Have you seen a new fitness bracelet showing your hydration level?

What do you now about your level of dehydration? How can it affect your life? What can the BSX CEO Dr. Freckleton propose you for this?

stay healthy

You might not have enough hydration level in your body. Despite constant drinking of water, you can still have some problems. That`s the very message that was given to a public by Dr. Dustin Freckleton. Therefore, he presents a new product called LVL band. This fitness tracker provides you with infrared lights that allow monitoring level of hydration in your body. This wearable item gives you information on how much water you should consume to stay healthy. Moreover, this provides you a real-time effect. Dr. Freckleton insists that the level of hydration in the body is extremely important. He suffered a severe stroke caused by dehydration of the organism.

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Dr. Freckleton dehydration strokes started at the age 25 when he needed a complete medical attention and three months of therapy to start walking again. Therefore, he completed medical school and decided to dedicate his life as a physician to studying a problem of dehydration. His main idea is to provide awareness to the people about potential problems of dehydration, such as poor cognitive function, debilitating injury, and poor sleep. Eventually, Dr.Freckelton became a CEO of BSX Technologies and provided a world with a new tool for measuring the hydration level in real time.


According to the words of Dr. Freckeltom, the LVL band provides a decision of not only measuring the level of hydration but also predict potential causes of dehydration. The BSX also created an app for IOS and Android users to monitor the level of hydration through the mobile device. The LVL band shine near-infrared light into your bloodstream to measure the level of water in it. It works similarly to a human eye when you glance on the object and receives a visual image created with light. The software of the band measures specific parameters of your bloodstream to decide whether you have enough water in your body.

water in your body

The LVL band vibrates when you don`t have enough water in your veins. Moreover, if you download the accompanied app to your smartphone, it can always tell you the hydration level of your body and tell you the amount of water you should drink to presume a normal level. It`s not all, The BSX also works on augmentations for the app and the LVL band, shortly it can calibrate the recommendations according to your day schedule, for example, it can predict whether you are exercising or not. It means that you will have a notification, like in two hours before engaging exercises or getting to sleep.

The LVL band

Freckleton is sure that superior technologies used in the LVL band can overcome any potential competitor. Most other modern trackers for fitness use green lights. According to Dr. Freckletom, this light does not allow to look deeper in the skin. Therefore, the data provided by these fitness bands is not accurate enough. The LED technologies used in the LVL band provides the ability to look ten times deeper in the body. Therefore, the margin of error reduces significantly and provides you with more accurate calculations.

LED technologies

Dr. Freckleton admits that this technology is not new, and it has been used in the medicine for years, but its implementation into a band is a new world in technology. Infrared light therapy has been using in many medical spheres. You may constantly see the technology implementation in the speed healing. For example, it uses to heal burning. It is also used by athletes to speed up the recovery of their wounds. Shortly speaking, it speeds up the regeneration process in our body. Therefore, it shortens the period of staying in the hospital.

superior technologies

The red light technology has been using not only in medicine.  The market giants like Garmin and Apple also have plans to switch to the red light technology. Therefore, they realize that this technology provides the ability to calculate parameters of the body more accurately. The LVL becomes available in Summer 2017, the initial cost for one unit of the band is $199. The people who invested money through Kickstarter and supported the project can expect 50% of discount. Dr. Freckleton believes that people who believed in this project from the very beginning should have an upper hand in price. Therefore, 50% of is the least words the company can say to express their appreciation.

LVL becomes available in Summer 2017

BSX has a great experience in researching red light capabilities. They have been researched the technology for five years now. For all this period, they collected a tremendous amount of date, which helped them to create the LVL band. They used so-called “Sweat Lab” to monitor the level of dehydration of lab rats through the red lights. To compare the effectiveness of red light technology, The BSX also collected urine and blood samples for lab rats and ran them through a test for the level of dehydration. Then the results of lab test and red light data were compared.

Sweat Lab

For today, the BSX can proudly announce that results from lab tests and the LVL watch almost the same. The margin level of the band and lab tests were different only at 0.32%. Therefore, it`s virtually no difference in the data. The people can measure their dehydration level in seconds, while they could stay waiting for the results of the lab. Moreover, the LVL band can show the pulse level with the same accuracy. Moreover, Dr. Freckleton believes that it`s not everything that the company can make with this technology. More features should be added to the band later.

LVL band

This accurate data allows the band not only to monitor your dehydration level but also gives the advice to stay healthy and be more productive. For instance, if you desire to sleep later in the afternoon, the band may give some piece of advice about what would be if you drink some more water. Like, you wish to be 25% effective after sleeping, please, drink 10 ounces more water. The data collection is not an ultimate goal for the BSX; they work on providing a home therapist with the LVL band.

the LVL band

Dr. Freckleton admits that the technology is far for complete technology advancement, and it still needs calibrating. Although, he believes that red light technology is the best offer on the market to collect the data from the human body more accurate. Moreover, this technology provides some predictions and pieces of advice for enhancing people's health awareness. Nevertheless, it`s hard to convince people to buy the product which only tells a dehydration level in the body, even if it`s the most accurate band on the market, but Dr. Freckleton learned the hard way about the consequences of dehydration. Therefore, he hopes that people will listen to him and learn from his mistakes rather their own. If people on Kickstarter believed in the project, it must come to the market.

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