EgyptAir Flight 804 crash: Black boxes

The investigators are looking for the new evidence that will help undertand the reasons of the crash in Egypt. Find out what it is here!

egypt 804

The famous disaster in Egypt happened a while ago. However, the investigations on the EgyptAir 804 crash are still going on. The experts are trying to find out what happened and what led to the crash.

Some of them believe that there were the signals from the black box. Right now they are going to check it on a deeper level to see if they can find something that will explain the disaster.

However, it’s not that easy. In order to get close and check for the things, the investigators have to send a special kind of submarine. Equipped with the modern technology it is going to film everything under water.

By the way, the black boxes are actually not black. Their colour is orange. That’s the reason why it’s very easy to find it even when it’s dark. You just have to use a flash.

John Lethbridge is the name of this special modern submarine. Its perk is that it is able to pick up things from the ground and take them out of the water. It uses its robotic arms to do it.

Some journalists had a meeting with a submarine expert David Mearns. He is an experienced man whose job is to discover the wrecks and other things resulting from some kind of accident.

About 15 years ago, the expert used this submarine in order to film the shipwrecks in the bottom of the ocean. That’s a proof that the equipment really works.

The other job that David Mearns did was gathering all the wrecks of the crashed airplane in the Mediterranean Sea. He had to go very deep in order to do that. However, he succeeded.

egypt 804

His team found all the airplane wrecks. It was a hard task which took a couple of years to find all the shivers.

As for the investigator himself, he is not a part of the team who is looking for the black boxes in the 804 flight. But he is connected to this submarine and he knows a lot about it and the people who worked with him.

He is sharing his ideas about the investigation with a positive mood. He thinks that the modified submarine is able to film and find any evidence they need just in a couple of days.

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They have to be very prepared for the expedition though.

He says that it’s possible to find the boxes very fast but there is obviously no guarantee. It depends on the position of the wrecks and the ability of the investigators.

Even though the black boxes have the bright orange colour, which makes them noticeable, sometimes they get broken during the accident.

The last hours of the EgyptAir Flight 804

egypt 804

Mearns doesn’t give any guarantees but there are a lot of chances that the evidence will be easily found. The submarine would have to do a lot of work cruising around and picking up the things from the bottom.

There are also certain calculations that need to be made in order to plan where the black boxes are and what the easiest way to get to them is. The investigators should be very careful in order to get the exact results.

So when the experts get to this area, they would have to do an amount of some other things.

Mearns describes looking for the airplane wrecks as similar to the police agents looking at the crime scene after the crime was committed.

The investigators will have to look at the shoots that the submarine did and look carefully at the objects that it found.

This way they will also know the surface of the place and plan how far they have to move. It all depends on the distance.

However, there is another option to quickly observe the black boxes, bring them to the surface and explore them there.

Exploring the aircraft wrecks is not an easy job, which takes a lot of time and efforts. However, the results will be rewarding.

The submarines are able to carry the wrecks with the weight about one hundred kilograms. That’s why it is a very useful mean of technology. Sometimes the claws of the submarine can pick up even heavier pieces.

However, the other machines are usually used to get it up to the surface.

egypt 804

But the biggest parts of the crashed airplane can only be picked up by the special kinds of equipment.

What are the next steps in finding the answers to the crash of the EgyptAir Flight 804?

Firstly, the experts have to plan the expedition, and then they have to bring all the wrecks and black boxes up to the surface.

 After that they have to check if the boxes can still provide them with the data. If so – the next stop would be to purchase all the necessary information.

The boxes will reveal how the passengers and the stuff reacted. It might help understand what was actually going on there. And what is even more convenient, the cameras on the board will show the exact events that happened back then.

However, the boxes won’t provide us with all the information we need as some data might had been lost. It might take weeks or even months to recover all the recordings and to get them together.

Moreover, there are also no guarantees we will get the definite answers to all our questions. But the experts are equipped with all the necessary technology in order to make the exploration possible.


Hi friends! I really like your debate! But sometimes they are sad and tragic and fatal consequences ... How many lives taken and all various crash accidents dying ... .. completely innocent people who just got on the tragic accident .. fly fly in a long-awaited vacation, and with it does not come back ... how it hurts, tears rolling down .... Black box unfortunately we do not always convey true information .. Thais do not always find them ... because it is very terrible events taking place in our world ..

Answered 1 year ago.

I am sure all these crashes last time are artificial and were performed by state, whose interest intersects in Middle East: Russia and Turkey.

All these strange explosion and track right before crash - it's very suspicious and give benefits to mentioned states. Russia try to re-enter to international policy by mean of war against terrorist and Turkey get millions of tourists who cancel theirs trips to "dangerous" Egypt.

So, people on 804 and flight to Saint-Petersburg last autumn paid with theirs lives for competitions among states in Middle East/

Answered 1 year ago.
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