Is wifi safe?

Nowadays a Wi-Fi router is available almost in every family. Due to the wide spread of wireless networks, there is a reasonable question - Is Wi-Fi safe for health?

Is Wi-Fi safe?

World of technology is relentlessly progressing. The modern world is radically different from the one in which the person lived a few centuries ago. It is believed that Wi-Fi is harmful to human health and provides access to various viruses that can harm your computer. Is it so?

It's hard to imagine life without wireless technology. Almost every cafe, home, a park has a possible to use the Internet access using Wi-Fi. But the question is to what extent is unhealthy to be constantly surrounded by devices that exchange data over the air. All charms of access to the Internet via Wi-Fi are distinct, but from time to time in the media, there is conflicting information about the harmful effects of wireless technology on the human body.

We all know about the dangers of mobile phones, laptops, microwave ovens regarding radiation. But about the risk of the wireless internet, we have forgotten. It appears from this type of Internet has harm that affects our health. We use wireless internet WiFi in cafes, shopping centers, and even this feature is available on the subway. Of course, it is very convenient!!!

What is Wi-Fi?

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi technology was created by engineer John O'Sullivan in the laboratory of the Australian CSIRO radio astronomy in 1996. Wi-Fi is inherently can be compared with the transmission of digital data streams on radio channels. This device has many advantages and can significantly ease the lives of the people:

  • It makes it possible to receive the Internet network without the cabling (for example, in areas where wires can not be carried out);
  • It gives access to the Internet via mobile devices;
  • It allows using the Internet in a comfortable environment without being tied to a wire;
  • It provides Internet access to multiple users (for example,- laptop, mobile phone or computer);
  • It produces much smaller (in 10-fold) the radiation power than a mobile telephone.

Is Wi-Fi safe for health?

Is Wi-Fi safe for health?

Disputes about this issue do not stop for many years. And finally, a schoolgirl from Denmark clearly and quickly proved harmful radiation. They tested the impact of Wi-Fi using plant seeds. They first took a container with soil and planted two common garden cresses. After 12 days there were germs in one of the bowls, which was outside a Wi-Fi zone. In another bowl, which was trapped in Wi-Fi zone, they have not appeared. Working of girls is approved by experts. They intend to continue their studies to prove or disprove these findings.

Of course, the full damage from the wireless internet is not tested, but it is known and proven that being in the apartment or the room Wi-Fi router has an impact on human health.

Once Wi-Fi danger to health may not be shown

Once Wi-Fi danger to health may not be shown, but with time it can make itself felt in the form of headaches, increased pressure for no reason, in some cases, quickens the heartbeat. Also, wireless internet affects memory, and it can get worse with time.

Radiation from Wi-Fi routers can lead to the development of various tumors, changes in genes (DNA damage) and, of course, this kind of Internet can contribute to premature aging. The damage from the Wi-Fi is virtually the same as the mobile phone. First of all radiation from the Wi-Fi has an effect on the brain.

Effect of Wi-Fi

Effect of Wi-Fi

The views of scientists differed, some of them talk about the incredible harm to the human body, the others deny it

In order to understand whether Wi-Fi is harmful to health, it is necessary to make out what kind of bond and how it works. This technology has the full name WirelessFidelity. The connection is made over the airwaves. In simple terms, it is a traditional radio.

Pay attention to the following facts:

  • It is scientifically proven that the power of radio waves from the Wi-Fi router is 600 times lower than acceptable and safe for human health standards
  • Is Wi-Fi safe for babies? A group of British scientists conducted in educational institutions a number of studies related to the study of the radiation power and its impact on the body of children. At the same time were taken into consideration wireless routers and mobile phones with 3G connection. As a result, it was proved that the power of radio signals from the phone to three times higher than that of the Wi-Fi. Professor Laurie Chellis made a formal conclusion that the harmful effect of Wi-Fi on human health is a myth.

Is Wi-Fi safe for babies?

Well, the technology is completely safe. The only clarification is not to keep a laptop on your lap. However, other scientists said that radiation is so small that even in this case there is no danger.

  • Wireless access points operate on the same wavelength with conventional microwave - 2.4 GHz. But this kitchen appliance allocates radio waves, which are 100,000 times higher than the radiation from Wi-Fi router. This has been proven by scientist Malcolm Sperrin during the research. However it is known that even microwave ovens provided high-quality assembly (good impermeability), are not health hazards.

We are always surrounded by a variety of devices that have much more powerful radiation: radio mobile communication, various household appliances (TV, radio, and so on), industrial and military sources of radiation, etc.

We are always surrounded by a variety of devices

As a result, we get the following picture: it is impossible to say how much Wi-Fi is harmful to our health. But it is known for certain that this technology does significantly less damage than the appliances that surround us.

The harm of this technology may be more likely that we spend too much time on the Internet. In recent years the Internet has occupied in our lives one of the primary places. Children and adults spend hours near monitors and forget about the walks in the fresh air and healthy communication. Weakness, chronic fatigue from the continuous flow of information, video game addiction, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and blood vessels, visual impairment - this is not the whole list of the problems that entails unhindered access to the internet.

Is Wi-Fi safe from hackers?

Is Wi-Fi safe from hackers?

Can viruses penetrate in your computer via Wi-Fi? This is nothing more than fabrications that have no basis. Such conclusions can be done by only inexperienced users who do not use antivirus software and go to suspicious websites. They caught a virus on one of the dangerous pages on the Internet, users concludes that the reason is Wi-Fi

But the technology only gives the Internet over the air. This Internet is no different from that which is the cable provider. Moreover, most Wi-Fi router models have an internal protection that reduces the risk of malicious software on your computer. The only danger is the possibility of hackers hacking the network, but that is another topic. But, using today's technology a competent hacker can break into your computer without using Wi-Fi. At the same time you can configure the network protection settings, access point: put a complex password, and choose the most secure type of data encryption.

Is Wi-Fi safe during pregnancy?

Is Wi-Fi safe during pregnancy?

Based on the arguments in this article, it can be concluded that the use of Wi fi does not bring harm to your health and your baby. It is interesting that for hypochondriac pregnant women, scientists have come up with Wi-Fi for pregnant women. Chinese firm Qihoo improved its Wi-Fi routers and add feature "for expectant mothers." But according to the World Health Organization, about the dangers of Wi-Fi and fears for the health of mothers from the company Qihoo, it was not confirmed.

The report, posted on the WHO website, writes that according to recent studies of the impact of low-frequency electromagnetic waves do not carry any risk of possible complications during pregnancy, miscarriage, and the emergence of various diseases in newborns

How to minimize the risks to health when using Wi-Fi?

How to minimize the risks to health when using Wi-Fi?

Most research shows that the use of Wi-Fi does much less damage to the human body than most other devices that produce radiation. Experts still cannot determine with precision all the risks of this wireless data transmission system, and it is therefore recommended to follow these simple rules when using the router Wi-Fi:

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  • If you do not want to change the Wi-Fi router with a wireless internet to modem with wires, then you should at least take precautions. Do not put the Wi-Fi router next to the bed and do not hang on the wall next to the bed. Also, you shouldn't put Wi-Fi router near the wall where your bed is. It is necessary to understand the settings and, when no one uses the Internet, turn it off.
  • Locate the Wi-Fi router is away from a workplace or your bed, and do not install it in the children's rooms.
  • Positioning device receiving the signal Wi-Fi, on the table, not on the body (for example, on his knees).

•Positioning device receiving the signal Wi-Fi, on the table, not on the body

  • During prolonged work with the internet it is better to use often a wired connection
  • Sticking to these rules during pregnancy.

Most doctors agree that Wi-Fi has a minimal impact on health since the principle of its operation is largely similar to a conventional radio. Direct and reasonable scientific evidence that wireless communications can cause damage to the human body, at the moment, no, but do not exclude the possible influence of this device through a significant period of time. That is why you need to listen to the recommendations of experts on the rules of use of routers Wi-Fi. Keep this in mind and be healthy!


Thank you for reading my articles. I hope you like it =)

Information is presented in such a way that the reader was able to take one side or another.

I'm not a professional in this field and I can not make definite conclusions.

Thank you for the video, it is very informative!

Answered 1 year ago.

Thank you for bringing this important topic to your readers. I'm afraid a bit of your information may be out of date though. There are thousands of peer-reviewed, published studies world-wide that show biological harm from wireless radiation, at levels well below what our FCC standards allow.

Unfortunately, these do not make it into mainstream media, which relies on advertising dollars from the companies that profit from wireless technologies. For those who would like to explore this further, please see a 33-minute briefing with the Ashland, MA Board of Health, where we have become the first public school district in the U.S. to put in place Best Practices for Mobile Devices to protect our students and staff. Below the YouTube video, in the Comments section, are links to the documents I reference in my talk:

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Answered 1 year ago.
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