Can tablets get virus?

Viruses on tablets - We would like to give you a small elimination of illiteracy in this field. This question is very sensitive and will certainly require attention, but is it a reality that Android has so bad security? About this you will learn in this article.

viruses on tablets

About viruses on the Android platform - there are a lot of truthful information which is not a rumor. Especially consultants who add fuel to the fire, offering a paid installation of antivirus using a lot of dubious facts to "push" the service to the buyer, such theses of the sellers have raised concerns for the safety of your device and mobile account from inexperienced users.

What is the virus

Virus is a program, often small in amount that can cause any harm to the device. People often incorrectly use the term "virus", really it should be called malware, too. But the word is already bored very much in use, so we'll use this term, so that most readers will be familiar.


There are a lot of sources of virus infection, but in 99% of cases it is an application that is installed to bypass the Google play. But, for example, recently in the research company in the field of mobile security Zimperium has found a vulnerability in mobile system Android, with which you can simply download MMS message to your phone and give access the data in the tablet. One of the chief engineers at Google security has recognized this vulnerability and they promptly released an update with a patch.

So we want to give a few tips that should help to protect the device and eliminate the need of antivirus installation.

  • Do not install applications from unknown sources!

This rule will help to reduce significantly the chances of infecting your device. To do this, go to "Security" in settings and disable installation from unknown sources if you previously included this option.

android virus

Such a huge number of cases when such application after installation send SMS messages to premium numbers and in a matter of minutes, devastate your mobile account, especially for visitors to porn sites, these portals — one of the main sources of infection, but this, for some reason, is often overlooked. You can download a malicious application because of banal lack of experience or even very frequently, giving the device to children, because they like to "stick" anywhere. Attackers can mask the virus under familiar to you app, so be careful. As for children, it would be better to create a separate profile on the device and block everything that children do not need, fortunately, starting with version of Android Lollipop this feature is available out of the box.

  • Check the permissions requested by the installed application

When you install the app from Google Play and APK file, it requires to allow access to certain functions of your device. You need to carefully monitor this and if, for example, when you install a music player require access to voice calls or text messages be wary. The system immediately warns that this can cost you money.

  • Do not click on links from unknown numbers and mailbox

Quite often you can get very strange SMS messages with links from unknown numbers, of course, you should not pass on these links. Such links often lead to download the APK file with name "mms.apk" or something like that, of course it is a virus. If there is an overwhelming desire to open a link, then it's highly recommended to do the following things to enter a suspicious link/phone number/Inbox in the search box or you can use online services for checking links. Note that some viruses when infected can send SMS messages with links to infected application on numbers of contacts, so if you received a suspicious message from a friend, don't open it before contacting him.


  • Disable the MMS service

If you don't use MMS, and in 2016, very few people use them, then disable them. Because MMS, as we learned earlier, can be a source of infection.

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  • Do not connect the service "Autopayment"

Undoubtedly, it is very convenient when your Bank card is automatically updated with the balance of the mobile phone, it often happens that operators make this service even more profitable than ordinary manual replenishment, providing discounts, bonuses, etc. But this service may become a "window" of criminals to steal money from card: if you suddenly catch the virus, it will send money to your account as long as they are not over the map, and must make this process continuous, thus, all SMS messages from the Bank are blocked and user can not even suspect about the virus until they see a zero balance on the account.

viruses for tablets

What to do after the "infection"?

If you still have undergone adversity and have a virus, it is necessary to start to find out what damage was made to you and how to eliminate the cause and symptoms. Often, these viruses are very simple in structure, they do not infect system files and do not share your personal information, all they can do is to send SMS messages to premium numbers. Such malicious application is quite simple to remove, but it is advisable to install antivirus and check system for contamination.

Much more complicated with a serious virus, you may not even know that it is rampant in your phone, invisibly to the user sends personal data: mobile phone numbers, passwords, Bank cards, some can even take pictures with the camera, and record audio from the microphone in the background.

Symptoms of infection:

  • The increased battery consumption;
  • Slow performance;
  • Freezes, glitches, the "unwanted" reboot the device;
  • The emergence of unknown or suspicious files, shortcuts, icons, and applications;
  • Large mobile phone bills.

android apps

If you notice that your account began to go noticeably more money than usual, then take the transaction history in your account on the website of the operator, it will help to track all your expenses. With such "invisible" viruses, there is no particular way to fight, but first, again, we suggest to download an antivirus and perform a complete scan of the phone, and to increase the chance of successful treatment, you should install several different antivirus programs, because they all have their virus database. In some cases even the antivirus cannot find the source of infection, then you should resort to drastic measures — to perform a full device reset to factory settings. If you are the victim and money from a mobile account or Bank card was stolen, you should contact the support service of the operator and the Bank, they almost always go towards you and return the stolen money.

We hope this information will help to protect you and your smartphone. You should not bring fear of "being infected" to the paranoia, the chances of this are greatly exaggerated and almost always it is the fault of the user. But all the same it is not necessary to lose vigilance, do not visit suspicious sites, especially the content of "18+", don't click on banners with attractive advertising and, especially, do not download unknown apps. If you don't trust yourself or there are suspicions that the phone is infected, it is not a "disdain" installing anti-virus and periodically scanning the device.

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