Who Owns The Internet

It is hard to even imagine our lives without Ingernet. It has become our source of news, fun and relationships. But who owns it? It is an important question, get the answer now.

Internet so firmly entered our lives that it feels almost like common heritage or inseparable achievement. In fact, this net possesses a huge history that would be a value-added to learn in detail by each user. Is there any person or organization, who owns the Internet?  Where did this miracle come from, so harmoniously and so permanently fitted our lives?
Who Owns The Internet

Originally intended

History of Internet began not so long ago, just from 50ieth years of the past century, with the active development of computer technologies. We are obliged the uprising of the World Wide Web to the Cold War between the former USSR and United States. In those days, USA irresistibly wanted to create a network that would be able to save the information, surviving even the possible nuclear war.

Who Owns The Internet 1Internet networking was originally made for military purposes. Usage of the telephone connections was unreliable because they broke fast.

Therefore, there was an attempt of creating an analogue network. Despite the approval from the Pentagon, the telephone company said that the creation of a distributed network isn’t possible.

Continuation of development

Creation of a prototype of a real network took long years. With its help four universities in the United States were jointly connected only in 1969, which locations were:

  • Los Angeles,
  • Santa Barbara,
  • Stanford,
  • Utah.

A few years later, the network has been developed, expanded and spread to all the states in the country. Military subsection was "fenced off" and made in a protected area. Of course, it was tough to avoid hacker attacks, but the defense strengthened gradually.

Ownership of the net

Eventually, the Internet became a platform for the enhancement of commerce and communications. Online stores arose as the main ways of selling. Other opportunities to the Internet’s usage as a marketplace have been also mastered.

  1. Ownership of the net 2Earnings on blogs. It remained a secret for a continuous time, how you can earn at visits of the online pages. But soon the "salt" was adopted by many and it turned into a business. Now every blogger tends to make some money on his “infant”.
  2. Earnings at advertising. We spend more and more part of our days in the Internet with time. Now life without the network is not possible even to be imagined. And along with this, there is more and more of intrusive ad. 

    We see it in websites, videos, text messages and as animated banners on pages. Advertising in the Internet is no less effective than any advertising in the media, and brings the decent money.
  3. Remote network working has also become a part of the Internet. There are lots of specialists, who may work without leaving a house exactly the same as somewhere in the office, or even better.

 InternetAll of us in one way or another possess the Internet while using it. There are many theories that there might be some organization, totally controlling the network. But it is simply impossible in fact.

The owners of the network can be considered the largest corporations whose names even intuitively associated with the Internet. Among them: 

  • Google,
  • Facebook,
  • Yahoo,
  • Bing and many other systems of the global search or related to social interaction.

Why you cannot “own” the Internet

The Global web cannot be subservient to one person nor company for several reasons.

Ownership of the net 4Firstly, the Internet is not a single system. It consists of a plurality of sub-clusters. They cannot be controlled completely, only separately.

Secondly, the Internet has no center or “The Core”. It is all around us. It is completely impossible to get out on the central page of the network as on the main street of the city.

Thirdly, the Internet constantly changes. Neither the exact number is known, nor even the contents of all of its resources. Even when you forward an e-mail to somebody, you expand the Internet. When you update you social profile in Facebook, you enlarge and change it.

There is an organization called the “Internet Society”, which is responsible for the content of documents. It includes about 200 other organizations from around the world, and about two dozen of thousands of individual employees. The objective of this company is the development of the Internet, but not possession.

 Internet 2Another organization, named ICANN is responsible for working-out the way to assign the technical domain names correctly. Like that every Internet page has, as a background of another name, visible by user, like www.hello.com. But they just set some rules and still don’t possess the Internet in any way.

However, the Net itself is something immense. The equipment that we need to use the network is available in commercial terms and offered by very specific hosts.  You need to buy the entrance to the Internet in your area from providing companies. They provide the service of usage of Internet on a regional and/or international scale. They cannot be named as the owners of the Internet, but they do have the keys to the doors.

As the answer on the question who owns the Internet, you may say "all" and "no one". The World Wide Web is available to everyone in the civilized communities. It stores countless tons of information and provides unlimited opportunities for work, communication, research and entertainment. However, no matter how many corporations, companies or individuals owning popular sites, programs and resources, the Internet itself is still no one’s, if we consider the entire network.


Officially you will not find information that the Internet has a host. Everything looks in such a way that the Network is a draw, but rather has thousands of unrelated network companies are providers who only serve the network and information flows through the Internet belongs to nobody, is an independent non-profit organization W3C, which harmoniously manages and resolves General issues. Internet independent space, is to look at its structure, you can definitely say that it is impossible to control all information space. The individual domains, Yes it is possible, but it is only local cases. You less naive to believe in conspiracy theories, and think more and read.

Answered 1 year ago.

To my mind the internet is surely the greatest invention during all the human history. Although I can't completely realize how it works, like the most people, but I totally realize it's great meaning for all the people around the world. It discovers lots of opportunities for us. We have a great possibility to communicate with people from any part of the world. We can find the information we really need in a few seconds. We have a possibility even to get an education in the Internet or find a great job sitting in front of the monitor of the computer. The main thing is to use it in a proper way.

Answered 2 years ago.
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