Pokemon Go: Why is everybody crazy about the game?

Have you heard of a new app for the smartphones which is called Pokemon Go? Find out why it became so viral!

pokemon go

The world is obsessed with the new game! Pokemon Go became so viral that there even appeared special places where you can go to play it. Even cafes and malls offer that now.

People have different opinions about Pokemon game. For some of them it is a new way of playing games while for others it is something dangerous and useless. But anyway this game will make you forget all you knew before!

The details about the new Apple and Android app

The game is based on the old Japanese videogame and anime. The point was to find the Pokemons, which are small monsters, and make them fight.

This new game that was released recently also offers the same tasks but you can actually go around the streets with your phone and look for those mosters which will appear on the screen of your smartphone.

The way Pokemon Go works

When you install this app you have to make a character. After that you will see Google Maps but the image will be different from the reality.

Even though all the buildings will remain on the same place, the reality will look the way anime cartoons look like. All the world will be the same and totally different at the same time.

As you move, your character will move the same way too. As you walk around you might get a chance to see the pokemon and catch it!

pokemon go

Why is everyone going crazy about it?

It is very interesting to play because there are a lot of varieties of Pokemons which you can collect and make your own team. You can train them and treat them as pets.

There are different battles you can choose. Moreover, you can compete with the other players. And it’s very different from the old videogame as now the app users can actually visit places and find something new about their hometowns!

What do you do with your Pokemon team?

After your monster-team is ready and set to fight you can compete with the other users. The places where you can do it in the virtual reality of Pokemon World are called the Gyms.

You can compete with people from the different parts of the world which is very exciting! The different pokemons gather in different groups. It is all your choice which team you want to join.

Doing this competition will increase the skills of your pocket monsters.

How much do I have to pay for it?

The best part is that this app is totally free for everyone! But if you want to make your game more exciting you can always spend money on some items that will help you become a more professional player.

You can visit the store in the game itself or buy them in the real life.

pokemon go

What made Nintendo receive such a huge amount of money?

This game was designed by the Niantic Inc which partially belongs to Nintendo and Google Inc.

When the app started gaining so much popularity the businessmen realized that that might have been a good investment. They saw the amount of people who download the app and were overwhelmed by it.

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That’s why they decided to invest in it and place as many advertisements as possible. And as we see, their predictions about Pokemon Go are coming true!

Can it be harmful?

There were no accidents registered yet but we can expect them to come. If a certain amount of people runs around the streets while looking at their phones and not paying attention to the traffic and the world outside it can be quite dangerous.

Moreover, you can also become a victim of robbery because you are being really distracted from everything as you are engaged in playing.

How can I download Pokemon Go if I live in Africa?

Here goes the sad news. This game hasn’t come to Africa yet and many other places too. We are waiting for the app to become official in Nigeria but it hasn’t happened yet.

But you can watch a lot of YouTube videos where the players will explain you the rules so that you can be ready when you finally get a chance to play it.

pokemon go

Do you have an iPhone?

And now it’s time for the good news. If you really feel like playing and you have an iPhone, there are some options that might help you install Pokemon Go.

The way it works is you have to have an account which is registered in the country where the app is already officially allowed to install. Just write that you are in US, UK or Germany. It is indeed very easy.

Even if you have your African account it will be no harm to make another one but with a different location. To do that you have to log off of your account. Just make sure you remember the password!

When you open up the Store on your iPhone you will see the option to make a new account – so just click there.

When they require the address, google some American address and type it in. After that you only have to search for Pokemon Go and download it.

Maybe it’s better to wait before the app is available. However, if you certainly don’t feel like waiting, follow the instructions and enjoy battles between your pokemons!

If the game comes to Africa too you can just change the account! But you would have to download it once again.

But if you stay on the same account, don’t worry – the game automatically saves itself. When you turn it on again you will continue from the place where you started.

Therefore, good luck with your pocket monsters. Hopefully they will win all the battles!

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