What is the best donut recipe?

At least everyone once in his life has tasted donuts. This dessert is popular in many countries. And very often people think about how to cook them at home. It's easy, you just need to find the right recipe.


There still are debates about the origin of this dish. Someone says that American girls came up with donuts to entertain the postal service riders, who were fastly passing by. Someone claims that donuts were brought to the USA by Dutch. Someone "blames" the Jews who allegedly cooked the buns this way to commemorate the holy oil which was poured into the menorah in the Jerusalem Temple. The most romantic legend holds that donuts were invented by Captain of Danish fleet, Hanson Gregory. They say that at the wheel he always chewed some pastries. And once, when the horrible storm began, the captain of the ship needed to control both hands, so he put his bun on the arm of a steering wheel.

But in reality, the invention of donuts is most likely connected with the fact that the dough with a hole is simply fried faster.

Over time, the popularity of the dish has reached a really colossal scale. Image of sweet donuts, covered with multicolored glaze, acquired extremely popular meaning and has gone beyond the gastronomic interest. This worldwide known brand is now used in the filming of advertising clips, cartoons, and movies, computer games and appears as an element and object of pop art. They inspire even artists, photographers, and writers for creating new masterpieces.


Today all over the world there are thousands of different kinds of donuts with a variety of fillings: cream, berries, fruits, caramel, chocolate, with frosting or kindly sprinkled with powdered sugar. In every country, people can taste recipes from other parts of the world: German bernilery donuts, buns and tirols, Austrian krafne and kihlyu, galani which came from Italy and Spanish kurros or Mexican churros, eyblskivers from kitchens of Denmark, globules with honey from Montenegro, Swiss Schenkels and sfenzhes from Morocco.

You can prepare not only sweet donuts but also take as example Indian cuisine and try to make donuts with shrimp and peas. Or you can try to cook very unusual Hawaiian malasadas – donuts, which do not have a certain shape. Donuts pikarones are fried on the street in Peru. They are quite large, so it`s necessary to catch them with a special stick and then they are served with syrup or sauce, which each chef cooks according to a special, individual prescription. Italians can boast not only their sweet donuts but also some cheese variants of this dish. French donuts without any filling are traditionally served with morning coffee. In Japan, the production of pastry is very original, as well as everything else, - donuts are fried in soybean oil and then covered with colored glaze. Nowadays donuts have different unusual shapes - suns, rings, flowers. A special pride of Japanese food is a donut with octopus. And, of course, the most delicious Polish donut is worth including to your menu. Poles are really in love with this dish, they even came up with a special donuts day called Fat Thursday, when this sweet pastry is sold everywhere and there are even special competitions on eating donuts.


You can easily cook this dish even at home. It is only important to find the recipe which will be perfect for you. Here are some special secrets to making your donuts taste perfect.

First of all, to cook delicious donuts you need a deep fryer or saucepan or a pan with a thick bottom and high sides. Frying fat should be well heated to 160-180 degrees. If the frying fat is heated well enough, the donuts would absorb the excess oil. Also, you should not spare the oil. It is necessary to pour a lot of oil for donuts to float freely in it, and not to lower the temperature of the deep-frying while being put in it.  During the cooking, donuts should be turned all the time to be baked steadily. The movement should not be terminated.

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If you want to do original American donuts, you need to remember that they are cooked with milk. You will need a warm milk(half a liter), yeast(1.5 tablespoons),sugar(4 tablespoons), salt(0.5 tablespoon), egg yolks(3 pieces), butter (softened)(50 g), alcohol (fragrant)(50 g), vanillin(2 g), flour(4 cups). For the glaze, you will need 250 grams of powdered sugar and a half-glass of milk.

It is very easy to prepare the yeast dough if you have the bread maker at home. You just put all the ingredients inside and knead the dough. If you do it without an assistant, first prepare the pre-dough on a half of milk. Then add there the yeast, a little bit of flour, sugar, and salt. Its consistency should be similar to a sour cream. Then let it stand for 30 minutes in a warm place. The bubbles on the surface of pre-dough will point you toward its readiness. Then you should add milk, butter, brandy, egg yolks and the remaining flour. Knead the dough, let it rise.


After that, you need to roll out the pastry. Excise circles with a cutter and in the middle of each make a small hole. Leave these bagels for an hour. Pour the oil into the saucepan with thick sides, enough for donuts to flow. Heat the oil until it sizzles, carefully drop the donuts into the oil. Roast them steadily on both sides. Then take your donuts out and put on paper towels to remove the excess fat. Meanwhile, you can prepare the glaze. Gradually add the milk to powder and let them melt. When the glaze becomes viscous, dip each donut on one side and give the glaze time to harden. And your tasty donuts are ready.

But if you keep your figure carefully, you can choose another recipe of donuts in the oven. There is almost no difference in taste between baked and roasted donuts, but the first are less harmful to your health.

The basis of donuts will be sweet dough, so you first need to knead the pastry: eggs + sugar + oil. In order to get rid of cholesterol, you can add vegetable oil instead of butter, which is usually a part of the classical baking.

Separately, you need to mix the yeast with the sifted flour and a pinch of salt, in the center of your mixture make a "well" and pour it with warm milk. When milk absorbs enough flour to become sticky, add baking and knead very thick and sticky dough. You should knead your dough not less than 2-3 minutes.


Then you should flour the table and put the dough on it. Knead your dough for one minute, so that it remains very delicate and light. After that put your dough in a greased bowl and put in a suitable heat under the clingfilm.

Cut your donuts using any suitable mold. It is not necessarily to put the hole in the center, especially if you plan to further fill the donuts jam or cream. Put the donuts on a parchment-covered baking sheet and put them back in the warmth for 45 minutes. Then put the donuts in a preheated oven for 10 minutes, and begin to cook your glaze.

Add the sugar, cocoa to the heated milk. Done! This glaze crystallizes very fast, so you need to heat it from time to time.

You can dip your donut into a glaze and sprinkle them with some nuts.

Bon Appetit!

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