How to promote your website?

You have your own website but do not know how to promote it? Find out in the article.

Promotion means

Today, in the age of automatic promotion of services there is no need to contact the third-party SEO company and give your site on outsourcing in terms of promotion. Spend a little time learning how to do it yourself and you will save a lot of money.

Market CEO really changed very much over the past 5-7 years. Previously companies engaged in the promotion of sites (CEO), employed in their state link managers who were sitting and just exchanging links with other sites, today the need for such work has disappeared, thanks to the evolution of search algorithms. And now, instead of the exchange of links is their purchase. Purchase on the so-called link exchanges.

So whether to give the site for promotion to the company or not?

Don't waste time!

No, it is not necessary. More exactly, in most cases, it is not necessary. Do you know they work there? There are produced some works on internal optimisation of the website, then they buy links and that is all, there is no more work on the site carried out, but you pay for that monthly. So why should you pay seo company every month if you can pay less directly to the reference aggregator? So do people who do not save money at all and do not want at least to look a little into the matter. All these figures are of course arbitrary, but the approximate picture looks that way.

Thus, if you want to save a lot of money on promoting your site, you pay for links directly to the reference aggregator, rather than through an SEO office. The only obstacle is the original internal website optimisation. Without it, it is better not to buy links, otherwise, the budget can fly into the pipe. Below we will describe all the steps, including how to get around this obstacle.

Promote it!

Of course, there are difficult cases, three-dimensional websites, online stores, for example. In such cases, it is indispensable without the specialist. But then again, a specialist is required only at the initial stage, to work on the site and prepare it for promotion in the future, his services, for the most part, are not needed. Only occasionally it is possible to use them in an emergency, and just pay for the links and follow a budget.

So, what are the main works to promote the site?

This is an internal optimisation and procurement of links in the text that contain promoted phrases. All this you can do yourself without any problems! There's really no big deal. Spending time and energy on the optimisation, you can save huge amounts of money in the future because you will simply pay for purchased links and all.

Remember that buying links is not important. The main thing is good optimisation of your site first, it is better not to promote the non-optimized website.

Stage 1 Selection of the semantic core

First of all, you need to pick up key phrases which you promote. To do this, you should find some service will suit you the best.

When you type there the phrase you need, service will show all phrases that are associated with the typed, and which other users are also requesting. The figures a number of times, i.e., how many times a user was looking for advertising on search pages when he got that phrase. Thus, a single user can account for several searches. What does it mean? This means that this figure can be easily divided into three because we are interested in questions rather than impressions. In any case, if you did not understand what we mean, look at the figures and be guided by them, they give an overall picture of the popularity of the phrase. If it is popular, it can be taken in the promotion.

Search it!

Stage 2 Internal website optimisation

Now we need to identify the objective page to promote. To each phrase find a page that corresponds to it. On one page it is better to take a 1-4 phrase, not more. Record all them in one file, which is convenient for you to work.

If you create a new page under the promoted phrase, then everything is simple and easy. Just order the text (from a copywriter or text exchange) and specify in technical task 1-4 keywords. Copywriters write the text under these keywords. You just need to place text on your site.

Another piece of advice, how to find the relevant page. To do this in a search engine, enter the following structure: "your query site: site address."

First place in the extradition will be taken by the most relevant pages. It can help you to find relevant pages.

Then starts the very internal optimisation of pages. What comes here? The main points are three:

-Title page in the tag ;

-Title (that inscription which you see at the very top of the browser tab);

-Unique text with the inclusion of phrases themselves promoted.

Draw it up!

These three conditions must necessarily perform promoted for each page. Optimise exactly those pages that have chosen to promote. But there are exceptions: for example, the same title on all pages. In this situation, it is necessary to already understand to the CMS level (site management system), there is something not configured or it is wrong.

Of course, there are other small things that can be given. Those meta-tag Descriptions, Keywords. The first, in most cases, is actively used for snippets of the site,you better fill them, but it is not obligatory.

Menu structure is also very important. Please note that the page was not placed further than two clicks from the homepage. Better if this page was referenced in a cross-cutting menu. This is a good plus during site promoting. All these alterations are in terms of complexity dependent on the CMS site.

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With regard to the texts. You need qualitative, unique articles with key phrases included in them.

We described the basic things that you need to spend time for. Very often this is enough to start moving, but not always. Pay attention to the following points.

Use all the means!

You should know that there is no second site with the same contact information (phone, address). Otherwise, search service can take your site as the affiliate and it will not be possible promote other for some queries. Two identical sites often happen when one of the employees of the company decided to break away and start their own business, while "having withdrawn" site.

Often the search engine determines the wrong main mirror site. In this situation, you need to set up a 301 redirect from one version to another. All this is done in a file that is at the root of the site called ".htaccess".

Sometimes highlight the tag "strong" on the keywords in the text. This will increase their weight. But do not overdo it. Usually, the tag "strong" is used 1 time in the 1500-2000 characters.

Stage 3 Purchase of links

Objective: to buy links for promoted pages. Where to buy? In fact, there are a lot of exchanges and aggregators. Find the best one for you and realise how it works.

It is not so difficult. Do not be afraid and just try. You will see how easy it is. Wish you good luck!

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