What food should we never put in the refrigerator?

You are not sure if you keep products in your fridge correctly? Read the article and find out.


If there is a large modern fridge in house, which has enough space for all products, many housewives charge it completely. However, not all products that we used to keep in the refrigerator, require the storage. There are products that can be stored outside the refrigerator, and it will not affect their quality. But there are also products that are strictly prohihibited to store in the refrigerator, if you want to enjoy the taste and useful qualities of food.


This product is very tasty and popular in many countries. Avocados are added to salads or making sandwiches. Avocado is a useful and quite expensive product, so do not allow it to be storage improperly. The fact is that they ripen at room temperature. Refrigerator will not save it from spoiling. Therefore, you should not put it into the fridge.


If you put them to a fridge, they lose their nutrients. Also, it takes more time for them to ripen in the cold temperature.



If you put potato in the refrigerator, the starch contained therein is converted into sugar. This process will not only change the taste of your potatoes, making it sweet, but also affect its consistency. The perfect way is to store potatoes in a cool, dark place in a paper bag. Avoid plastic bags due to lack of air circulation in them, your potatoes will spoil quickly.


Onion is best kept in the grids to facilitate air circulation. This will keep it for a long time. In the refrigerator, in the condition of a lack of air circulation and moisture onions rot very quickly. You should also know that it is best kept in the dark place, because exposure to light changes its taste. At the same time it is not recommended to storage onion near potatoes.


Garlic completely cannot stand the cold temperature. There is absolutely no need to store it in the refrigerator. It is better to hold it in a dry place for a couple of months.



Bread is one of those products, which are not stored in the refrigerator ever. Staying there does not extend the life of bread, but helps it to dry out faster and absorb all odors from there. Best way for storing bread is a room temperature, and even then it should not be stored for more than four days. If the roll is large enough, and you will not have time to eat it during this time, it is better to cut off a piece of it, and froze the rest.


Many people are convinced that refrigerator is the best place for coffee. In fact, it is not true. Storing in the refrigerator adversely affects the quality and taste of coffee. Besides coffee itself having a sufficiently powerful odour, it can change the taste and odor of other products.


Refrigerator turns tomatoes into something inedible. Ports are the stronger, the longer kept in the cold. Keeping them there, of course, is possible, but the taste is not so anymore. Tomatoes love the heat, so it is best to keep them just on the table at room temperature. However, tomatoes should be protected from direct sunlight.


Do not put honey in the refrigerator, as it will lose its healing properties due to the destruction of biochemical substances. And if you keep honey at room temperature, it will save you over the years. The honey itself is a natural preservative.

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Melons and watermelons

At room temperature, they better preserve the flavour, taste and beneficial antioxidants.

Olive oil

Olive oil should be stored in a cool, dark place, but not in the refrigerator. Otherwise, it forms a white precipitate, and the valuable nutritional properties deteriorate. In addition, it will start to taste bitter.


Basil quickly fades and becomes unfit for consumption in the refrigerator. And its strong flavor can "draw" a lot of products that are close by. To basil long remained fresh, store it in a bowl with water, covered with cling film. And if you have too much basil dry and grind it, turning it into a dry seasoning.


Kiwi, pineapple, mango

Every tropical fruit likes warmth, as they are grown in a warm climate. Keep them out of the refrigerator, at room temperature.


Some people are sure that keeping eggs in the fridge spoils taste and flavour of eggs.

Citrus fruits

They will not ripen in the fridge because cold temperature negatively influences citrus acids.


If you put them in the fridge is fastening the process of decaying of cucumbers.


It also decays faster if you put it into the fridge.



At low temperatures chocolate is covered with a white coating which means that the moisture is frozen, and exude on the surface of sucrose crystals. This is not harmful to your stomach, just tile because of the "sugar bloom" becomes not very attractive.

Milk, yoghurt, cheese

Useful properties and taste of fermented milk products deteriorate, moreover, they can curl up due to low temperature.

Mayonnaise, custard, meringue

After freezing they can be disposed of they are completely unsuitable for human consumption.

Apples and pears

Also lose most of the vitamins in the fridge. And under the influence of moisture and even deteriorate twice as fast. In addition, studies have shown that most of the germs that cause diseases of the digestive tract, are concentrated in the refrigerator is on the shelves for vegetables and fruits. Most often, they can detect Salmonella, Listeria and fungus.

The best place to store apples in a city apartment has always been glazed balcony or loggia. If the balcony is not available, you can keep the packaging of apples on a windowsill at the open window, or in a closet in the hallway.



Almost everyone faced the fact that dill or parsley out of the fridge went straight in the bin. It is not surprising, because of the cold freezes the thin green leaves, it becomes flaccid and watery.

Keep dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuce and other fresh greenery in the kitchen. You can put them in a cup or vase with water, which will decorate the kitchen.


Acute and pepper equally do not like the cold. They cease to mature, losing their best flavour.

French bean

This type of beans because of the cold loses not only beautiful appearance, but also useful qualities.

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