What is the best way to toast coconut?

Do you like coconut? Do you want to know the recipe of fried coconut? Read the article below


Coconut is very exotic and delicious product. It is rich by vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It contains potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamins E and C, as well as folate (vitamin complex of group B) and cellulose. Coconut milk has pleasant smell and sweet taste. Coconut milk contains about 27% of fats, 6% of carbohydrates and 4% of proteins.

We are used to eating the flesh of a coconut in fresh form or in the form of dried chips added to dishes. People at the homeland of this plant do not limit by such modest use of the coconut. Coconut can be prepared in the various ways, including toast coconut.

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coconut pieces

The recipe of fried coconut at the pan

The recipe of fried coconut begins with the preparation of chips or pulp shredding with the knife. You can fry the coconut meat at the frying pan with non-stick coating, and it is better at the thick cast iron pan, over medium fire. Fry the coconut until golden color, stirring constantly, until it begins to reek.

The recipe of toast coconut flakes in microwave

Another method of frying coconut is microwaving. Pour 1 cup of grated coconut or coconut flakes (without sugar) to the plate with a diameter of 25 cm and put it to the microwave oven at high power for 3-4 minutes, mixed up it for 2 times. Natural oils contained in the coconut pulp is one of the ingredients that becomes brown in a microwave oven.

Fried coconut

The recipe of fried coconut at the grill

It is necessary to cut the coconut to two halves, after that cut coconut pulp into wedges. Wedges coconut pulp need to put on the grill and cook until golden brown color.

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