Flesh-eating bug causing serious wounds and amputations spreads in Australia

Australia is going through hard times. Find out what virus is trying to take the lives of hundreds of people on the continent and learn how it is related to Nigeria.

stomach-churning virus

The residents of Australia and a few other countries are in danger! The horrible and possibly even deadly virus is spreading around the territory of the country.

It’s believed to be a flesh-eating bug that causes a lot of people to suffer from stomach-churning virus. A lot of people are in danger and anyone can get it.

Moreover, the scariest part is that no one is sure what is causing it. This bug isn’t unknown to the scientists. However, even though it used to harm people earlier, it wasn’t epidemic.

The people of New South Wales are really scared that the virus will also affect them. Some experts say that the possible way of spreading is the mosquito bite.

Another suggestion is that it’s possums that get bitten by the mosquito. At first it looks absolutely normal, just like a regular bite. But as time passes there starts to appear a wound that looks really scary.

It will begin eating through a flesh. According to the doctors, it’s curable. But if you don’t diagnose it early enough, the consequences will be horrible. There are different ways of treatment such as pills or injections.

If you don’t show it to the doctor it might be too late to treat it without surgery.

Some people already have some of their body parts amputated. This bug is really dangerous because it is transmitted from one to another.

stomach-churning virus

A lot of areas in Australia are now infected and doctors are not even sure what to do about it. There are some experts who say that there shouldn’t be anything done and the virus will just go away itself.

At the meantime, there are a lot of other doctors who are extremely worried that it will kill a lot of people who don’t have access to good quality medicine.

But all the doctors agree that there should be more research done in order to understand the nature of the virus and its impact on human’s body. If the research is successful there is a chance that it won’t be spread out further.

The Australian doctors say that they have noticed the outbreak in some areas of the country such as Mornington and Bellarine peninsulas but it stayed there and the epidemic stopped pretty fast.

But this year it’s surprisingly huge and the different parts of Australia are affected which is hard for scientists to explain.

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Professor Johnson claims that there have been a few cases of the flesh-eating bug registered not far from the Victorian border and he is worried that it can go further from there.

Moreover, it’s hard to predict where it will go because the exact amount of the dangerous mosquitoes is unknown. Some other experts say that the path of the virus is changing super fast and no one can predict where it will go.

One day it moves in the eastern direction and the next day the west is crying for help too. As mentioned earlier, scientists think that people get infected by mosquito bites.

However, this information is not confirmed – it’s just a suggestion.

There are a few theories that include three factors – humans, mosquitoes and possums, and the doctors haven’t figured out what is causing the spreading of virus in others yet.

Other Australian doctors warn people that they should immediately report to the hospital if something like that is happening to them or to those who they know because all effects of the virus are not studied yet.

However, they know for sure that it can affect the bones of the humans. Moreover, it is deadly – if you don’t get medical help you will be already dead in a few months. And it won’t be an easy death too.

How is it related to Nigeria? Well, according to the medical sources, there have been cases in some other African countries. For instance, Mali and Nigeria. However, it doesn’t get that serious back here.

The experts don’t get the nature of the virus but some of them think that it might be the extremely hot climate that causes some genetic changes of the already known viruses.

The amount of people affected by flesh-eating bug increases every year not only in the African countries but in Nigeria too.

More than 100 people were reported to have this problem and imagine how many more simply don’t know they are in danger right now.

The Australian authorities don’t want to scare people but they say that people should be careful and attentive to any changes and also insects. They say that anyone can become sick because there are no risk factors.

stomach-churning virus

More and more areas of the country get affected and the government doesn’t know how to prevent this catastrophe.

Professor Johnson says that Queensland didn’t suffer that much last year. However, in 2011 there were a lot of people sick.

According to the predictions of the doctors which apparently can’t be absolutely accurate, the outbreak is most likely to start in that region again.

When the experts were asked who is most likely to get infected, they answered that it would be healthy people of any age.

They say that all of those who were reported sick were really healthy and haven’t suffered from any sickness of any kind.

All in all, people in Nigeria shouldn’t be scared as the doctors will most likely figure out the causes of the virus pretty soon.

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