Domestic violence: Man chopped off his wife's hands with a knife

Kenya is shocked by the recent news! Who is this cruel man who has cut the hands of his wife with a machete?! Why did he do it? Find out now!

chopper wife's hand

Africa is shocked by the tragic event that has happened recently. According to the news, the woman from Kenya was seriously injured by her husband. A man just chopped his wife’s hands with a knife!

After the police required the explanation, the man said the reason for his crime was that his wife couldn’t get pregnant.

They have been married for 7 years but they have never conceived. However, it never happened simply because the man was impotent.

The name of the victim is Jackline Mwende and the attack happened when she was home with her husband, Stephen Ngila. He is just thirty four but the doctors claimed him to be incapable of conceiving.

But apparently Stephen didn’t care about the doctor’s opinion and blamed it all on his wife. According to the words of the victim, the man threatened to kill her and said that that day was the last for her.

During the investigations there were revealed some details about Stephen. For instance, according to the medical papers, he still had a chance to get his wife pregnant if he went through the treatment.

However, he never showed up for any examinations and refused to take pills. Few months ago the couple got in a huge fight and decided to break up.

However, it didn’t stop him from coming back and taking his revenge. He found Mwende at her house, took the machete and cut off her hands. Moreover, the Stephen’s wife’s head was badly injured too.

Kenya was shocked to hear that there are still people who can commit such horrible crimes against their families.

chopper wife's hand

When Mwende was asked to tell everything about the horror that she had to go through, she couldn’t stop crying. She described her husband as a cruel man who didn’t accept her love for him.

She expressed her desire to keep him in jail forever.

The police was informed about the incident the same day it happened (24 July). The Kenya’s public still can’t pull itself together as it’s awful to hear such things happening nowadays.

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The investigation is still going on but Stephen is under arrest right now. Some of the Kenyan feminists and women’s rights protectors have expressed their opinions about what happened.

They say that the Kenyan society has been fighting for the equal rights for a really long time. That’s why it’s so breaking for their country.

The other women who got scared by this incident also insist on keeping the man in jail as long as possible.

The residents are hoping that the police and the government will make sure to provide safety for everyone living in Kenya by punishing Stephen.

The human rights activists say that the violence against women should be stopped immediately. And in order to do that there should be serious actions taken.

chopper wife's hand

For instance, the criminals should get what they deserve – a lifetime sentence. The police should also be available at any time of the day to help those who are being attacked by men.

The representatives of the government are trying to reassure the residents that they will do their best to overcome those issues and provide a bright and safe future for every Kenyan girl.

The scariest family murders

John List

John List has committed an awful crime back in the 1970s. He killed all his family (wife, mother and several children). He worked as an accountant in the United States of America.

However, at the time when he killed his loved ones, he had already lost his job. At first he shot his mom and wife and then he waited for the kids to come home and killed them too.

However, there was one other child who had a soccer game that night. So he attended the game, picked him up and drove back home where he shot him too.

The police said that all of those murders were thoroughly planned. No one noticed a thing and only about one month later the incident was reported to the police. However, List wasn’t there anymore.

chopper wife's hand

Apparently, he ran away. The reason why he killed his family is probably his problems at work and his emotional instability. It turned out that his closest people knew nothing about what he was going through.

Therefore, he decided to kill them or “send them to God” to keep them away from his problems.

William Bradford Bishop

Another famous case of the family murder also took place in the 1970s in North Carolina, America. There was a brushfire in spring 1976.

After it was extinguished there were found 5 burned bodies of two women and 3 kids. The police had no idea who those people were at first.

But later they went to the house of William Bradford Bishop where they realised that all those people were his relatives. Later it became clear that it was his mom, wife and kids that he cruelly murdered.

The police were trying to find the Bishop but they couldn’t. The only thing they found was his car left in Tennessee. However, he wasn’t in there and no one knew where to look for this dangerous murderer.

As for Bishop himself, he worked in the State Department. None of his colleagues expected him to commit such a crime and it was actually a shocking event even for his parents too.

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