What are the best indie horror games?

People love the feeling of the thrill. Someone jumps with a parachute, someone loves diving. Someone can see a scary movie. Also you can play a horror game. Games are very popular nowadays, but there are only a handful of interesting games. In this article we are going to present the top three horror games.

The games, that were originally created as platformer, adventure, and strategy, have gradually evolved. In the end today, there is such a genre as games-horror movies, horror. There are a lot of games of this genre a lot, but I want to present the best one. So there is, the rating of games-horror.

The Slender man 

The plot
The main character is Kate ran off from her home to the forest, after a meeting with the Slender man in her house. The heroine has only the video camera, which she took to capture everything. The player can freely go through the forest area, which is fenced. Along the way the player encountered objects such as truck fuel tanks, giant tree etc. 

The goal of the game is 
Traveling through the forest, the player finds notes with scary inscriptions left by the children who were hiding from the slender man. If you look at Slender, then in the camera show the typical interferences. The player's objective is to collect all eight pages located in various areas of the forest avoiding the Slender Man


In 1945, American secret service made the operation Papercliff), conveying to US scientists from Nazi Germany to work in the Clinic, the mount Mess. 1967 - In the hospital mount Messi was the incident were killed three scientists by an unknown patient. 1972 - the head of the CIA Richard Heath orders to destroy all documents related to the clinic mount, the Mess. Were saved a few papers. 2013 - Journalist Miles Upshur (eng. Miles Upshur receives an e-mail authored by an employee of the company, Markoff who informs him about the illegal experiments at the asylum in mount massive (Engl. Mount Massive). Miles decides to go there. The game begins with the fact that we see on behalf of Miles, as he drives up to the clinic in his car. In a few tens of meters from the hospital is turned off a radio that worked in the car. Miles drives up to the entrance, checks letter, camera with night vision and two batteries. Going to the hospital, we find out that the hospital is not guarded, all so the entrances are closed, and nearby there are three armored vehicles. 


Five Nights at Freddy’s 

The game takes place in 1993 (the latest versions of the year is specified as XXX). The main character, Mike Schmidt, finds a job as a night guard in the pizzeria, "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". Mike receives the voice messages from his predecessor. He explains that the animatronics are able to move freely at night. He also mentions that they are not allowed to walk in the pizzeria. The employee warns the player that if one of the robots will notice the man, he will perceive it as an endoskeleton (mechanical support, which serves as a skeleton for costumes animals).The animatronics killed five children. Later, the pizzeria began to receive complaints that the animatronics had smell, soiled with mucus and blood around the eyes and mouth.

As you can see, video games are developing day by day. Designers improve graphics, gameplay, plots. If you love to tickle your nerves then you should definitely play these games


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