What is a GM diet?

Have you ever heard of the magical effect GM diet had on someone? No wonder! It was proved to be highly-effective for people aiming to lose weight. Learn more about this diet from my article below!

GM diet

The authorities of the General Motors Company once suggested that their employees followed their advice on a better diet. They said that the diet they developed for their employees can reduce weight within the shortest time possible without any damage to the body.

Moreover, it is different from other diets that bring much stress to the body in the process of losing weight. This diet not only reduces weight but also stimulates body detoxification getting rid of the toxins that can be found in the fat cells.

Thus, General Motors directors not only helped their employees reduce weight but also encouraged a better health condition. The diet can be taken on by both vegetarians and regular eaters which makes it outstanding as not too many diets can be modified for both categories.

GM diet plan

The dieticians that support the idea of General Motors diet claim that a person following this eating plan must drink at least 6 glasses of water in order for the body to get just enough water instead of retaining water.

While being on this diet, you can exercise according to your own plan as there are no restrictions on the exercises suggested by General Motors.

So how does this GM diet plan look like? We will start with a review of this 7-day plan step by step.  This diet has mane restrictions mainly consists of fruit and vegetables. So here we go!

GM diet healthy

Day 1. The first day is all about the fruit. We recommend you eating all kinds of fruit but banana. Specialists would encourage you to eat as many melons as possible, as it is the first trigger on your way to weight loss.

Day 2. The second day is your vegetable day. You can make salads and all kind of raw vegetable meals. Specialists say that you can also use vinegar and oil for your salads. However, do not use any dressing! You can have some baked potatoes with butter in order to get all the necessary carbohydrates. Vegetables will provide give you enough energy and fiber for the day.

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Day 3. On this day dieticians highly recommend you eating both fruits and vegetables. There are no restrictions on the amount of them you consume; however, make sure to avoid bananas and potatoes. This is the first day when your body starts getting rid of the fatty cells.


Day 4. This day your menu will consist of bananas, soups and milk. Specialists state that the person on diet should eat up to eight bananas. Though it might seem too much for some people; do not make yourself to eat, only have enough to feel full. The other thing you should have on this day is milk, but not more than three glasses. You need this kind of food in order to have enough sodium and potassium which you have lost within the previous three days.

Day 5. On the fifth day you are allowed to eat only beef and tomatoes. You need to have eight whole tomatoes and there is no excuse not to eat all of them. On the contrary you are recommended to eat 10 oz. portions of beef; though, you can leave some of it on this day. These products have enough iron and protein for you to have energy for the whole day.

Day 6. On this day, you are allowed to eat beef again; however, add different kinds of vegetables instead of just tomatoes. And make sure to check how much you have lost within these few days! The diet has already been working for you to lose weight!

Day 7. Now, as you already look slim and feel way more healthy than before, GM plan suggests you eat vegetables in any quantity as well as brown rice and drink juice.

Gm diet plan eating

In case you followed the GM diet plan, your body will be detoxed, and you might lose up to 17 lbs. In case you want to lose more weight, you can repeat the GM diet plan as many times as you want.

About the beverages: make sure to drink as much water as possible. It will help detoxification of your body and will ensure that all the processes work properly.

Important: Note that you might feel weak in your muscles as your body struggles with the unknown before feeling of detoxification. You are also losing weight, and it requires special effort to adapt to this new weight of yours. You might also feel dizzy or have sudden headaches. Nevertheless, it is a part of process which is a little stressful for your body. So do not panic and just keep following the GM diet plan! Bon appetite!


Hi , Can I eat canned tuna fish in day 5 and 6? how much rice can I eat in day 7?

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