Demented Evil: What are your expectations from this Skyrim mod?

Looking forward to getting a new Skyrim mod? Find out more about its gameplay and setting!

Although this Skyrim mod has not been released yet, Demented Evil is widely discussed in the gaming community. Unfortunately, there is not enough information on the web to have a complete grasp of the game. There is only a brief description of the plot and peculiarities leaked from a level designer working on the project.

Skyrim mod

Demented Evil mod features:

  • Open world (different from the main game);
  • Side storyline that is not connected to the main plot of the game;
  • The universe is completely different from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (new lore);
  • Absence of magic;
  • Gloomy and dark ambience;
  • New music;
  • Lots of vanilla stuff.

game setting

The mod has several variants of beginnings depending on the plot you choose. Every storyline presupposes different playstyle and appearance of the character. Let’s consider the one that was described in a blog.

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You begin the game already being a great and noble warrior. Your life has always been dedicated to searching dignified opponents to challenge them. But even the strongest and the most powerful enemies couldn’t defeat you. On your endless road trying to find a worthy opponent, you meet a strange man who tells you about a mighty monster living far in the mountains and terrorizing local inhabitants. No warrior could defeat this horrible creature. The man begs you to release his people from doom and gloom.

forest setting

The man’s eyes are filled with fear. Although you are not the person who believes in monsters, you have no doubt that he tells the truth. He saw a lot of terrible things that will haunt him till his dying day. So, you make the decision to visit his village and fight with the beast. Let the best win!

You go a long way to the settlement and finally you are there. You walk on the streets of the village asking people about the monster you look for. But nobody knows what you are talking about… More than that, they make preparations for a feast, and nobody tells you about the occasion.

Here are images of the village setting:

village view

rural view

It is divided into three main areas:

  1. Marketplace – the first one you visit entering the village.
    market place
  2. Temple area. The village was constructed around the ancient holy place. Strangers are not allowed to pass through the ancient temple gates.
    temple area
  3. Slum quarters. This district is inhabited by poor people. Houses are built on rocks, chaotically located one on another.
    slum area

Another settlement overview:

settlement view

Considering good graphics, interesting gameplay and rich variety of storylines, this Skyrim mod will definitely meet expectations of the majority of gamers around the world.

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