Why no McDonalds in Nigeria

Love McDonalds and wonder why it is still not present in Nigeria? Discover some possible reasons and prospects of it coming in.

You probably know, fast food locations have become extremely popular in the modern world. There exist various nets, offering such kind of foods. They are situated throughout the world. However, there are still countries, where it's very hard to find one. People keep asking: why no McDonald’s in Nigeria? It might be complicated to answer, so let’s observe all the existing types of eateries.

no McDonald’s in Nigeria

First, you need to know that such places have appeared because many people like eating out. Some of them just have no time for cooking or waiting. Restaurants with quality food might be expensive, so they choose fast food restaurants for having snack.

Fast food restaurants in Nigeria

Mr Bigg's in NigeriaFast food in Nigeria is very popular. This kind of facilities has already become business. More of them keep appearing in the streets. It is quite profitable, that’s why it's not really hard to find investors for a new restaurant. The most predominant ones in this country include the following:

Mr. Bigg's. It turned to be one of the first franchises in Nigeria. More than 160 of them are currently situated all over the country. The style and colors resemble McDonald’s. Their special dish is a meat pie. Other popular dishes are scotch eggs, sugared donuts, chicken, and soft drinks. Moin-moin and jollof rice are the most popular delicacies.

Chicken Republic. It was created only in 2004. Nowadays it is a modern African brand. Their most famous dish is spicy fried chicken.

Tantalizers. It's one of leading modern nets in Nigeria. It first appeared in 1997 in Lagos State. They used to be a small place, where only hamburgers were served. According to the 2015 data, there are more than 50 outlets of it across the country. Nowadays it serves such food, as meat pies, scotch eggs, chicken, jollof rice, fried rice, cakes, and hamburgers. They offer traditional African food as well. You may taste eba, semovita, pounded yam, ofada rice, moin moin, and many other things.

Why no McDonalds Tastee Fried Chicken. It is not a very wide net. There are only eight locations in Nigeria. They are specialized in fried chicken, pottage hash, jollof rice, and scotch eggs. Some of the traditional dishes are also available.

KFC. It has recently appeared in Nigeria. Actually, it is the second largest franchise in the world. They serve fried chicken, wings, French fries, burgers, and so on.

Domino's Pizza. It is pizza delivery corporation. It has recently appeared in Africa as well.

Why no McDonald’s in Nigeria

You see there are many eateries offering their services in Nigeria. However, there are still no McDonald’s places there. Let’s consider possible reasons:

  •  McDonalds in NigeriaCosts. It is quite expensive to locate it in Nigeria and to supply it with necessary products.
  • Infrastructure. The transportation system is actually very poor in Nigeria. That’s why it might become a problem to deliver goods.
  • Power problems. Energy is unstable in the country, and this is possibly one of the principal reasons.

These are common causes; however, the businessmen may have much more of them.

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Current situation

According to the recent news, McDonald’s in Nigeria is soon to be available. The franchise is actually interested in entering the market of this state. They are currently looking for new places with high potential. The decision has not been taken yet. There are several alternatives. They also think of some Asian countries. Nevertheless, they say that In Africa, Nigeria has the best chances to get a restaurant. Besides, they are searching for the developing nations, and Nigeria is one of them. Its fast food industry keeps growing, catering becomes much better, and delivery is well-organized.

Fast food in NigeriaAccording to the information from International Monetary Fund, Nigerian economy has expanded 8.2% every year since 1999. Its average per capita income totals $1,725 by now. Besides, McDonald’s investors also pay attention to the number of population. There are 170 million people living there. Thus, it is the largest state in West Africa by population.

As for the Nigerians, they have different points of view on possibility of having McDonald’s. Some of them are very excited. They have been waiting for years to get one. The others are not that positive about the issue. They say their food is nasty and not tasty at all. Besides, they claim, there're plenty of other restaurants like that in Nigeria. And they ask why we need another one. Such individuals would rather go to the Asian eatery.

People have different opinions on the issue, concerning McDonald’s. It is difficult to say, whether it's good or bad to have one in the country. It demands lots of money, good infrastructure, and transportation facilities. On the other hand, it is a fashionable brand. So, we are still waiting to hear the final decision of the corporation. After this, it will be possible to say for sure.

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It is interesting information I have never read before. To my mind, it is not a big problem, because I belong to those people, who do not support fastfood at all. I like sandwiches, hot-dogs and so on, but I prepare them at home from the hand-made ingredients and not very often. Nowadays more and more people are trying to eat healthy food. Everybody knows that such kinds of food may cause lots of illnecess and problems with peoples health. So, to my mind it is better to build something really useful for people, than to help them to spoil their health.

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