Which foods are high in fiber?

Fiber is something the body needs but never actually digests. The benefits of foods with high fiber show that a high-fiber diet can also reduce the risk of stroke, hypertension, and heart disease. Unfortunately, fiber consumption is currently low. Read more.

Which foods are high in fiber?
A common drawback of the diet of almost all modern people is, we eat too many refined foods and too little natural fiber.

Dietary fiber is an ingredient of products of different chemical nature, which are enzymes of the stomach and small intestine can not be digested by the enzymes of the stomach and by an intestine. But they can be digested by the beneficial microflora of intestines for which the dietary fiber is vital.

Important! Dietary fiber can be found only in plant foods, and animal products do not have them.

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Which foods are high in fiber?

The types of dietary fiber.

Fiber is a whole group of various substances, which are divided into soluble and insoluble.

Soluble materials are pectins and some hemicelluloses fractions – also called soft fibers, they swell considerably in water.

Insoluble – cellulose, lignin, hemicellulose. They are called "rough" fibers, they pass through the intestines almost unchanged, they also absorb water, but retain their shape.

Which foods are high in fiber?

The benefits of foods high in fiber

Coming into in the mouth: food rich in dietary fiber requires longer chewing than refined food, it stimulates salivation, improves the stomach and cleans the teeth.

It also promotes excretion of cholesterol and bile acids.

It slows down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream. That fact is of particular importance for patients with type 2 diabetes.

Foods high in fiber help the excretion of heavy metals, radionuclides, toxic substances.

They hold water, promote better bowel movement.

Foods high in fiber ensure the standard operation of the intestine, the synthesis of hormones, vitamins, and other substances

necessary for the immune system.

They serve as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria - healthy intestinal microflora.

Foods high in fiber ensure the standard operation of the intestine, the synthesis of hormones, vitamins and other substances necessary for the immune system.

Which foods are high in fiber?

How much dietary fiber does a man need?

The physiological need for dietary fibers, according to the recommendations for adults is 20-30 g/day for children older than three years – 10-15 g/day. The majority of people consume only about 15 g of dietary fiber. Their deficits suffer nearly 80% of the population of the globe.

For a long time, the role of dietary fiber in the digestive process was underestimated. A few decades ago they were considered additional ballast, as it is not absorbed by the body, give energy and are not going to build tissues. They are actively removed from the food, creating refined foods (refined sugar, fine flour grinding, and products, clarified fruit juices, etc.).

It is now known that a lack of dietary fiber increases the risk of various bowel diseases, obesity, gallstones, diabetes type 2 and vascular disease.

Which foods are high in fiber?

Which foods are rich in fiber?

The mass which remains after juice extraction from fruit and vegetables, oil, oilseeds. And the waste production of high-grade flour which contains crude fiber in high concentrations. To eat it in its pure form is recommended in small amounts, but to use as much as possible the cooking process of various dishes.

A whole grain of cereals and wholemeal products are made from them. They can be eaten without any limitations. Find what foods are hihg in fiber list.

Nuts and dried fruits. The amount of fiber in them is less than in beans, and grains, but contains a huge number of other biologically active substances necessary for health.

Fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs provide not only dietary fiber but also other biologically active substances. Also, they are low in calories, unlike, for example, nuts which contain much fat.

Which foods are high in fiber?

Use foods which are high in fiber

Often try to eat vegetables and fruits in a raw state. Instead od fruit juice, it is better to prefer fresh fruit.

Drink not only clear juice, but it also has a lot of soft dietary fiber.

Start the day with a dish of the whole grain cereal rich in fiber (one serving contains 7 or more grams of fiber).

Add to the porridge some fresh or dried fruits and berries to increase the amount of dietary fiber even at 2-5 grams.

Which foods are high in fiber?

Use in food only whole grains.

Choose bread made from wheat flour instead of regular bread flour.

Saturate your diet foods rich in dietary fibers, necessary for the body, longevity, and health. It is easy and pleasant to do because you are never tired of foods rich in fiber, such as bread, vegetables, and fruit.

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