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A What Point Would You Consider Suicide?

sometimes things can be so bleeped up in your lives and you would wish the ground will just open up and swallow you. right? but seriously, i would just want to know at what point in your lives have you ever considered suicide. seriously. could you give instances? i believe sharing your most depressing moments would help others. it might be considered teurapetic (whatever tha means)

for me when the cops arrested me for possesing over 100 wraps of weeds suspected to be [i]igbo and my father disowned me as his son, i nearly commited the unforgivable. well thank God i didnt. what more the cops , before my very eyes wrapped some of my thing and smoked them.

well former president george w. bush admitted to have used some marijuana when he was in high school. i think the thought of that got me going in jail. jus in case u are wondering what i was doing with 100 wraps of weeds, well use your imagination or join the police.

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