Pokemon Go: Have you seen a dog dyed like Pikachu?

Why the guy dyed his four-legged friend? Do you want to see the photo of the dog which is looking like Pikachu? Find out here!

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go became very popular. This game was downloaded over one hundred million times. Interesting to know that this amount equals to the population of the United Kingdom which is twice more! Pokemon Go was not even released worldwide!

Many businesses benefit from this augmented reality game. The shares of Nintendo are going crazy. The pair of entrepreneurs who created Pokemon inspired sex toys are also benefiting from the idea. However, there are always people who take fun too far.


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 The poor dog

One guy dyed his dog, so now the little woofer is looking like Pikachu. The pet is looking totally crazy. His owner probably forgot that Pikachu is an electric mouse type Pokemon, not a dog type.

dyed dog

There is one question: why he has done that? How his little four-legged friend deserves that? Of course, Pikachu is cute, but there is no need to create a monster from the dog. Our pets are perfect as they are.

Surprisingly, the owner of the dog is not the only one. Another guy also decided to dye his rabbit like Pikachu. Here is the photo.

dyed rabbit

Watch the video below with this funny dog!

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