What is gelatin made of?

Do you know what is gelatin made of? Interested – read the article.

Is this gelatin?

What is gelatin made of?

Let's start with the fact that the substance is used for two main purposes: in the food industry, and it is used for industrial purposes (for the production of films, etc.) And if to speak about the benefits and harms of gelatin - its use is a very questionable. For example, in the food industry it is used as an additive to sweets. It can be, for example, added to the marmalade, and may also added to marshmallow.

Traditionally gelatin was prepared using cattle bones. As a result of processing we obtain a substance which has no odor or taste. However, some manufacturers use not only bones. In the processing of pigs and cows skin, hooves and tendons and sometimes parts of fish. In fact, it is important to get an animal protein which can be used to create a mass or a gelatinous thickener.

If you delve into the technological processes, the gelatin is obtained from natural collagen. Namely, it is a major part of the protein fibers of connective tissue of a living organism. The bones and skin of animals take no accident they are rich in fibers of the connective tissue. Gelatin production is based on the fact that collagen is cleaved using an acid catalyst and an alkaline hydrolysis. It is clear that the purified and dried product already is gelatin.

So tasty!

 If everything is clear and well known from what it is made - it would not be so common, as we see it now. To say more specifically, it consists of: the skin of animals (often with hair), and their internal organs, bones or other parts. Personally you are not disgusted? I do not know about you, but I personally feel disgust! What are the benefits and harms of gelatin? Still there are some contradictions. Talk to your doctor. In fact, if we talk about the food industry - you can safely do without animal gelatin. If we talk about the production of not only food, but no - the other materials - in today's technological progress it is also possible not to use this substance.

Without gelatin it is impossible to prepare meat or canned fish, sweet jelly, aspic, mousses. It is added to some of the ice creams, chocolates, creams, confectionery products. That is, we eat gelatin contained in many products, even, at times, not knowing that they have it.

What role gelatin performs in food: Enhances the taste and the color, is used as a protective coating in sausages and meat products; It acts as an emulsifier and stabilizer for desserts and dairy products, having a neutral taste; creates different forms of confectionery; clarifies drinks and the same wine or fruit juices; It is a foaming agent in cakes, bakery products and desserts.

However, the use of gelatin is not limited to its use in food. Gelatin is used for cladding capsules of drugs, it is the basis of the production of artificial plasma. Gelatin is also used for photographic paper and films, x-ray films, facsimile images.

Natural and tasty

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Gelatin isn’t a vegetarian product. That is why people who refuse to eat meat, replace gelatin of animal origin with the one, which is made from seaweed agar-agar.

However, we must understand that the gelatin (meaning familiar to most people, processed from bones) brings some benefits for the body: gives strength and elasticity of ligaments and tendons; It helps in the reduction of joint cartilage; Strengthens bones; it helps in the treatment of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis; improves the condition of the skin, strengthens nails and hair.

Lots of people are using this component for the benefit of the skin and rejuvenation. Friends, are you willing to apply nasty face masks, which consist of animal parts? If you want to make your skin look good - eat foods containing vitamin E. Well, even if you are sure you want to improve the condition of the skin - eat foods containing iron.

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