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Ladies, Whats Wrong With Making The First Move?

making the first move is as important as spying a person you think you might get along with! without the first move, there would be no relationships but two people with fantasies buried under their fear or perhaps their timid nature.

one of the most popular headlines in the news these days: when do we get a female president? i study mechanical engineering, i just completed my diploma program, and i tell you what, we have ladies that do better than some guys! formerly ladies considered mechanical engineering as a course to physical, devious and strictly for guys. but thanks to the "what men can do women can do better attitude" they are now buying application forms and making this course their first choice. women won't agree that its a man's world would they?

funny enough when it comes to the "first move thing", it becomes a man's responsibility! ladies what happened to the " we can do better attitude"? i sure demand answers to that question! emotions are like quick sand you can do practically nothing on your own to save yourself from either falling for someone or loving someone. nobody is a tyro when it comes to loving, the handbook lies in your heart and its left to you to want to follow your heart.

so what happens when your heart says "hey make the first move"? come to think of it whats wrong making the first move? what are the common excuses ladies give? listed below are a few:

1. the guy won't respect me

2. first move thing is 100% masculine

3.ladies dont ask guys out

4. it is better to do things that would attract him ( a disguise first move)

5. i cant stand him saying no!

first and foremost i think ladies should know that a guy could approach you, go out with you and not respect you! i think its not the first move that creates or brings respect. nope! ie isn't! respect comes from your personal diction. the way you carry yourself, dress, etc so you approaching the guy wouldn't make u less a ladyif actually u are a lady a man would respect.

also i think making an indirect first move would hurt you more, especially when the guy is not getting the message. that might tempt u to wear clothes that are alluring when u are with him,etc he might then get attracted to you lustfully and ossibly desire sex in form of flings, one night stands,etc.

to be succint, because i dont want to keep you reading something that might eventually bore you, so i advice ladies if yiou study a guy and find him quite responsible (and not just handsome) make the first move he can never say no! i reassure you he won't say no! but make sure you premise for making the first move is enveloped, a letter that he is single! if you know what i mean! dont "toast" a poor sister's guy coz he wont say no. you'll be bereaking hearts and ruining relationships!

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