What tasty non alcoholic drinks won't make you regret being sober?

Do you like drinking non-alcoholic cocktails, simply enjoying the taste of fruits and juice? Then you should read this article for few more recipes!

non-alcoholic cockatail

Every part or a celebration is always led by drinking alcohol. But what if we tell you that you can simply avoid consuming alcohol, having replaced it by some non-alcoholic delicious cocktails that will amaze your receptors so you will be glad staying sober.

Here are some of the best non-alcoholic cocktails and their short recipes.

Tropical Fizz

tropical fizz

Fill the glasses with a mix produced of kiwi fruit, pineapple rings and strawberries. Then fill all of this with a chilled tropical fruit juice, cold soda water and chilled apple juice. The different fruit tastes will unite to create a cocktail with an incredible taste! You may also add mango, if you like it.

Arizona Sunset

arizona sunset

This cocktail requires grenadine, ice, a cup of orange juice, sprite, and some orange slices or maraschino cherries if you can get them.
Put the ice into 2 glasses. Add some grenadine to both of them, then mix sprite and orange juice together. Slowly pour the mixture you have got into 2 glasses. After you’re done, add some cherries or orange slices.

Thai Ice Tea

thai ice tea

For this drink you will need a Thai tea or if you don’t have access to it, you may simply use organic black tea.
Take 4 cups of water (950 ml), 4 organic or Thai tea bags, 150 grams of granulated sugar, 2 anise stars, a green smashed cardamom pod, 2 cloves, 1 cup of half and half (coconut milk be used) and the ice.
The first thing you do is boiling a tea with sugar, anise stars, cloves and cardamom pod. Boil it until the sugar comes out. Then you take it out of the heat, allowing all the ingridients to concentrate the tea and to cool down this mixture.
After you tea has cooled off, replace the tea bags, cloves, cardamom and anise stars. To make your tea more freshening, put it into the fridge. After it got cold enough, add up some of half and half. The more half and half you add, the creamier your tea will be. Enjoy it!

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non alcoholic mojto

This is the cocktail that almost everyone knows and it’s easy to prepare.
You will require 1 cup of lime juice, 1 slice of lime, 3-4 fresh mint leaves, 2 ounces of sprite, 4 ounces of club soda, ice.
Add some of mints and the lime slice into the glass, gently muddle it all together. Then fill you glass with a few ice cubes and pour it over with lime juice mixed with sprite and club soda.

Coconut Lavender Lemonade

lavender lemonade

It’s a simple lemonade recipe that will perfectly fit a hot summer day. It’s sweet and satisfying!
You will require a fresh squeezed juice of 9 lemons, ¾ cups of sugar, 8 cups of coconut water, 4 cups of water, lavender syrup.
Pour the lemon juice, sugar, coconut water and water into a pitcher or shaker. Then shake it for a few minutes until all of the sugar has dissolved. After that just pour the lavender syrup over it and enjoy the taste. You may add as much of lavender syrup as you wish, it depends on your taste.

Non-alcoholic beer

non-alcoholic beer

It looks and tastes the same as a simple beer. In addition, you’re still allowed to drive after that. The best choices will be Paulaner Thomas Brau, Sharp’s, Bitburger Drive and Erdinger Weissbier Alkoholfrei. Or you might just order a beer produced by a bar you’re sitting in. It will be fresher and tastier than any other beer.

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