Google Maps and Pokémon: Was the joke turned into a reality?

Technology is not going to stop and sometimes the first April Joke may become a multimillion idea, like it happened with Niantic`s Pokemon Go. How Pokemon nostalgia brought to life games with augmented reality? Read more to find out!

Pokemon games

Is it a dawn of post-virtual world era? If it`s so, then the starting point should be set up from the first of April 2014, when Google Maps released a funny video featured Pokémon. At that time, this video became viral with more than 18 million views on Youtube. Thus, the creators of the fun video, like John Hanke, decided to create real Pokémon game in reality. Hanke is now the C.E.O of newly independent Niantic, which used to be a project of Google for developing mixed reality games on mobile platforms. Niantic heads decided to turn first April joke into an augmented reality game.

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Pokemon games

Two years was needed for Hanke and his team to provide Pokémon a new life in augmented reality. Niantic managed to release Pokémon Go, a game which mixes real world with virtual reality and encourages people to hunt Pokémon creature all around the world. These creatures can be used for battle one with another. Nevertheless, the game is a hit in the USA, as it was reported that around 5% of Android users of the USA installed the game in the first two days since it was released on July 6th. Moreover, Apple`s App Store also showed fantastic results in distributing the game on IOS devices as less than a week Pokémon Go becomes the most downloadable app. It has become one of the most consuming adventures as it takes more time in average than Facebook and Snapchat.

Pokemon Go

Pokémon is the creatures which made their appearance in 1996 by Nintendo. Then it became a popular TV series of Anime. Since then Pokémon becomes a largely known franchise which produces everything concerned to Pokémon series from T-shirts and mugs to high-quality video games. They are extremely popular not only in Japan but also thought the whole world. Pokémon series were wildly popular in the 90s. Now the kids from 90s have become adults and Pokémon series combined with modern gadgets can provide them a feeling of nostalgia. Moreover, now these adults may become the heroes of their favorite tv show from the 90s by hunting Pokémon in real life.

Pokemon Go games

It`s needed to put aside phenomena of Pokémon and consider new software reality for games. Pokémon Go presented one of the first games of augmented reality, which is a new style of gaming that becomes popular. The idea of augmented reality has presented a scheme where elements of the real world combine with virtual reality. You would need only your mobile devices to dive into the world, full of gaming. It`s similar like kids play with imagination, now it becomes inevitable part of grown-ups` life. The most interesting part is that Pokémon Go has become the first game in augmented reality that is viral.

Pokemon World

Pokemon Go was not the first application which played with a combination of real world elements and virtual reality. Corporation giants like IKEA and Lego tried to present their applications with augmented reality. In 2011 a little finish studio Grey Area presented its game Shadow Cities, which was also able to create augmented reality. There are also other examples of companies who tried to bring augmented. They even tried an aggressive marketing with using advertising. Nevertheless, the augmented reality games couldn`t overcome popular apps like Quip, Slack or Clash of Clans.

augmented reality

Niantic Joke on the first of April in 2014 alerted Hanke of what people need. Then Niantic C.E.O connected with representatives of Pokémon Company, and together they released Pokémon Go. The idea of the game is pretty simple. The players just need to install the application on their gadgets and wait when the signal from the mobile device alert the host about a Pokémon nearby. The mobile owner should follow the sign of the Pokémon on a map. When the Pokémon is found, it`s needed to catch it with using Poke Ball. This kind of game brings the nostalgia to the mobile users and helps them live the life of their heroes from 90s. Moreover, with the success of Pokémon Go, the Pokémon Company express plans of the relaunch of Pokémon series.

Pokemon story

Pokémon Go has become not only a favorite game on many platforms but also provided a step further in games with mixed realities. It seems that in nearest future, people can expect more games with augmented reality as the success of Pokémon Go may invite new investors in the industry of games.

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