PS4 vs Xbox One: Which one is better?

You still can`t choose which console you should buy? Allow you to present a deep analysis of pros and cons between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Xbox One and PlayStation4

You may notice that it has been several years since Xbox One and PlayStation 4 revealed to the public. Nevertheless, those people, who decided not to buy the next-generation console and wait for some time until they are fixed from minor malfunctions, the question of: “Which one is better? PS4 or Xbox One” is still open. You might have already overviewed thousands of articles in the web to puzzle up which one is better. Still, if you read the article you might not have decided yet. Therefore, it is possible that the report`s analysis of Xbox One and PlayStation4 can convince you to choose one of the next-generation console swifters. It may help you to decided which one is honored to fill the place near to your TV.

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Before War

Before War

In November 2013, the two giants of the interactive entertainment industry, Sony, and Microsoft, introduced their new consoles. Profound gamers without delay determined PlayStation 4 (PS4) as the best buy, citing the availability of games, both in price and in the delivery. Surprisingly, there was a significant number of people who preferred to order Xbox One. To finally understand what is better to take, you need carefully to parse the positive and negative aspects of these platforms.

Initially, the victory in the console war was predicted to PS 4, as Sony provided a high line of exclusives for their console, as well as attracted to their side video services (YouTube and Twitch.tv). In the first months` sales, the victory of the PS4 was evident, since Microsoft was slow with the abolition of the mandatory connection to the network, as well as delayed the launch of Xbox One in many countries.

console war

Although news feeds, gaming publications were full of headlines about the possibilities of these consoles, the feeling that it was indeed a new generation and had not arisen after the date of release. Almost all exclusives from Sony were crushed by critics (except the indie game Resogun). Nevertheless, in this case, Sony decided to republish all game hits of spring and winter seasons for PS3 to PS4 with better graphics. A similar situation existed for the primary competitor, with the difference that Sony had more aces games in its sleeves.

First round - whose hardware is better

In general, Microsoft refused to bet on the big names. The company's new priority has become the console as a multimedia center for the whole family. Bosses of the Corporation felt that it is more favorable to make a family "device" rather than trying to surprise gamers with grand game projects at the beginning of the console life cycle. Therefore, Xbox One is very closely linked to TV services and capabilities of Kinect.

First round - whose hardware is better

First round - whose hardware is better

More "stuffing" may be described in thorough technical reviews dedicated to each of the consoles (Playstation 4 Specifications and Technical Features Xbox One), here it`s described the most noticeable elements. At first glance, it may seem that the filling of both the representatives of the new generation is identical and that there should be no focus on it. Yes, the settings are almost identical, but here are a few interesting points:

The PlayStation 4 uses a new DDR5 memory standard, while Xbox One has only older and more sluggish respectively GDDR3 at the disposal. Xbox One can be saved even with having additional ESRAM with a volume of 32 MB. Besides, the initial Xbox One had only 5 GB RAM for games and other three for the operation system.  The Competitor could provide another indicator, like 7 GB and 1 GB respectively.

Moreover, Japanese console graphics core productive in scalar cores is better than American console, 1152 against 768 respectively. So, in some games, the number of FPS (frames per second) differs clearly not for the Xbox One.

Japanese console

For the Xbox One, it can be said the following: this is only in theory that PS4 is more powerful than the competitor. Every game needs to be considered individually. It all depends on how complex or simple is the process of creating and optimizing of a particular game for a particular platform and operating system, respectively.

And at this stage, some cross platformers, like Project CARS, The Witcher 3, Battlefield: Hardline show on the Microsoft creation at 3-7 frames per second less than on the Japanese console. Even the latest software update, after which the Xbox One began to support DirectX 12 did not save the platform. (Note: DirectX 12 compared with DX11 does not make graphics more beautiful. The new technology uses existing hardware more intelligently. What ultimately affects the speed and number of frames per second).

Microsoft creation

Do not forget about the fact that some of the games on the Xbox One can be played at a maximum resolution of only 900p. The PS4 plainly shows 1080p in all games. Exclusive for PS4 and XboxOne look fantastically on both platforms.

Appearance of consoles

Appearance of consoles

Such an important parameter as the emergence of the console, of course, is a moot point. Therefore, which console Xbox One or PS4 looks better is up to you. The Sony lovers confess that the PlayStation 4 looks more modern. The PS4 beveled faces look more futuristic than a big black box. Moreover, the power supply unit is not built into the console. Therefore, it is just another big black brick. Perhaps the engineers felt that because of this decision in design, the likelihood of overheating of the console would be lower. Nevertheless, the built-in power supply unit did not cause overheating in PS4. Unfortunately, it can be said with one of the first production lines of Xbox One with a not integrated power supply unit. It is true that it was in the past. The new technology adjustments helped to illuminate this problem for both consoles in previous years.

Appearance of consoles

Compare the complete set of consoles.

Standard kit PlayStation 4 includes:

  • Power cable
  • Headset with one earphone
  • USB - micro USB cable
  • Gamepad Dualshock 4
  • HDMI cable
  • Documentation
  • The console itself

The standard Xbox One set consists of:

  • Kinect
  • Subscribe to xBox Life (30 days)
  • Headset
  • Gamepad with batteries
  • HDMI cable
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Documentation
  • The Console

As it`s seen above, the initial set for Xbox One is richer. It`s worth mentioning that the price for the standard set is almost the same. Also, the possibilities of Kinect are impressive. Moreover, the standard headset for Xbox One is better.

What is better Dualshock 4 or the new Microsoft gamepad

What is better Dualshock 4 or the new Microsoft gamepad

Gamepad in the modern gaming industry is the face of Console. It is from gamepad`s abilities, and usefulness depends on the impression from the gameplay, as well as from the console.

Microsoft did not change much almost perfect joypad for Xbox 360 (although some sources claim that the new gamepad has about 40-completions). This is the right decision. The Gamepad from the Xbox is the best on the market. It's essential improvements: Microsoft moved the menu button, changed cross, tweaked sticks, removed the "hump" behind the battery, added IR and made some small visual changes. It also added vibration in the "triggers." This should increase the level of immersive gameplay.

What is better Dualshock 4 or the new Microsoft gamepad

The Competitors, in turn, took into account all the shortcomings of existing Dualshock 3. Therefore, they made a gamepad, which should be on the next-generation consoles.

Dualshock 4 is wider, has a more delicate sticks, better lies in your hands than its predecessor. Similar to its predecessor, the battery is built-in (though the network has a lot of complaints that the charge is only enough for 6-8 hours of play). It also has the touch panel, the purpose of which is dependent on the application or game. There is a built-in speaker, making a deep dive into the game. Sometimes, though, you can be frightened. Just imagine, that while you are playing some game and suddenly hear the sound from your joystick.

What is better Dualshock 4 or the new Microsoft gamepad

The Dualshock 4 is integrated with LED, which recognizes PlayStation camera and capable of changing light, in Killzone Shadow Fall, it informs about the state of health. The downside is that the indicator lights continuously. (With the latest updates, it is possible to change the brightness). You can also implement a headset in it.


The guys from Microsoft did a great work upon making a new gamepad for Xbox One. There are more positive aspects than the negative. A negative side is only one - "triggers" are located a little further now, so you need to reach them. Maybe the hand of an average American citizen is bigger than the hand of an average Non-American citizen? Using batteries in a modern device are also knocked out of the ordinary. Do you have many devices in your home, except remotes, that needs batteries? This is the echo from the previous century.

Xbox One

Dualshock 4 is more modern, it has a high accuracy, it has more comfortable "triggers." And well, if the developers take into account its capabilities when designing games that will be perfect. There are also unpleasant moments: the battery lasts for 6-8 hours of play. Perhaps shortly it will be possible to turn off the indicator of light and the time between charges will increase.

Games of industry

Games of industry

The main reason, which is why thousands of gamers waited for Next-Gen consoles are games and exclusives. The majority of consumers do not buy the console for viewing DVD / Blu-Ray video or listening music.

The bestsellers exclusive games released for PS4 in recent years appeared Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Infamous: Second Son and Resogun. Xbox one also had fantastic exclusives for players: Ryse: Son of Rome, Fighter Within, Dead Rising 3, Motorsport 5, Kinect Sports Rivals, Titanfall, ForzaMotorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3.

bestsellers exclusive games

Moreover, there were more exclusives for following years, like Quantum Break 4 Uncharted, a new part of Halo, Metal Gear Solid 5, GTA 5, Final Fantasy XV or games which are comparable in scale to The Last of Us. Nevertheless, the releasing of new consoles was always accompanied with not-brilliant games. In this case at the PS4 and Xbox One prepared in 2014: Watch Dogs, Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4. So, do not worry too much about the fact that if you buy a set-top box, and all the exciting game will be released on a different platform. There are enough quality exclusives for both consoles. You would need just wait for them.

newest Gamescom

Therefore, you may have already witnessed the newest Gamescom. If that so, you would need not much time for new games. For example, the new Battlefield 1 from EA Dice may provide you with a joy of being a soldier of the WWI. Try also dive into the world of newly released Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, where you play a super soldier of antiutopian cyberpunk future. If you desire to feel horror and despair, you would need to visit worlds of the new Resident Evil 7 and Outlast 2, where you can play a desperate victim trying to survive. Are you a fan of South Park, well the creatures of this TV series presented their next game South Park: The Fractured But Whole, where you can live in a satiric, impolite and intolerant world of jokes. The fun of fighting games, then new Injustice 2 and Tekken 7 are for you.

Nextgen features

Nextgen features

Why is the eighth generation called Nextgen? Are PlayStation 4 or Xbox One worthy to wear the label Nextgen?

Playstation 4 has software that allows you to play prior the full download of the game. It has a bunch of social opportunities, the reaction in the menu on the player's actions is immediate. The console always keeps in memory the last 15 minutes of your game. Also, the video can be shared or stored in memory. And this is done literally two clicks. Even PC can perform such things!

Playstation 4

Not only that, when you click share and select the appropriate option, you can share your achievements online with friends, and those, in turn, can join your game. With the camera available, you can transmit as you play, even comment the video while playing. Still, it should have mentioned about the opportunities associated with the PS Vita (portable version of the PlayStation). It can be used as an additional gamepad and a screen. Multimedia capabilities and services from Sony stays with PS Vita. You can also save the control of the mobile device.

portable version of the PlayStation

With the release of software updates, both consoles have learned to memorize the place where you finished the game when they enter the sleep mode. If you reached a significant point in your game walkthrough but did not reach a save point, you can simply only pause the game and put the console in the sleep mode. And then "wake the console up” and continue playing from the same place.

Now in more details about the Xbox One. Microsoft`s team has proudly claimed that the new console is not just a game console, it is a multimedia processor in a single device. There is nobody to argue with them. Xbox One allows you to watch TV in high definition, have a skype chat with friends and acquaintances, buy and enjoy music and video. You have special services for these applications.

Xbox One allows you

You may connect any device to the console, which provides outstanding HD video. Controlling console via mobile applications is possible. Xbox One recognizes voice commands and gestures through Kinect. There is even a fairly comprehensive set of applications to work with video and audio.

Yes, both consoles can download in the background applications, updates, multimedia files, and of course the game. PS4 can even download games, even in sleep mode. Nevertheless, this requires a subscription for PS+. It`s slightly unfair, isn`t it? Without this subscription, you may only download games when the console is active.

PS4 can even download games

Pros PS4:

  • a more powerful graphics processor;
  • the function of digital start-up of games before they are completely downloaded from the PS Store;
  • The Share button allows you to transmit video with gameplay or the walkthrough of the game to your friends;
  • comfortable and ergonomic controller Dual Shock 4;
  • there is no protection on the disks in the games (you can send them to friends);
  • Sony service centers engaged in a free repair of the console;
  • support streaming games (and viewing streams) via Twitch;
  • many famous studios are developing exclusive projects for this console.

Cons PS4:

  • the price of the console has grown solidly since the start of sales;
  • No integration with popular services in the country;
  • a small amount of standing exclusives.

 price of the console

Pros Xbox One:

  • control via Kinect, also control of games via Kinect if the game allows it;
  • the strong starting lineup of exclusives;
  • streaming games through a special application for Twitch.tv;
  • compatibility with smartphones and tablets with Smart Glass is performed at a better level than that of Sony;
  • edit game video clips to Upload Studio with a further opportunity to download the finished work to the Cloud server.

Cons Xbox One:

  • file system interface partly copies of Windows 8, which is quite difficult to navigate;
  • the stability of the Kinect is still very far from the ideal level;
  • video recording only through voice commands.

video recording

Conclusion: as trivial as it may sound, but most people need game consoles only for playing in the games.

The PlayStation 4 is more powerful and has a more progressive gamepad Dualshock 4. Still, it does not overshadow any multimedia capabilities of Xbox One, with flapping hands of Kinect that can even measure your heart rate. Most people will not use all services and cloud technologies. People just have a desire to play games. Moreover, PS4 has more games in its arsenal for today.

PS4 has more games

Concerning the superiority of new consoles over the PC, it turned out that this was just a marketing ploy that has often been abused by representatives of the two companies (Sony and Microsoft). It was assumed that the PS4 and Xbox One would be able to show a more realistic picture than today's computers. Nevertheless, in practice, the consoles can only be matched by the quality of detail images, but do not surpass the PC platform for gaming performance.


BOTTOM LINE: If you are not an ardent fan or Halo of Forza.  If you need the console for games in the first place, feel free to choose PlayStation 4. If you are sure that you will use not only a console`s gaming system, you do not feel the essential difference in the number of frames per second, and you have no idea of the differences between 900p and fullHD, then the Xbox One is you offers.

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