
Dry yeast8.0The yolk if the egg3.9
White mushroom1.5Horseradish1.4
Green onion0.4Milk0.4

Zinc foods  

Zinc foods  

So, most of all zinc is contained in cereals and legumes and nuts. However, the leaders in the content of useful element in 100 g of are oysters, not for nothing they are considered a delicacy. Boiled eels and wheat bran are also rich in zinc. One of the best helpers for your body are the meat products.

In a dispute that is more useful - dry or compressed yeast, we can talk about the benefits of the first type of fungal product as its zinc content is more than other minerals, and are often found in drugstores. It is offered to customers on a par with biological supplements.

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Specialists also advise to eat more poultry meat, cheese, onion, potato, garlic, green vegetables, buckwheat, which also contain zinc. Helpful products in this regard are lentils, soybeans, barley flour, cream, celery, asparagus, radish, bread. Good products for desserts are lemons, oranges, grapefruits, apples, figs, blueberries, raspberries, black currants. Green tea has already received a lot of praises in its honor and it may also attract the attention because of the presence the vital zinc.

The daily rate of zinc needed to the human body

daily rate of zinc

Kids need to get zinc with food daily. This daily minimum number is determined by the years of a child:

  • at the age of six months to three years - to 3 mg of zinc;
  • from 4 to 8 years - 5 mg;
  • from 9 to 13 years - 8 mg.

Also, there are rules influenced by gender differences: girls in the first six months of life should get 2 mg of zinc, and the boys - 3 mg. Youth and adults, too, have their own nuances: girls and women 14-18 and 19-50 years should get 9 and 12 mg of zinc, boys and men in the same age – from 11 to 15 mg. After fifty years, these rates are reduced for all: for women - 10 mg, of men - up to 13 mg. Pregnant women, who eat, as they say ‘as two’, have their own type of consuming zinc: under the age of 18 years it is recommended to take 15 mg of zinc, after 19 years - 14 mg. Breastfeeding mothers also spend a huge amount of trace elements and need extra nourishment. Their rate - up to 18 years - 15 mg, after 19 - 17 mg.

Warning, these factors should be taken into account!

dangerous zinc

1. Contraceptives significantly reduce the percentage of zinc in the body, undermining your health.

2. Zinc may be toxic at doses of 150 mg per day.

3. The body needs more zinc in violation of bowel function or during the use of diuretic drugs.

4. Dairy slows zinc digestibility process.

5. Caffeine and alcohol almost ‘drain’ zinc from the body, sugar and salt do this too.

6. Protein-rich foods, such as beans and nuts make great effect on the successful assimilation of zinc.

7. The same function is performed by leavening agents used in baking bread, and soy products that have passed the fermentation.

Benefits of zinc

Benefits of zinc

  • It stimulates the brain, mental activity.
  • Positively affects the validity of the genetic apparatus.
  • It serves as a link between stomach, intestinal mucosa, kidney, white blood cells.
  • It stimulates the growth of hormones.
  • It has a positive effect on bone formation.
  • It regulates breathing and restores hematopoiesis.
  • It stimulates wound healing.
  • It normalizes the nervous system.
  • It strengthens and rejuvenates the skin, hair and nails.
  • It helps the body to produce testosterone (male sex hormone)
  • It increases potency, stimulates sexual activity.
  • It helps to get rid of cholesterol in the body.
  • It participates in the formation of its own antioxidants.

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  • It takes care of your vision.
  • It enhances regeneration.
  • It reduces the symptoms of allergies.
  • It acts as detoxicants (in case of poisoning by alcohol, for example).
  • It prevents infectious diseases.
  • It is used for the prevention of fibrosis.
  • It neutralizes the toxic effects on the body of heavy metals, reduces the content of lead in the tissue.

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The benefits of zinc for every living person on earth cannot be overestimated, but it can be underestimated if not be sufficiently attentive to your body. Don’t forget about this precious information and start a new way to take care of your diet. It will certainly improve the quality of your life!

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