What are the benefits of a new Etisalat’s evening data plan?

Etisalat is trying its best to remain one of the leaders on the market, that is why it has recently presented a new evening plan that, as some people claim, is magnificent. What is the plan? Learn more here.

Etisalat data plan for android

Recently, only one provider offered two gigabytes of data for as much as N1000. However, in an attempt to remain of the leaders of the industry Etisalat has offered its users a new exciting data plan that has already drawn much attention and interest of the customers. According to the latest information, this data plan gives you just as much as two gigabytes of data for N1000.

However, the tricky part is that this plan only works in the evening. A user of this plan will be able to this traffic in between 7 o’clock in the evening up to 7 o’clock in the morning. The best part is that you can use this traffic with no time limitations on the weekends.

If this Etisalat’s plan sounds tempting to you, all you need to get it is to dial *229*3*12#. However, be careful as this plan only works for thirty days. After that, you will need to order this plan again, as the provider has no feature of automatic prolongation of the evening plan.

Etisalat plans

An even better plan by Etisalat is the one that gives you five gigabytes of data traffic for as much as N2000. All the conditions of use for this plan remain the same as those for Etisalat’s evening plan we mentioned above. To order this plan, you need to dial *229*3*13#, and it will be automatically activated for you for the next thirty days and a possibility of prolongation of the plan in the future.

Among the other Etisalat’s plans are the ones for Android devices, both low- and high-end ones. If you are interested in Etisalat’s plans for these devices, then you can choose one of the following two. The first one is Etisalat 200MB Plan for as much as N1000. As you understood from its name, it gives you 200MB of data and only works for thirty days, and then you need to reactivate it. The second Etisalat's plan for high-end Android devices is Etisalat 1.5 gigabytes for N4000. The conditions for it are the same as of the plan for low-end devices.

Etisalat has also introduced its customers to postpaid and prepaid plans that you might find interesting if you are planning trips and lots of traveling. There are three different postpaid plans. The first one is New Postpaid 150 that offers you 500 of local minutes or 200 flexi minutes as well as five gigabytes of data. The next option is New Postpaid 200 with its one thousand local minutes or 300 flexi minutes as well as ten gigabytes of data allowance. Finally, the last option is New Postpaid 500 that offers its users two thousand local minutes or 750 flexi minutes as well as twenty gigabytes of data allowance.

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These postpaid Etisalat’s plan might be fascinating to those who want to use bonuses provided by the company with a possibility to exchange them for free flights and other perks you can use while traveling.

Etisalat postpaid plan

On top of that let us see what Etisalat’s prepaid packages have to offer you. Among the prepaid packages, there are the easy starter as well as easy cliq. The first one will let you choose your home-zone or a particular zone you want to get all the discounts at. It truly is easy to use; that is why parents want this as a package for their children. The fee schedule is as follows: 0.4 Naira for a second of a call to any national destination, calls within the area of the home-zone of your choice and calls in between 12:30 am to 4:30 am.

Meanwhile, easy cliq can be interesting to you as it offers you 10 MMS for free every month, 1 megabyte of data allowance on the daily basis, unlimited number of SMS as well as free pictures, music, etc. The calls within this package will cost you as much as 0.4 Naira for calls between Etisalat’s users, free of charge night calls and 0.2 Naira a second when you call other Cliq’s customers. Even more attractive conditions you get when you spend at least 25 Naira a day. Then you only pay as much as  0.1 Naira a second when calling other Cliq customers, 0.2 Naira when calling Etisalat users and 0.3 when calling users of other networks.

These are the packages that you might find interesting to learn about. They are all supported by Etisalat whose services are believed to be the best ones in Nigeria. Choose the most suitable Etisalat plan for your personal usage or your business and enjoy the privileges only the customers of Etisalat can have.

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