What is the most delicious Nigerian food?

Do you know what is yam? Have you ever tasted snails? How much times per day do Nigerians eat vegetables or meat? Can you find any difference between amala and fufu? Then find out everything you want to know about Nigerian food in this article!

Nigerian food

Each country has its own national cuisine. And Nigerian food is not an exception. Any area of the country is always ready to surprise with unusual and exquisite delicacies. While these dishes can be called delicacies only in relation to newcomers, as for the local people, this food makes up the daily diet.

Therefore, we propose you to get acquainted with Nigerian food culture, a special influence on which the West African region has made.

Peculiarities of Nigerian national cuisine

The main feature of Nigerian national food is the prevalence of agricultural products. In the first place there are yam tubers which contain useful starch.

Nigerian Food consists of a side dish, vegetables, meat and fish. Garnish is usually cooked of yam flour or crushed pieces of cooked meat. It is always a bland dish. Yam is a tuber, which resembles a large and long potato. Both these tubers taste nearly alike, though yam is considered heartier.

Firstly, flour is produced from yam. And then Nigerians bake cakes and cook porridge using it. In their daily diet many people also use sorghum, maize and millet.

Nigerian pounded yam

Rice, which until recently had been considered to be expensive product, has already started to be used more in everyday`s meal of Nigerians (especially Jollof rice). The considerable part of meat, fish and vegetable dishes are very spicy, because cooks like to put a lot of spices, onions and pepper in them. Please also note that palm, coconut or peanut oil is mostly used for cooking.

Nigerian coconut rice

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The most common fruits in everyday meal are oranges, bananas, pineapples, lemons, papaya and mango.

Examples of the most delicious Nigerian food

A snail is a very popular dish for the Nigerian cuisine. Nigerians usually buy snails at the markets, gather in forests after rain, or buy frozen snails in the supermarkets. Carefully washed from the slime and various unnecessary dusts, snails are cut in half and are stewed. Their taste resembles the liver.

Nigerian food - snails

The main Nigerian national dish is simply called – soup. It is a classical Nigerian food for dinner. However, the Nigerian soup is usually much thicker and resembles gravy. Such an appetizing national dish usually contains leaves and herbs. There are many variants of soup, typical for a particular region and tribe. The soup can be cooked of various local vegetables, fish and meat, including smoked beef skin.

Nigerian food - egusi soup

Cassava is often used in the national cuisine of Nigeria as a garnish. This vegetable is very similar to yam, but it is much smaller. It has always been classical edible tropical plant root for African people. It has been used for cooking for as long as life endures.

Nigerian food - cassava

Talking about the most delicious Nigerian food names, we would like you to know some of them closely.

Rice-Based national dishes

  • Coconut rice. In this delicious dish rice is mixed with coconut milk.
  • Fried rice. This rice is cooked with various meat, vegetables, eggs, prawns, and poultry.  
  • Pate. This dish is cooked of acha, rice and ground dry corn. In classical Nigerian food and culture this dish is always mixed with onions, tomatoes, peppers, locust beans, garden eggs, groundnuts, minced meat and various biscuit bones. It is widespread in Plateau, Kaduna, Kano, and Nassarawa.
  • Tuwo masara. This dish is coked only of flour and corn. It is extremely popular in the North of the country.
  • Tuwo shinkafa. It is an appetizing national pudding. Nigerians usually eat it with a mucilaginous soup (miyan kuka) and either with miyan taushe or goat meat stews. The dish is also well-liked in the northern Nigeria.

Amongst the most popular bean-based national dishes we would like to point out ekuru, akara,  Moin moin, Ewa Agoyin and a special been based stew – Gbegiri.

Yam-based national dishes:

  • Amala. It is a thick yam paste.
  • Asaro. The dish is as well recognized as yam porridge. It is most commonly liked in the West of Nigeria. A cook boils and lightly mashes yam in chili, tomato, and red pepper sauce with vegetable oil. Asaro is perfectly goes with meat, fish, or crayfish – according to you wish.

Cassava-based national dishes:

  • Eba. It is an incredibly thick paste made of cassava. Eba can be either served like amala or rolled into balls.
  • Fufu. This is a classical Nigerian staple dish.
  • Lafun. It is also cooked of cassava, but has lighter color.

Nigerian national food - cassava

Come and taste

What else can be added? There are plenty of national delicious Nigerian foods. We simply have no possibility to describe all the dishes in a single article. The only way for you to taste it is simply visit various country regions and make your own choice. We are sure you will always find something special in Nigerian cuisine.


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