Which products lower cholesterol?

How doses carrots take part in reducing of cholesterol level in blood? Is garlic good with its anti-cholesteric action? Read the article to learn everything about popular cholesterol-lowering diet and be a healthy person.

What natural products lower cholesterol

What natural products lower cholesterol?

Cholesterol is produced in organism in two types – useful and harmful. The first helps to build new cells and is necessary for production of some hormones. And harmful cholesterol is deposited on vessels, breaks a circulation and leads to atherosclerosis. It means that people with increased level of harmful cholesterol in blood suffer from cardiovascular diseases, the increased arterial pressure and disturbances of memory at advanced age more often. There is a lot of cholesterol in squids, mussels, calf, fish, and an egg yolk. However an alimentary cholesterol doesn't cause rising of level of a harmful one, therefore there is no sense to refuse of seafood and fried eggs. So-called saturated fats are more dangerous in this plan. They are the main responsible for cholesteric plaques. Saturated fats contain most of all in butter and fat meat. However, it is impossible to refuse saturated fat completely – they are necessary for normal work of thyroid gland. At a ration in 2000 calories, the organism needs about 15 g of saturated fats. But everything you receive over this norm is already harmfully. Some products are capable to lower cholesterol in blood. So to clean vessels from plaques, it is enough to correct the menu slightly.

  • Carrots

It is a very important product, which should be included in your lower cholesterol diet. According to researches, only 2 carrots a day in two months reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in a blood by 15%.

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  • Tomatoes

Bright red pigment of tomatoes under the name lycopene is a real cholesteric antidote. Scientists consider that only 25 mg of lycopene a day will save you from the tenth share of cholesterol in a blood. To provide yourself with this dose, it is enough to drink two glasses of tomato juice. There is also a lot of potassium in tomatoes. This trace substance supports a cardiac muscle in a tonus. For this reason, doctors recommend to include as much as possible fresh tomatoes in the menu. And dietarians are sure that tomatoes help to cope with extra kilos.

  • Garlic

Other foods that lower cholesterol is garlic. It is obliged by its anti-cholesteric action to substance under the name alline. It gives acuteness and a specific smell to garlic. It doesn't bring special benefit to an organism. But, as soon as you begin to cut, press or chew garlic, alline turns in allicine, which cleans vessels from plaques. Thanks to allicine, garlic also became favorite vegetable of body builders. The matter is that this substance promotes accumulation of muscle bulk. It is necessary to eat not less than four garlic sections a day and not to neglect trainings.

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  • Nuts

Nuts are one of the most popular foods to lower cholesterol. As scientists established during the research conducted by them, general level of cholesterol in a blood reduced for 5% at people who ate 60 grams of any nuts average in a day. Meanwhile, concentration of so-called bad cholesterol decreased in 7.5%. Researchers also found several curious patterns. So, for example, the initial concentration of bad cholesterol was higher, the nuts worked stronger. The body weight index influenced efficiency of a nut diet too: the less excess weight, the higher curative effect was. All kinds of nuts contain vitamins A, E and groups B, and also the whole set of trace substances, such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Besides useful nucleolus, risk of developing of senile dementia and sudden infarct reduces.

foods that lower cholesterol

  • Peas

If to eat only one and a half cups of boiled peas a day within three weeks, the level of harmful cholesterol will decrease by 20%. The main advantage of peas is an abundance of vitamins of group B, which are necessary for harmonious work of a nervous system, beautiful hair and good sleeping. Scientists found a large number of antioxidants in this vegetable.

  • Fat fish

Omega-3 acids, with which cod-liver oil is so rich, effectively fight against cholesteric deposits. However, unlike meat, fish protein contains less connecting fibers, and therefore is easier acquired and is digested quicker. Besides, in comparison with meat, fish contains fewer calories, and therefore it can be eaten even by people who dreams to leave extra kilos without fear.

You can find many lower cholesterol recipes in the Internet. Remember that you can eat healthy without any problems!

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