What kolanut facts we need to know?

Do you know what kola nut is? Have you ever heard any interesting facts about this original fruit? If you have not yet, then, please continue reading our article to get new information about this caffeine-containing fruit.

kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree

The kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree. This is a special genus of trees that are resident to the African rainforests. This fruit contains plenty of caffeine. It is commonly used as a flavoring component in many beverages. By the way, it is the origin of “cola” term.

The use of kola nut in Nigeria

Kolanut is widespread in many rural areas of Nigeria. This fruit is also often used during coronations, at weddings, or at any traditional Nigerian ceremony. Kolanut is as well presented to respected chiefs or a gift to guests during their visit.

In the western part of the country kolanut is the main source of caffeine in cola and other correspondingly flavored drinks, even though the use of kola in marketable cola drinks has recently become unusual.

Originally, is a tropical plant that is original from the African continent with around 18-43 species. However, the most common kola nuts species are called Cola nitida and Cola acumulata.

Cola nitida

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What other kola nut facts we need to know?

  • Kola nuts improve immune system health. The stem, roots, and leaves of kola tree explosive compounds that can stop definite bacterial viruses in the human body. These include those infections accountable for causing many respiratory illnesses, counting meningitis, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. Kola nut extracts are accessible in most health stores.
  • Kola nuts help to boost metabolism. One of the exclusive effects of the kola nut, basically owing to its caffeine substance, is its ability to motivate the body and boost heart rate. It can definitely offer an essential metabolic boost for those with slow metabolisms, while this can potentially be hazardous for people who are ill with pre-existing heart conditions. This can in fact optimize heart health, as caffeine can be a health pick-me-up in reasonable doses. In addition, it helps metabolism to optimize itself, which has many positive physiological and enzymatic effects on the body.

Kola nuts help to boost metabolism

  • Kola nut helps to treat prostate cancer. Some of the phytoandrogens and phytoestrogens found in kola nuts can inspire apoptosis in prostate cancer cells. Though this line of research is comparatively innovative, applications for additional sorts of cancerous cells are being investigated as well.
  • Kola nut is used to produce drinks. Owing to the far above the ground flavorful and caffeine substance of the nuts, kola nut extract is actively used for producing such popular beverages as sports energy drinks.
  • Kola nut can treat migraine. Small doze of his fruit can be chewed to treat heavy headaches.
  • Kola nut assists in losing weight. The caffeine in kola nut powder, kola nut extract, and other kola nut products restrains appetite, thus, helping indigestion. It directly leads to weight loss. All kola nut products also enhance metabolism. Kola nut gives more energy for various exercises and in turn assisting in additional weight loss.
  • Kola nut neutralizes poison. Many research works have already proved that this African fruit includes special compounds that are able to deactivate many strong poisons.


Kola nut neutralizes poison

Please note that there are some side effects of eating too many excess kola nuts. The most widespread ones are high blood pressure, shaky hands, insomnia, and upset stomach.  This may happen because caffeine is a very influential stimulant.

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